Perfect Radian Girard Perregaux’s Latest Vintage 1945 Series Watch Tasting

Most of today’s watches are similar in appearance, so there are just a few classic shapes, such as square, round, oval, or barrel shape. In these classic styles, the design of each style and brand is also different. Today the watch home brings you a Girard-Perregaux square watch, but it has a perfect arc The official model of this watch is: 25883-11-221-BB6C.

 From the front, the watch does not have any obvious difference from ordinary square watches. The classic chronograph dial design, the Arabic numerals and the crown prince-like hands, look so harmonious.

 From this side, we can see that the design of the watch is a little different from ordinary watches. From the lugs on the picture, you can see that the design of the watch is very close to the curvature of the wrist of the human body. The curvature of the watch is not because of how perfect the design of the lug of the lugs is, but that it uses a curved design even the entire case.

 The watch is made of a stainless steel case. The side of the watch is equipped with two square chronograph buttons, which are the start / pause button and the chronograph zero button. Both are made of steel, just like the watch’s screw-in appearance Build.

 The watch is equipped with a black alligator leather strap, black silk stitching, soft and comfortable to wear. Stainless steel double discount design for safe and secure wearing.

 The perfect radian of the watch reflects the exquisiteness and elegance in this angle, and the elegant perfect curve is like a wonderful young girl with a perfect figure. Visually, the thickness of this watch should be about 11 millimeters. Such a thickness is presented in such an arc. It is believed to be very comfortable to wear on the wrist.

 The size of this watch is 36.10×35.25 mm. This size is not small compared to ordinary room type watches, but it is not too large to be overwhelming. Personally, I think this watch is more suitable for pure men.

 The watch features a grey dial design with mature colors. The 3 o’clock position of the watch is a normal small seconds design, and the central seconds hand is a normal chronograph seconds hand. The small dial at 9 o’clock is a 30-minute cumulative chronograph dial.

 Although the size of the steel case is generous, the proportion and radian are just right, which perfectly matches the wrist radian; the case is polished and polished to make it look beautiful, and it also highlights the subtle design of the dial. The combination of straight lines and arcs is natural, winning the art of decoration in the early 20th century The aesthetic charm of the tide.

 The watch is equipped with a GP03300-0064 automatic winding movement with a diameter of 25.6 mm and a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. It can provide at least 46 hours of power when fully wound. This movement has hours, minutes, small seconds and chronograph functions.

Summary: The aesthetic charm of the Art Deco trend in the early 20th century is the source of inspiration for the unique design style of the Vintage1945 series. Rich design details have a strong contrast in texture. The charcoal gray dial has a soft straight matte texture, and the chain links of the steel chain belt are polished and matte. The design adds a sense of time. The current European quotation for this watch is 12,000 Euros. It is believed that the price in China will meet with you soon.

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[Look At The New Watch] How Interesting Is A Good Watch?

