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Chanel presents the MONSIEUR series, a watch specially made for men. It all starts with an aspiration, a vision, and a design.

This watch is unprecedented, unique and born of dreams.
Its movement is a unique new creation, created to give it life.
Its case is also a masterpiece of innovation, with a mission to carry it.
This is how Chanel created immortal masterpieces with infinite desire.
A pinnacle created by desire.

    The MONSIEUR DE CHANEL watch is equipped with CALIBRE 1, Chanel’s first self-made high-end watchmaking movement. It is equipped with two functions of instant jump and flyback minute hand, which is extraordinary and restrained and low-key. Choose the dual complication function, with the digital hour display and the extremely simple and quiet case, everything seems self-evident. With this watch, Chanel interprets the unique concept of the resolute beauty of men’s watches. The CALIBRE 1 movement with an instantaneous hour-jumping and flyback minute hand is tailor-made for the MONSIEUR series. It is also the first movement designed, developed, stabilized and assembled by Chanel.

    This manual-winding mechanical movement is composed of 170 parts and possesses extraordinary complex functions. In a word, these complex functions are not simply modules attached to the main splint, but are perfectly integrated with the main splint. The CALIBRE 1 movement contains two complex functions, carrying the greatest respect for heritage, and is undoubtedly a masterpiece of contemporary craftsmanship. It has poured into Chanel’s great efforts and took five years to develop successfully. This dedication to technology and creativity is destined for its glory and nobility.
CALIBRE 1 movement is like a pioneer, obsessed with exploring the true, pursuing the beauty of purity and refinement.

    The CALIBRE 1 movement uses a ring-shaped hollow main bridge bridge and is embellished with Chanel’s distinctive design elements in many details.
    The layered black movement is covered with a diamond carbon film (ADLC), with sub-black and bright black jumping on it, filling it. The delicate decoration highlights the warm curves of the main bridge and the bridge, and the design of many custom parts echoes the octagonal outline of the Fontaine Plaza.
    Lion, Chanel chose this most masculine symbol and symbol of strength as the iconic totem of the MONSIEUR watch, decorated on the buckle and crown. The lion is also the hallmark of all Chanel’s own luxury watch movements.

    The first delicate and complicated function-instantaneous time jump function requires full control of the fine vibration and the energy consumption of the aluminum hour plate movement. Fixed hoop tandem barrels provide a power reserve of up to three days for MONSIEUR watches. The second outstanding complication, the 240 ° flyback minute hand on the dial, is a perfect fusion of rigorous aesthetic design and superb technical performance. The two-way corrector of the flyback minute hand makes it easy to adjust the watch and confirms Chanel’s outstanding watchmaking concept. This jewel of superb watchmaking skill must be contained in the perfect case. Chanel tailors the new 40 mm round case for the MONSIEUR series. The round design reflects the strong aesthetic vision of the Chanel watch design workshop.

There is no ornamentation, just right. Is the ultimate pursuit of simplicity and purity.

    The ivory dial is hidden under the domed sapphire lens, and the mottled light and shadow pulsate. On the dial, the double complication (the instant jump at six o’clock and the eccentrically designed 240 ° flyback minute hand) complement each other, and the specially designed hour display font is also unique. Originality. The simple and quiet dial contrasts with the three-dimensional movement design, which reflects the unremitting creative spirit of Chanel.

Beige gold


    In 2016, Chanel will make 300 CALIBRE 1 movements engraved with numbers, which will be loaded on 150 BEIGE (beige) gold and 150 white gold MOUNSIEUR watches. Through the MONSIEUR watch, Chanel has demonstrated the unique design concept of men’s timepieces, condenses the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, and also shows its unique style charm.