Seeing A Curtain Of Dreams, Bucherer Watch Paris Love ‘qin’ Story

Qin Lan walked on the banks of the Seine, dedicating his unique ‘Betti romanticism’. The knowledgeable person who was highly praised by Qiong Yao as ‘a tear in her, a star in the sky’ has transformed from a pure and simple girl into a mature and charming woman. With an elegant combination, her elegant image fits the essence of the brand new white dice women’s watch from the Bucherer watch brand.

 Bettich Pathos Women’s Watch

 Bucherer’s new women’s watch from Betty’s is designed for women in modern metropolises. The word Betty represents honor and passion, confidence and elegance. 18K rose gold interlaced hollow case blooms noble and fragrant; the case looks like a corolla, revealing elegant beauty; polished rose gold and stainless steel two-tone straps continue the pleasing gloss texture contrast; the elegant and elegant dial is decorated with simple magnificent decorative details The rose gold scale and the Roman numerals are slightly flooded; the crown is also decorated with a weaving pattern, which is meticulous and delicate. The Bettich watch embodies the exquisite skills of jewelry craftsmen, and it is more comfortable to wear on the jade wrist.

 Uphold tradition, pioneer and innovate

 For more than 125 years, it was on the banks of the Luzern river in Lucerne, Switzerland, that the founder Carl F. Bucherer and his wife founded the first Bucherer watch and jewelry store. With outstanding watchmaking technology and innovative and forward-looking ideas, Bucherer has created watch after watch, from practical timepieces to complex functions to top jewelry-set watches.