Remember when I wrote about how girls spend money on jewelry and watches to be considered financially free, someone privately told me, ‘Sister Rabbit has insight into people’s hearts. Every time I say something is good-looking, I get degraded by her husband.’ ‘It’s worthless, and then you have to introduce me to a bunch of movements that I can’t remember.’ When collating the information last night, I also thought about it for a long time, and then wrote a sentence: ‘It may be only when wealth reaches a certain level that we can generously comment on whether a product is really good-looking.’ Face value, regardless of cost performance, not dragged down by the wallet. So today Rabbit has picked 3 brands, and it doesn’t emphasize the price. Let’s just return to the origin of design. — Bvlgari — I remember many years ago, someone showed me a Bvlgari women’s watch, full of gems, and expensive, I muttered in my heart, ‘Why not buy some more cost-effective?’ Later, the cruel reality Let me understand that only ‘poor’ thinks about cost performance, which is limited by disposable wealth. Therefore, I want to look at these watches with pure appreciation. I remember when I entered the Bvlgari showroom, the first reaction was to quickly roll up my sleeves, and I could n’t wait to try them on. I’m afraid that at that moment, it represented a lot of women’s instincts when facing pearls a feeling of. Bvlgari has always been very active in Basel, bringing Wu Yifan last year and Shu Qi this year. Especially when she appeared wearing the latest LVCEA TUBOGAS halo watch, the rabbit guessed that this must be the main model of this year. This is the first time the Bulgari classic Tubogas bracelet is used in the LVCEA series. I believe everyone is no stranger to this bracelet, which was previously used on Serpenti watches, and the shape of the snake is very harmonious. The Tubogas process is named after a bent metal gas pipe. This technology has been applied to the field of jewelry making since the late 1940s. In the decorative arts period, large-scale crafts were often miniaturized and created. Tubogas crafts were inspired by industry and became a well-known technology. In the 1940s, Bvlgari combined the dial with the Tubogas bracelet to launch the Serpenti watch. In the 1970s, this process was used by Bulgari in many design fields, such as rings and necklaces, and Tubogas chains were used to match ancient coins and colored gems. This year Lvcea Tubogas halo watch has a total of 5 models, with diameters of 28 mm and 33 mm. Of course, there are diamond-set and diamond-free versions of the bezel, and the movement also has quartz and mechanical points. As for the price, it is between 40,000 and 200,000. These watches are estimated to make men look tight in their wallets. To appease your nervousness, look at a male watch that I personally like. OCTO FINISSIMO, which was stunning in Basel in 2014 when it appeared, and is known for its ultra-thin. The first piece of the year was the tourbillon. After that, Bulgari released three questions and automatic winding models in 2016 and 2017. This year, the minute repeater and the automatic winding are combined into one, and the thickness of the watch is only 3.95 mm, which is another record. In order to achieve ultra-thin effects, Bvlgari made Calibre BVL 288 movement based on this tourbillon in 2014. The movement is mainly self-winding by installing an outer edge pendulum on the back. The round pendulum is made of platinum and aluminum, with a very dense metal material. In addition, the flying tourbillon is also selected, with a ball bearing system, which can reduce the thickness. The tourbillon is expensive, but there are other models that can be implemented. Such as OCTO FINISSIMO AUTOMATIC automatic winding watch, as well as skeleton sandblasting watch. In fact, there are also girls interested in this watch, very thin and light, show everyone the rabbit’s hands-on photos. In fact, many men’s watches have begun to break through the gender limit, which is precisely the performance of market opening. — Jacques Dro — A brand that I was very impressed with this year, and faintly saw that it was working quietly. A few days ago, I chatted with my cousin and made a prediction: In the future, explosive prices similar to Green Water Ghost will gradually enter the consumer’s sight of third- and fifth-tier cities, and high-end consumers under the consumption upgrade will compete for similar rainbow di Such hard goods (it is said that some people are willing to increase the price by 200,000 to buy the new Rainbow Di). Similarly, Patek Philippe 5131P is close to a million watches, the queue is difficult, many people are ready to increase the price of the second-hand market (discontinued 5131J , The increase to more than 800,000, some people still grab). Therefore, the high-end market’s interest in good products is far beyond our previous imagination. So, which brands have the opportunity to take over the market? I think Jacques Dro is one of them, especially crafts. First give the girls a few good-looking ones. For example, the elegant 8-series Petite ladies watch, the Chinese like the number ‘8’, but the premise is still to pass. There are also two-circle strap styles, Jacques Dro also started to keep up with the times. The large second hand cut out of red gold One watch, cutout and classic ‘8’ shape, men will like it. Then, please sit up straight, there are hard goods in front. Jacques de Roux produced a three-question parrot timepiece pocket watch. After all, the technology of the automatic doll is amazing, and the luck at the scene is good. Seeing the real thing, it is said that some dealers have stated that they want to order it. Seeing this watch, I have not yet been willing to sell it, and the price is more than 8.97 million yuan. There is also a tropical wind intelligence bird three questions watch, a live demo video was shot on the spot, but the picture quality is too scum and I ca n’t bear to share with you, let’s come to an official video. This watch has more than 5.65 million yuan, with 8 red and platinum models each, of which the red and gold models have been sold out, and a small amount of platinum. — Blancpain — It’s true that fifty years old is a big focus this year. I still remember a few years ago that Blancpain’s key recommendation in China was still the most classic Villeret. At that time, not many people knew about fifty. But in the past two years, I was very pleased to see that there were hundreds of stores in full bloom. The classic models were still the cornerstone of sales, but Fifty Yuan began to be chased by a group of people. This year Blancpain was bold and made new attempts in the 50s, such as adding full-calendar moon phases, annual calendars, retro-styled date and week watches to the deep diving vehicle Bathyscaphe. Let’s first experience the two phases of the full-calendar moon phase and the 70’s date and day of the week watch (I only started the second one, I think it’s not bad). Of course, I personally think that the least controversial should be the following calendar, because it is relatively simple and is the consistent style of deep submersibles. In fact, when it comes to the value of the face, today I want to talk about Blancpain. I was touched by Blancpain’s women’s watch on Valentine’s Day, or when I already had After the so-called ‘high cost-effective women’s watch with complicated functions’, sometimes I really want to indulge, purely beautiful. Blancpain’s Villeret classic series this year launched a women’s moon phase calendar watch with a diameter of 33 mm. Villeret’s classic elements are all there. Willow-shaped hands, Roman numerals, and dial layout are also typical Blancpain styles. The most interesting It is still the beauty mole on the corner of the moon’s face, and it will still be moved after seeing its enchanting countless times (embarrassingly, your face did not show up when you started, you are free). This watch’s 913QL.P automatic winding movement is specially developed for women’s watches (many brands no longer use men’s or men’s watch movements to change things at will). Even though girls are not so sensitive to technology, antimagnetic silicon hairsprings and special safety systems (to prevent accidental operation from damaging the date indicator movement) protect the watch. I guess you read High and don’t understand why I mentioned ‘funny soul’ in the title. So let’s talk about how rabbits feel today. When we judge people or things, we always have the appearance and the inside to make a comprehensive judgment. For people, we always think that ‘inside’ is more valuable than ‘outside’, and of course it is right. But similar to watches, I just think that in this era, at least in terms of mass consumption, ‘the value is supreme.’ So ‘interesting inspiration’ refers to the inner part of the watch, the polishing of the movement and so on. Why do I encourage everyone to pursue pure beauty on the basis of improving aesthetics, because this is the most basic enjoyment. In fact, we do n’t have to worry too much about “besides the golden jade, but the bad ones”, because these big brands want to survive in the market and cherish their wings more than anyone else (fool people in the invisible places, sooner or later). Of course, if your wallet is shy for a while, ‘cost-effectiveness’ is still an insurance path. Everyone has different life stages and different pursuits. They do not have to be consistent. In the end, everyone is welcome to talk about the watches that I have experienced that “I feel good-looking, but have been denied by others”, and are you ultimately forced by public opinion or follow your heart? Written in the comment section, the most liked rabbit will send a notebook customized by a well-known watch brand ~ gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to forward!

