Summer Fiesta G-shock Sets Off A Crazy Fashion Wave

Summer Fiesta G-SHOCK sets off a huge fashion wave
    The shorts excitedly issued a declaration of high temperature, the hot factors of the whole body forgot to cheer, the pace of chasing the lead guitar jumped arrogantly, the T-shirt was emblazoned with a hi-explosive logo, the midsummer light year officially came, and a new program was revealed in the heat. Fiesta, are you ready? G-SHOCK made a breakthrough in the heat wave and launched a new design and color matching summer model, which not only has a cool vision, but also gathers functions suitable for summer sports. The tide factor expands and explodes at high temperatures, which evokes Crazy Summer.
G-SHOCK Trend Watch: G-LIDE Surf Series New GLX-6900A
    G-SHOCK’s trendy watch design has always been very avant-garde and bold, subverting the general public’s impression of watch appearance, constantly innovating ideas and shaping individualistic style. Yellow is bright and eye-catching, and dark blue is inspired by the sea. The new G-LIDE surfing series, GLX-6900A, chooses the strong colors that are popular this year, yellow and dark blue. These two colors are suitable for sea sports. They collide with passion and evoke summer fashion. Heat wave. The powerful function of 200 meters waterproof and low temperature resistance (can be used normally at minus 20 degrees Celsius) makes you who love sports and fashion enjoy summer. The G-LIDE surfing series is also equipped with moon data, tide chart and other functions suitable for sailing. You can better grasp the laws of nature and feel at ease when galloping on the ‘wind and wave’; the shockproof function is a perfect function for sports watches. In the G-LIDE series, the shockproof function is perfectly reflected.
    G-SHOCK not only pays attention to functionality, but also injects other thoughts in details. The band is printed with a special pattern arranged in a grid, just like a summer fashion totem. The function of automatic fluorescent lighting makes the visual effects and functionality perfect. Combined. With the round dial of GLX-6900A-2DR and GLX-6900A-9DR, it looks fresh and natural.

G-SHOCK trend watch: GRX series blooming summer sports fashion
    In the design of the strap, the undulating pattern that matches the surf of summer is selected as the visual decoration, wearing the inspiration of water, and enjoying the summer fashion waves. GRX-5600A / B also has the world time display of 48 cities, a stopwatch accurate to 1 / 100th of a second, as well as a countdown and a fully automatic calendar, allowing you to travel through the sea of ​​time. In G-SHOCK’s summer Fiesta, wear a midsummer light year on your wrist to play games with the sun.