Precious And Rare, Hidden Precious And Rare Details

The new Imperiale series watches reinterpret the famous styles of the brand in the 1990s. Under the unpretentious appearance, it hides precious and rare details. Numerous details, including the typical lugs, have been reinterpreted.
  The carved mother-of-pearl dial is reminiscent of embroidered cushions with royal emblems in the palace. The edges of the dial are decorated with elegant Roman numerals, in addition to indicating time, it is a royal symbol. The slightly curved hands resemble the sharp daggers that the monarchs used to fight. The lotus-shaped crown is mounted on the angular frame, adding a glory and lightness to the watch.
  As the most delicate finishing touch, the classic cylindrical-shaped lugs are decorated with small convex round amethyst on the rose gold model, and blue sapphire inlaid on the white gold model, and cut into a drop shape to fit. Case lines. The gemstone has a touch of fuchsia, which is a royal symbol of excellence and a perfect reproduction of the Chopard watch and its tonal signature.
  The newly launched Happy Sport XL series is better than ever in terms of modernity and originality. At the same time, it is faithful to the essence of the Happy Sport series: the famous active diamond design, which gives the watch a dynamic and elegant unique temperament. .
  This latest fashion style, with a single color tone and a powerful 42mm diameter case, reflects the ultimate principle of freshness and elegance.