Introduction To The Zenith Zero Gravity Tourbillon Watch

Christophe Colomb Zero G tourbillon

In the 15th century, the brave and fearless nautical explorer Columbus braved the world and wrote an important chapter in human history. After five years of hard research and development, the Zenith watch factory has successfully developed a new watch technology without gravity tourbillon. ZENITH Global President Jean-Frederic Dufour visited the Taipei 101 Gordon Watch and witnessed the glorious moment when the world’s first Christophe Colomb Zero G tourbillon arrived in Taiwan!

利 Christophe Colomb Zero G tourbillon

The accuracy of the watch changes with its prescribed position, because the gravity will cause the escapement parts to operate in the direction of the suction source, the friction between the parts will be different, and the swing of the balance will also be disturbed. There is a deviation (positive or negative) in the accuracy of the vertical system. The escapement system is ideally in a horizontal state, because the swing of the balance wheel is the most ideal, and the direction of the center of gravity is at right angles to the parts, which will not affect the operation of the entire structure.

利 Christophe Colomb Zero G tourbillon
‘ZENITH CHRISTOPHE COLOMB’s patented Zero G technology is the ultimate solution to keep the escapement always horizontal!’ Jean-Frederic Dufour, ZENITH Global President, emphasized, ‘ZENITH’s patented Zero G technology allows the balance The accuracy of the hands is controlled by the escapement structure in the frame; the change in the orientation of the watch triggers a slight rotation of the frame, but regardless of the direction and speed of the frame rotation, the coordination mechanism will immediately start to maintain the horizontal state of the frame, so that The escapement structure maintains optimal operation, and the punctuality of the pointer is not affected. ‘
ENZENITH CHRISTOPHE COLOMB is the best proof of the ambition of ZENITH watchmakers and movement engineers. They worked tirelessly and finally successfully developed a new breakthrough in contemporary watchmaking technology, bringing innovation to time art! This model is limited to 25 pieces worldwide and will be delivered in three years.

Breitling Super Ocean World Time Watch Pure White Special Edition

Super Ocean World Time Watch Pure White Special Edition Waterproof Depth 500 meters As a Breitling known for flying watches, it is also quite useful for diving watches. The Breitling Superocean watch (Superocean) has been launched for more than half a century. This year, a number of new diving watches have injected fresh vitality into the Super Ocean series, of which the ‘pure white’ version of the diving travel watch is very conspicuous. Its dial and bezel are pure white, with stainless steel digital hour markers, and its exclusive pure white Superocean GMT rubber strap. Such a clean and simple design style must be a favorite of ladies. The pure white version of the watch uses a screw-in crown and a side crown reinforcement. This diving watch also has dual time zone display: the pure white dial bevel scale inner ring and two-way rotating bezel are equipped with a 24-hour scale, with The red triangle pointer can easily indicate the time in the second and third time zones. If you want to choose a desire that can accompany you to dive in a foreign country, then choose it. Breitling Super Sea World Time Watch Pure White Special Edition

