International Watch Awards Breaking New Watch Records

At the 2011 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Awards, the superb and skilled watchmakers showed people a feast, which not only made the audience enjoyed it. These watchmakers have used their hands to create one miracle after another, and have won extraordinary results in international authority watch awards.
When interviewing the watch industry expert Conway Kai, the reporter learned that the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Awards is one of the most authoritative institutions issued by all existing watches in the world. It is an internationally renowned watch industry expert, collector, media and watch brand A jury selected and formed by the merchants. This award is set up with professional, international perspectives, strict requirements and other requirements. Every year, hundreds of watch brands and watchmakers compete in the election. So being able to win big prizes in this event, but the greatest encouragement and praise to watch brands and watchmakers.
Watch industry expert Chang Wei said: The German Red Dot Design Award, known internationally as the ‘Oscar’ design, is also a competition that watch brands attach great importance to and recognize. It focuses on product design concepts, fashion, innovation, and practicality. They also screened and evaluated the entries strictly, attracting the participation of nearly a hundred watch brands every year. The awards of this competition are also influential and prestigious internationally.
Recommend winning watches
2011 International Official Observatory Certified Watch Competition:

Tissot Rock Observatory Watch
中 In the international watch competition organized by the Swiss official astronomical watch test organization, the professional review of travel time accuracy and production technology passed professional review. In the end, the Tissot Rock series won the championship of the corporate classic group with the highest score.
最佳 2011 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Award for Best Sports Watch:

TAG Heuer, Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Chronograph
Although TAG Heuer has won this award many times at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Awards, it can be seen that a lot of work has been done on technological innovation and design concepts. It breaks the frequency of the previous movement again, and the speed can reach ten revolutions per second. The time measurement frequency of this watch is 500Hz, which means that the internal balance wheel will swing 3.6 million times per hour. At this frequency, most of the machinery will shatter.
最佳 2011 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Award for Best Complex Watch:

Zenith Columbus Tourbillon
After five years of careful research and development, Zenith successfully developed a complex Columbus tourbillon watch and won the best complex watch award. It can be said that it is well deserved. The transparent glass ball movement in the lower part of the dial can be clearly seen. Seeing the operation of each part, the escapement system is ideally in a horizontal state, because the swing of the balance wheel is the most ideal, and the direction of the center of gravity is at right angles to the parts, which will not affect the operation of the entire structure.
German Red Dot Creative Design Award 2010:

Fiyta ‘Shenzhou VII’ extravehicular space suit table
In the 2010 German Red Dot Creative Design Competition, Feiyada became the first watch brand in mainland China to receive this award, which has also attracted international attention. This watch expresses an introverted and deep aesthetic concept, and is humanized and innovative according to the specificity of the task.