The Clock Godmother Takes You To Pick The First Jewelry Watch. She Is Her And Must Be Her!

As a person whose work and life are immersed in watches and jewelry, I have seen too many gorgeous and individual jewelry watches. As a woman, in the hottest year of the year, whenever I saw thin and white wrists on the street, I could always think of the appearance of a jewelry watch on my wrist, set with diamond bling bling, elegant and lovely, pleasing . Therefore, the sense of professional mission and daily fashion at the same time prompted me to seriously make a recommendation for this beautiful season and the young and beautiful girls. If it is the first time to buy a jewellery watch, knock on the blackboard directly to say the key point. The jewellery watch that can be worn daily should be the first jewellery watch for women. First, you can try the popular, highly recognizable and classic watches in the eyes of the public; second, the key word of jewelry watches is jewelry, and jewellery naturally has good diamonds, which is a shortcut to quality assurance; finally, the watch buyer The most important thing is the price. After all, it is an entry-level jewelry watch, which is not suitable for too luxurious. After considering several major conditions, Cartier’s blue balloon was successfully launched, which perfectly fits my desire to recommend-that is, born from ‘the jeweler of the emperor’ and at the same time a high-profile ‘explosive’ woman Watch, take a closer look at the new diamond watch recently launched by Blue Balloon, yes, it is her! You see, it comes in the form of a large crown inspired by a new Cartier watch called Ballon Bleu de Cartier, and its Chinese name is exactly the blue balloon that almost everyone who loves watches knows today . With its cool background coat, the blue balloon also played an unusual meaning throughout the design route. Let’s start with the most important sapphire crown. Its outer bow has never appeared in any previous watch, so anyone who sees it can remember it all at once. The crown is the part that is most closely connected to the case, so the case must also fly with the combination of the oversized convex round sapphire and the bow. At first glance, the blue balloon’s closest shape is round, but in fact, the blue balloon’s case is a special-shaped case. Its front and back have a certain degree of curvature. To be precise, it is a rounded arc, so the case has a round and non-round feel, and the streamlined beauty also has a three-dimensional sense. Such a case The effect of ‘everyone looks good’ has been cast directly. Look at the dial after reading the case, and if you look closely, the dial is checkered. Because the dial is covered with a curved sapphire crystal, under the optical effect, the Roman numerals on the dial will be magnified. In addition, it is precisely because of the special sapphire crown that the numbers are “squeezed” out of the regular circular track. You see, the pace of the hands can be a little fairy. To sum it up, the sapphire crown + bow guard + shaped case + Roman numerals + checkered dial + sword-shaped hands = blue balloon. These characteristics add up to an impressive watch. Therefore, the blue balloon has become one of the most recognizable models among the “explosive models” at one stroke. When it comes to the battle of Blue Balloons in the birth of SIHH in 2007, I personally participated in that year and it is still unforgettable. First, Cartier invited seven top comic masters from across Asia and Europe and from different countries to start imagination and draw comics about blue balloons. Later, they made these giant posters and presented them one by one at the Geneva Pavilion As soon as it went public, it caused a sensation. All the media participating in the conference that year couldn’t wait to order one immediately. ▲ French cartoonist Moebius is playing through, expressing the magic of blue balloons with a thrilling space-time journey. ▲ British cartoonist Glen Baxter has a good sense of humor. Imagine the magic of sapphire can be used to hypnotize at any time. ▲ Francois Schuiten of Belgium gives sapphire the power to control the movement of time. The wild imagination allowed visual art and time art to collide with each other, not to mention the fact that even now it is particularly explosive. Let me talk about the situation of Blue Balloons coming to Shanghai in 2007. For the release of the new watch, Cartier held an event at the Pudong Exhibition Hall, which broke the sky for the stars of the blue balloon platform, familiar with many stars such as Huang Lei, Yineng Jing and Mei Ting. ▲ After the first wave of fermented diamonds, the blue balloon began to spread quickly and became a dream watch for many girls. Some of them chose to buy a blue balloon as a beautiful bride when they got married, while others bought it with her husband to form a couple watch. ▲ Simple, clean and refreshing daily wear. Daily matching is also easy to come. Casual, gorgeous, intellectual, and casual. ‘Wild’ is definitely another physique of the blue balloon. Recently, the blue balloon’s iron powder representative is Princess Kate. The high frequency of this outbound hand can probably rank first in her favorite list. In the 11 years since its birth, the blue balloon has also evolved layer by layer. As a popular classic women’s watch, different functions are superimposed and different design elements are combined to continue to bring surprises. Of course, blue balloons are not just for women, men’s watches are also very popular. But this time, my wish is to help the girls choose the watch first, and the male compatriots, let’s make another appointment. This year, the new blue balloon female watch focuses on precious metal diamond styles. The rose gold case is set with atmospheric round diamonds. Based on my many years of experience in buying watches and jewellery, rose gold is the most precious metal that matches Asian skin tones. In terms of the overall effect, both the luxury of the jewellery watch and the use of diamonds have improved the watch’s grade without exaggerating it. It is not heavy at all, and young girls can easily hold it. Whether it is taking the light mature woman style, or creating a female image in the workplace is very suitable. This time Cartier chose a bright burgundy crocodile leather watch strap. Red is a typical ‘Chinese taste’. It is particularly worth mentioning that this time the new blue balloon first launched in mainland China. In other words, the new watch will be worn first on the wrists of Chinese women, such as Jing Tian, ​​Tang Yan, Qin Lan, Wang Likun, Xun Liya, Yu Kewei, and Zhang Tianai. How bloggers wear it, they can have the opportunity to personally wear a demonstration. Of the three newly launched blue balloons with diamonds, two of the smaller ones use an automatic winding movement with a power reserve of 38 hours and a water resistance of 30 meters. The larger one uses a Cartier 1847 MC automatic winding movement. , Power reserve is 42 hours, waterproof 30 meters. The case is set with brilliant-cut round diamonds in three sizes: 33 mm, 47 diamonds (0.68 carat), ¥ 141,00036 mm, 54 diamonds (0.78 carat), ¥ 169,00042 mm, 53 diamonds (1.08 carat weight), ¥ 220,000 as a jewellery watch, with precious metals, it can be said that the price / performance ratio of a dozen to 200,000 is really good. After all, in the impression that women want to buy jewelry watches, the budget of 500,000 can also be said to be entry-level. Because there is a blue balloon as a base, after a little decoration of diamonds, the value will rise. In fact, women buy watches, especially jewelry watches, which will be measured in all aspects, but have to admit that beauty is the prerequisite for everything. In addition to appearance, fame, quality, price … no matter how you choose, this blue balloon is labeled ‘your first jewelry watch.’ And I bet that although ‘expensive is a jewellery watch’, after you buy it, you will find that instead of worrying about matching it, you will be able to cooperate with you at any time in the future. Editor: Victoria, Elizabeth | Vision and graphics: Allison Picture: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Business cooperation, please contact: [email protected] Fulu hip-hop was initiated by 4 table coffee and veterans, for 8090 young Watch and jewelry culture guide.