I Found Ingenuity In Schaffhausen: Zhang Ruoyu, A Friend Of The Brand, Visited Iwc’s Home

The right bank of the Rhine, west of Lake Constance, the quiet Swiss town of Schaffhausen is one of the most prestigious cultural labels in the world of fine watchmaking. In 1868, IWC Schaffhausen was born here, and in the following century and a half, it continued to create classic timepieces and create legends in watchmaking. IWC’s best friend Zhang Ruoyong visited Schaffhausen, following the mark of light and shadow, looking for ingenuity with pure originality.

   Stoppage time | ‘I found my ingenuity in Schaffhausen’
   The Brand Museum was opened 125 years after IWC launched. In this historic building that is now protected by the Swiss state, it not only contains IWC’s masterpieces of clocks and watches that have been circulating for more than a hundred years, but also a period of precious history. Zhang Ruojin’s tour of Schaffhausen also began here.

Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan visited the IWC Museum
   Strolling in a museum building with both elegance and futurism, lingering in the hall where classics and innovations blend, ‘Every piece of collection, every detail is like a fragment of time, converging and joining together.’ Time is here to stand and witness With the ups and downs of IWC in the history of watches and clocks, the watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary ingenuity are even more evident.

Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan visited the IWC Museum
   Beyond Time | ‘I feel the beauty of art in every inch’
   On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of IWC, the new watchmaking center was inaugurated in the suburb of Schaffhausen. This pleasing building is built both inside and out. The coexistence of simple modernity and precision engineering style perfectly condenses the brand spirit of IWC. It combines traditional watchmaking skills with cutting-edge craftsmanship and technology. Based on its heavy historical heritage, it goes beyond time and faces Bright future.

Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan visits the new watchmaking center of IWC
   At the IWC Watchmaking Center, Zhang Ruohuan put on the watchmaker’s signature white coat for the first time, and experienced first-hand the production process of the brand’s own movement and the complex processing of different material case. ‘The charm of a mechanical watch is fascinating. It’s not just a timepiece, it’s a work of art!’

Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan visits the new watchmaking center of IWC
   In the turn of the sand and the tower, each small component is transformed into a full-fledged one-inch world in a subtle combination. Like the infinite creativity and excellence of artwork creation, every day is staged in the new watchmaking center of IWC.

Chopard Beijing Releases New Imperiale Jewellery Watch

Chopard, the top jewellery and watch brand, held a new product launch event for its new Imperiale series at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing on September 20th. . Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and fashion designer Ye Mingzi
    On the same day, Ye Mingzi, a famous fashion designer, and Jin Yimeng, the first female director with a billion-dollar Chinese box office, attended the event and shared their unique insights and preferences for the Imperiale series with the guests at the same time. In the Imperiale series of short films directed and starred by Yimeng, Ms. Ye Mingzi, a fashion designer, also showed a number of clothing inspired by the Imperiale series.
New Imperiale
    Imperiale was inspired by its tribute to the long history of the ancient empires of Byzantium, Greece, China, and Rome. The Imperiale watch was born in the 1990s and redesigned in 2010. Its style is more individual and modern. This time Chopard introduces the new Imperiale series, which combines unique style and noble temperament. It attracts attention with its perfect proportions and exquisite details.
New Imperiale Jewelry New Imperiale Jewellery
     The Imperiale jewellery is a perfect match for this collection of watches, with a sense of elegance. The new jewellery combines softness and resilience, and is made of rose gold or white gold with soft amethyst and pink quartz stones in the center. The edges of the petals are pure and natural, or they are set with diamonds. The series is divided into Imperiale by Day, Imperiale by Night, and Imperiale Forever to cater for the different needs of modern fashion women for the jewelry and watches they wear at work and social places during the day and night. Among them, Imperiale Forever is for ladies to attend any occasion A versatile all-time wearable.

Tag Heuer And La Nuit De La Glisse Join Forces To Present Don ‘t Crack Under Pressure (Don’t Fear Challenge, Achieve Yourself) Second Season

On December 20, 2016, TAG Heuer, a Swiss pioneering watchmaking brand, joined hands with La Nuit de la Glisse, an internationally renowned extreme sports organization, to release the film ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ Self) brought to China in the second season, presenting everyone this extreme sports event. La Nuit de la Glisse was founded in the 1970s by a group of visionary dreamers. Over the past 30 years, the film crew has traveled the world, looking for the most extraordinary natural environment, and exhibiting with the world’s great athletes like never before. Stunts, let the public understand the development of emerging extreme sports and traditional extreme sports.

