Montblanc Famous People Series 2014-john Kennedy Limited Edition Writing Tool

Each series of famous figures can be regarded as Montblanc’s commemoration and tribute to the most pioneering important figures in the fields of culture, politics, science or art. John F. Kennedy, one of the best-known presidents in American history, has always inspired and inspired the world with his energy, optimism, and ambition. In his short term, the 35th president of the United States has achieved many extraordinary achievements-including the first moon landing in human history, advocating for the passage of a civil rights bill, and encouraging young people to join the Peace Corps. The Montblanc Celebrity Collection John Kennedy’s limited edition writing instruments are designed to pay tribute to multiple identities: politicians, charismatic leaders, wise men, and devout family pillars.
   This limited-edition writing instrument is designed to show John Kennedy’s charisma and insight, and focuses on family backgrounds and rich and authentic emotional details. The ivy-style design of the cap and pen uses dark blue precious resin, which implies the educational background of John F. Kennedy, and the ring-shaped design of the pen symbolizes his military career in World War II. The importance of family is reflected in the triple ring design of the cap, which means the three brothers of John F. Kennedy. The first human landing on the moon, as John F. Kennedy’s most well-known achievement, is reflected in the pen ring decoration and 18K solid gold pen engraving. The design of the pen faithfully reproduces the style of the 1960s and is engraved with the acronym ‘JFK’ of John F. Kennedy’s name.
  In commemoration of John Kennedy’s birth year, this limited edition writing instrument will only be available for 1,917. The three colors of red, white and blue are specifically for sailing. The rope pattern under the cap reflects the HNA movement that John Kennedy has loved since childhood. Not only that, the 18K rhodium-plated solid gold nib is engraved with the image of the ship Victura, which is also an important gift John Kennedy received from his parents when he was 15 years old. The 10 dotted marks on the top of the cap represent 10 members of the Kennedy family, including John Kennedy’s parents and their eight children.
  John Kennedy’s campaign slogan “A Time For Greatness” used in the presidential campaign was also engraved and decorated on the pen cap ring, while the classic initials “JFK” were marked on the front of the pen holder. This limited edition writing instrument’s hexagonal white star logo is made of unique quartz material, referring to his insights on human moon landing projects.

   Montblanc’s famous series of John F. Kennedy limited edition writing instruments vividly show all aspects of the youngest president in American history-optimism and outstanding contributions to social progress.
   Montblanc famous character series John Kennedy limited edition writing instruments will be officially listed in Montblanc global stores in December 2014.