 Howling winds, steep hills, and huge waves … In order to create the second season of 2016, Thierry Donard, founder and patron of La Nuit de la Glisse, once again traveled the world through the lens, from Mexico to Dolomites, Italy The summit of the mountain, and then through Polynesia, to a more distant and more difficult journey, showing all the breathtaking landscapes one by one, and in this way, this group of outstanding athletes, unparalleled wonders and rare Seeing scene. The TAG Heuer #DontCrackUnderPressure (Fearless Challenge, Achieve Yourself) spirit always runs through the filming and production process.

 This year, the public and extreme sports enthusiasts will have the opportunity to follow the footsteps of passionate top athletes through La Nuit de la Glisse and explore traditional extreme sports like La Nuit de la Glisse’s new skiing, skating and canoeing, As well as other emerging extreme sports such as surfing, penetrate the inaccessible Jedi danger and appreciate the game between man and nature.

 The second season of the film selected the world’s top athletes with outstanding personal qualities and relentless pursuit of extreme challenges, including: Tikanui Smith, Karsten Gefle, Mathias Wyss, Hira Teriinatoofa, Matea Hiquily, Davide Carrera, Zane Schweitzer, Richie Jackson, Jesse Richman, Matahi Drollet, Eric Deguil, and Keala Kennelly.

 Let’s have a unique and extraordinary journey with this group of extreme athletes who constantly challenge themselves in the extreme environment.

Shui Ni Is Not Afraid! Boss You Need This Fortune Table

Constellation experts said that the second Mercury retrograde in 2018 is coming again, starting from July 26 to August 19, and Mercury retrograde regardless of constellation will affect all people. Contradictions in relationships, oolong in the workplace, minor health or financial troubles … don’t be afraid! This time we are ready for the magic of fortune. Every time I see a tourbillon watch, the mechanical structure that keeps flying in the air on the disk reminds me of the phrase ‘the sky is healthy, the gentleman is constantly improving!’ The device, named after the French ‘Tourbillon’, seems to have the function of transferring water from the wind. Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is constantly improving! As a watch fan, you must know what a tourbillon is! It is not clear if there is no problem, here is a quick science popularization. The tourbillon, Tourbillon, comes from the French ‘vortex’. It refers to the timepiece’s speed regulating mechanism—escape fork, escapement wheel, balance wheel, and hairspring are put into a frame that rotates 360 degrees continuously to offset the effect of gravity on the hairspring, so that the time of the clock is more accurate. . The tourbillon invented by Mr. Breguet in his early years was the invention of Mr. Breguet in 1795. Most of the watches and clocks of that era were pocket watches and were placed upright in the pocket. Therefore, the balance spring always stood upright, so that the hairspring was under the ground. The effect of gravitational gravity cannot be contracted in a concentric circle, so Mr. Baoji rotates the speed control mechanism 360 degrees, so that the balance spring is affected uniformly to offset the error. However, now is the era of watches. Watches move irregularly on our wrists and no longer stand upright like pocket watches, so the role of tourbillons has not been so important. The tourbillon was born for a pocket watch in its early years. As one of the three complicated functions of a watch, the tourbillon, one of the three questions, and the perpetual calendar, is still carried forward by many brands, because there is such a mechanism that rotates and dances on the disk. It is indeed pleasing to the eye, and its ornamental value is far higher than the practical value. And such a structure that weighs less than one gram and usually contains dozens of parts is also a manifestation of the brand’s watchmaking strength. Therefore, the tourbillon watches of first-tier brands usually sell for at least 100,000 yuan. The tourbillon watch has an asking price of over 1 million yuan. But to be honest, in this era, watch design, development, production, and inspection and calibration are basically done by computers, which greatly reduces the threshold and difficulty of making tourbillons. It has greatly increased, and there are many kinds of flying tourbillons, dual-axis tourbillons, three-axis tourbillons, spherical tourbillons, double tourbillons, 30-second tourbillons, tilting tourbillons, center tourbillons, external tourbillons, Mysterious tourbillon, magnetic tourbillon … It is really too trivial to prepare, and each one can write a colorful report. In this article, I will take you to appreciate the 5 tourbillon watches that I have personally played at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo 2018. Their common feature is ‘transparent and agile’, which is as dazzling as a wave. The magic fan has increased the value of tourbillon to the level of art. Breguet classic series ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon 5367 watch to talk about the tourbillon, then the inventor of the tourbillon Breguet must not get around. This year the brand launched an ultra-thin tourbillon with a large open flame enamel disk. Unlike the 5377 launched in 2013, the watch has cancelled the power reserve display, making the overall layout of the dial more concise and simple, and highlighting the tourbillon wholeheartedly. At the same time, the blue steel hands are in sharp contrast with the white flawless enamel dial, which makes the reading more clear. It seems unpretentious from the outside, but its movement maintains a consistently high standard. The splints, barrels and rotors are all sanded and carved by hand. The self-winding ring-shaped rotor is made of platinum to make it more inertia, and it swings repeatedly around the periphery of the movement. In this way, the structure of the movement can be shown to the greatest extent in our eyes, not only let the tourbillon run Unobstructed, it also ensures that the movement is thin (3 mm), making the watch only 7.45 mm thick. But thin, it also has an impressive 80-hour power reserve. The rose gold version is priced at 1,165,000 yuan, and the platinum version is priced at 1,278,300 yuan. Blancpain Villeret Classic Series Flying Tourbillon Retrograde Minute Watches. The tourbillon of Blancpain is quite unique. Unlike the ordinary tourbillon, the center axis of rotation is in the middle of the balance with hairspring. The tourbillon of Blancpain is called ‘Eccentric tourbillon’, so that the movement of the escape wheel and the fork can be displayed to the maximum without seeing only the movement of the balance with hairspring. And this watch uses a floating tourbillon, that is, removes the bridge that fixes and supports the center axis of the tourbillon, so that the tourbillon floats in the air, so it is called ‘flying tourbillon’. What’s even more amazing is that it further replaced the bottom bridge of the tourbillon with transparent sapphire crystal glass, so that the running beauty of the tourbillon is fully revealed, plus the simple white large fire enamel dial, the entire watch is full of Smart beauty. The watch adopts the design of jumping hour and minute retrograde. When the minute hand reaches 60, it will fly back to the 0 position, and at this time the hour will immediately jump to the next number. At this time, the hour and minute hands on the disk are moving with the tourbillon, as if the stage is changing screens. This is a gorgeous performance about time. The rose gold version is priced at 1,131,000 yuan, and the platinum version is priced at 1,374,500 yuan. Hublot Hublot Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon Watch This Hublot tourbillon watch also uses a floating tourbillon design and also uses a transparent sapphire crystal glass to replace the bottom plate. The case, face plate, and strap extend to the movement for full transparency. Sapphire crystal glass is a synthetic, hard and transparent material. Its hardness and abrasion resistance are second only to diamonds. Hublot is the pioneer in driving sapphire crystal materials, not only creating a variety of colorful sapphire crystal glass, but also Sapphire crystal creates detailed parts. With a skeleton movement made of sapphire crystal, only a few metal gears can recognize the outline, and all other parts are transparent-the middle layer of the case, the lugs and the case back show a transparent mechanical structure, as if suspended in the air. The faceplate, numerals, hour markers, and power reserve display are all transparent, and the hollowed out pointer is slowly passing by. Finally with a transparent rubber strap, the watch is astonishingly worn on the hand. The price is 884,200 yuan. The bezel-set square diamond version is priced at 1,265,400 yuan. Harry Winston Harry Winston epic tourbillon No. 9 epic tourbillon (Histoire de Tourbillon) series launched in 2009, this limited edition series to play with the tourbillon’s various possibilities, this year launched to the 9th. Take a closer look at the oversized tourbillon in the lower half of the disk. The 3 axes are rotated in 3 different directions. The balance spring in the inner circle rotates once every 45 seconds, and the center axis rotates once every 75 seconds. The frame rotates every 300 seconds, presenting a very magical dynamic landscape. The top and bottom of the tourbillon structure are sapphire crystal glass, which allows the light to penetrate as much as possible, admiring the three-dimensional rotating tourbillon, just like a ballet dancer taking off and spinning (well, some people have described it as a roast suckling pig Or roast whole lamb), it’s eye-opening (or appetite?). The watch is available in white and red gold and is priced at 4,905,000 yuan. It’s like wearing a house on your wrist. Although Zenith’s Defy Zero G watch is not a tourbillon, it is similar in concept and can achieve a better resistance to gravity than a tourbillon. This watch is very magical. The G of Zero G refers to Gravity, gravity, that is to say, this watch challenges gravitation, with the help of a compact and ‘gravity control’ gyro module. As early as Baselworld 2008, Zenith launched the first-generation Defy Classic Zero G watch equipped with this revolutionary device, and later released the Columbus watch equipped with this structure at the Greenwich Observatory in London in September 2010. ‘I was also fortunate to be invited to the scene. The patented module counteracts the effect of gravity on the speed of the watch by keeping the speed control mechanism at the same horizontal position-in the most vivid words, like a ‘tumbler’, because the bottom weight allows the watch to wave no matter how Swing and gyroscope can keep balance hairspring level with the ground. Coupled with a 5 Hz El Primero high-frequency movement, the accuracy of the watch continues to improve, icing on the cake. The principle is simple, but it is extremely difficult to make. After 10 years of R & D and improvement, this spherical structure consisting of 139 micro-components has been fully optimized, reduced in size and improved in energy efficiency. The gyroscope module was previously rotated between two convex sapphire crystals, but now it is only 30% of its initial volume, so it can be installed between two flat sapphire crystals. Pricing: stainless steel + crocodile leather strap, RMB 740,900; stainless steel + titanium alloy strap, 749,000 yuan; rose gold + crocodile leather strap, 834,900 yuan; rose gold + rose gold strap, 944,000 yuan. In The Analects, Confucius said, ‘The dead are like a husband, who does not want to leave day or night.’ The passing of time is like a river flowing, so concrete and trembling! And maybe when we wear a tourbillon watch on our wrists, it can better remind us of the movement of time, and we must grasp the moment and cherish time.

Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43 Mm Chronograph

The famous Heuer-01 Skeleton Manufacture Chronograph is available in three colors: black, dark blue and light brown. The new diameter is 43 mm, 6 numbers, stainless steel, and ceramic bezel.

 The TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 watch launched in 2015 opened up new markets. The 45mm Skeleton Manufacture Chronograph is a stylish sport design that sells for less than 5,000 Swiss francs, reinterpreting the value of money.

 This year, this famous patented chronograph was launched in a slightly streamlined 43mm format and available in three styles: dark black, dark blue and elegant light brown.

 The bright polished ceramic speedometer bezel echoes the classic 12-component modular polished glazed steel case. The skeleton dial, the Heuer-01 trademark and the sapphire case back reveal the beauty of the machine. The chronograph joystick and date dial on the dial side are cut out and carved. On the case back, the red guide wheel becomes a conspicuous visual focus. The hollowed-out chronograph bridge and PVD black-plated oscillating weight also focus attention on the watch mechanism equipped with a clutch with a swing gear.

 All the chronograph functions of the movement are marked in red as a tribute to motorsports: the central seconds hand, 30-minute counter, 12-hour counter and start / stop buttons. The sporty Heuer-01 Manufacture Chronograph is named after the founder Edouard Heuer as a tribute. 01 means that this watch is the beginning of a new generation of chronographs.

 After more than five years of continuous improvement and optimization, the watch has reached a very high level of quality and its production costs have been precisely controlled, making it a rare 100% autonomous chronograph with a price below 5,000 Swiss francs.
technical details
CAR201T.BA0766: blue dial, stainless steel bracelet
 CAR201T.FC6404: blue dial, blue leather strap
 CAR201U.BA0766: brown dial, stainless steel bracelet
 CAR201U.FC6405: brown dial, brown leather strap
 CAR201V.BA0766: black dial, stainless steel bracelet
 CAR201V.FT6087: black dial, black rubber strap
 CAR2090.BH0729: black ceramic
Movement TAG Heuer from movement HEUER-01
Self-winding chronograph movement with date display
 Eye-catching skeleton calendar dial, window at 3:30
 Red column wheel, new openwork oscillating weight and timer board bridge
 50-hour power reserve
Case diameter 43 mm
Brushed stainless steel or matte ceramic case
 Blue, brown, black ceramic bezel with speedometer scale
 Stainless steel or matte black ceramic lugs
 Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides
 Rubber and polished steel crown, or PVD black
 Stainless steel or PVD black-plated stainless steel chronograph pusher at 2 and 4 o’clock
 Stainless steel or PVD black-plated steel sapphire case back
Dial Blue, brown or black skeleton dial
 Blue, brown or black flange with 60-second scale
 3 counters:
-Minute counter at 12 o’clock with rhodium-plated snail-shaped ring and lacquered red hands
-Hour counter at 6 o’clock with rhodium-plated snail-shaped ring and lacquered red hands
-Small seconds counter at 9 o’clock with blue, brown or black snail-shaped ring and polished rhodium-plated hands
Rhodium-plated hour, minute and hour markers with white Superluminova®
Small red second hand
Polished rhodium-plated ‘TAG Heuer’ logo at 3 o’clock
Date indication window at 3:30
Water resistance: 100 meters
Strap / Bracelet Black rubber and brown or blue alligator leather strap, or blue rubber, or H-shaped steel or matte ceramic bracelet.
Stainless steel or grade 2 titanium folding clasp, PVD black plated, with safety press and TAG Heuer logo

Tuofei Watch Lecture Hall —- Six Steps To Teach You How To Identify Mechanical Watch Movements

Watches and watches have a long history. The knowledge contained in them is rich, especially for those who are very professional in the recognition of technical terms, movements, and adjustment and maintenance of watches. Jia specially invited a well-known professional watch researcher in the domestic watch industry, and will gradually explain watch knowledge to you, and learn and share with you.
  The movement of a mechanical watch is relatively unfamiliar to ordinary people. The reason is that we usually only pay attention to how the mechanical watch looks, but we don’t care much about the internal movement. However, as consumers who buy mechanical watches become more and more high-quality themselves, they are more and more interested in the mystery of the internal movements of mechanical watches, and the thirst for knowledge of watches is very strong. In order to popularize this knowledge for everyone, I will teach you how to identify the internal structure and quality of mechanical watch movements in six steps:

Working principle of mechanical watch movement
  Step 1: When you get a movement, just like meeting someone who has n’t known him before, first look at the person’s appearance, then look at his appearance, and then you can make a preliminary judgment about his accomplishments. grade. The same is true for the initial feeling of the movement. First, look at its appearance on the front and back, and then carefully check whether the machining level of each plywood and each transmission component that can be seen inside the movement is delicate, and the decorative texture. Whether it is well-balanced, from this you can judge whether this movement is exquisite in appearance, and from this, you can see that its design concept and the fineness of processing are obvious. Otherwise, the parts are rough and even Twisted and distorted, the appearance of the ugly movement will be well understood;
  Step 2: At this time, the movement is in a stop state. You can first wind the movement by turning the arbor, while observing the balance spring system and the escapement. When you make a maximum of three turns (Swiss movement) It usually takes only one turn), the balance spring system and the escapement start and run. This step is to test the vibration performance of the speed governing mechanism of the movement. If it fails to start normally or is delayed, it indicates that the speed regulating system of the movement is defective, especially the escapement part may be abnormal and requires professional The watch repair master to handle;
  Step 3: If the balance spring system and the escapement can start normally, you can continue to rotate the winding system of the winding shaft to drive the movement. At this time, special attention should be paid to: 1. Your winding feel should be comfortable Strenuous and uneven feeling. 2. Pay attention to the sound when listening to the winding. 3. The number of winding laps should not be too much, it is best to be around twenty laps. This step is to test the winding performance of this movement;
  Step 4: If your movement is in the third gear, pull out the spindle to the second gear. At this time, pay attention to the gear when you pull out the second gear. The gear should be clear and you can clearly feel that it is in place. Then turn the arbor to dial quickly for additional functions. Generally set functions are calendar and weekly calendar. At this time, the key point to check is that the calendar ring or weekly calendar wheel is driven by the speed dial gear teeth, and each tooth should skip very rhythmically. If there is no sense of rhythm like swallowing jujube, it means that there are problems with the additional functions of the movement, which needs to be checked carefully;
  Step 5: Pull out the arbor to the third gear, and turn the arbor to move the hour and minute hands. At this time, you need to pay attention to the same place as when checking the winding system, and still feel better. However, it is more important to observe that when the two pointers overlap to the 12 o’clock position, there must be no deviation in the middle of the pointers, otherwise the display time will have errors. In addition, if you are interested, you can continue to rotate the arbor to make the hour and minute hands continue to rotate after 24 hours. Note that the calendar ring will jump once. This is to examine the performance of the calendar mechanism under actual operation rather than rapid dialing.
  Step 6: If your movement has an automatic mechanism, the easiest way to check its performance is to pay attention to the position where the automatic rotor sags naturally, and then turn the movement vertically to see if the automatic rotor always maintains this orientation, indicating automatic The gear train performance is very flexible. If the automatic tourbillon cannot keep the same position, then there may be resistance in the part of your automatic gear train. You need to check the gear train in this part.
(TIPS: The so-called third gear means the first gear is the winding gear, the second gear is the additional function gear, and the third gear is the adjustment time gear. The so-called two gear means that there is no second additional function adjustment. Gear, only the other two gears.)
  Speaking of which, the identification process of a movement is basically completed. Because the general structure of the mechanical watch movement is consistent, only the functional design of the movement is different in the early stage, and the overall layout of the later movement will be tailored to local conditions. As the complexity of the structure increases, the complexity of each part of the movement itself increases, and the probability of mechanical structure problems will increase.
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