What Brand Of Oval Watch Looks Good? Which Children’s Watches Look Good?

Ms. Has always had high requirements for the appearance of watches. From dial to strap, various styles are dazzling. What brand of oval watch looks better? What female watch looks good? What female watch is suitable for various occasions? Next, the editor introduces two such ladies’ watches.
Cartier-Delices de Cartier Collection WG800003 Ladies Quartz Watch

 The Délices de Cartier watch is like a delicious dish, mouth-watering. Its exquisite curves, crystal color, and slightly twisted oval shape exude an attractive style surrounded by bright diamonds; the round diamonds of the dial are embellished, so that the dynamic lines show the smile of time and present a touch of delicate play.
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 The watch’s outer case is decorated with 76 baguette-shaped diamonds, but in terms of gems, this is just the beginning. There is another 42 on the dial ring (circle with code and minute graduations on the dial). A pear-shaped diamond decorates an 18-carat white dial at six o’clock. The dial is hand-engraved on the engraving machine and is decorated with natural mother-of-pearl. The strap is also meticulously decorated and strung with pink natural Arkoy pearls from Tahiti.
 Related watch information: This is an oval watch with a distinctive shape. It is generous without showing etiquette and is not sharp. It is low-key and restrained, but elegant. This is a good-looking watch for all occasions.

Arnold & Son World’s First Chronograph Watch

Has a strong British tradition and unique style. Arnold & Son has never let watch lovers down. The watch deftly blends respected watchmaking tradition, forward-thinking wisdom and unremitting pursuit of excellence. . The brand has always been pursuing the strength of high-end watches, and typical examples can be seen in the new CTB watches.

Demonstrating the brand’s commitment to pursuing forward-looking accuracy, the master watchmakers of Arnold & Son have always been brave enough to accept the challenge, creating the world’s first chronograph watch with a central jump seconds hand. The gorgeous CTB watch marks the brand’s second chronograph watch, which combines the iconic jumping seconds complication of the instrument series; while maintaining the series’ high visual readability. At the level of visual beauty, the central jumping seconds hand and the central chronograph seconds hand are combined on the same axis, but each has a different beating range. Getting two functions to work from the center at the same time requires very high technical skills. The unique invention of Arnold & Son includes two patent protections.
Sometimes called a second jump, the second jump is a very accurate function; the second jump is not the same as rotating around the dial, which allows more accurate timekeeping. To achieve this function is a very difficult feat, but the Arnold & Son challenged more difficult, combining the second hand of the seconds and chronograph function on the same axis. The result is that when the chronograph hand starts to run continuously, a very wonderful visual effect will appear; the situation is like the chronograph hand is about to catch up with the jumping seconds hand, but it can never catch up; because the real jumping seconds are every second Jumping away like a cat-and-mouse game.
A & S7103 is an exclusive self-winding mechanical movement with a column wheel operation timing function. The movement is modified to create the balance and beauty of the dial, with eccentric hours and minutes at 12 o’clock, a large central jumping seconds hand, a central chronograph hand and a 60-minute chronograph hand at 6 o’clock. The movement is equipped with 31 gems and operates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, providing more than 50 hours of kinetic energy reserve. This world-first watch is also equipped with ceramic bearings, creating bidirectional windings to increase efficiency.
Each movement is carefully crafted with fine watchmaking, hand-chamfered bridge polished edges, fine round patterns, radiant Geneva motifs, brushed skeleton rotors and beveled and mirror-polished screw heads, all carefully crafted. The 44 mm diameter stainless steel case version is a light gray and silver white porcelain dial. Each dial has a multi-level structure with at least three different finishings, and its depth and dimensions are breathtaking.

Instrumentation CTB
Movement: A & S7103 exclusive mechanical movement, automatic winding, column gear train, ceramic bearings, 31 stones, diameter 30.4 mm, thickness 8.5 mm, 50-hour power reserve (when not designed), 28,800 vibration frequency /hour
Functions: hours, minutes, skip seconds, timing
Movement decoration: Stainless steel case Version: NAC gray-processed movement with high-end clockwork Process finishing: hand-chamfered bridge polished edges, fine round patterns, radial Geneva ripples, round satin polished wheels, beveled and mirror polished screws head.
Oscillating weight: brushed hollow
Dial: light gray and silver white
Case: stainless steel, diameter 44 mm, arched double-sided anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal, transparent sapphire crystal case back, 30-meter water resistance
Strap: Hand-stitched brown or black alligator leather
Model: 1CHAS.S02A.C121S

Feng Shanshan, The Chinese Superstar, Is The New Celebrity Ambassador For Omega

Omega Glory announced that Chinese high-profile golfer Feng Shanshan has officially become a brand celebrity ambassador. The addition of this new star allows Greg Norman, Sergio Garcia, Michelle Wie and other top players The Omega Golf Celebrity Ambassador family is even more shining.
Feng Shanshan is one of the most exciting professional golfers in the world. She is the first Chinese player to win a full card on the LPGA Tour, and in just a few years she has become one of the most competitive players on the tour. In 2012, the 23-year-old genius won the LPGA Championship with two strokes, becoming the first Chinese player to win the LPGA Grand Slam-in fact, she was also the first China to win a Grand Slam title. Mainland players (whether male or female).

Feng Shanshan

With this victory, Feng Shanshan is already at the forefront of the world’s women’s golf rankings-in addition to her four other championship titles in 2012-Feng Shanshan is currently ranked sixth in the world with a very impressive record.
Feng Shanshan started her extraordinary golf career as a teenager. Her father worked for the Golf Association in her hometown of Guangzhou. When she was ten, her father led her on the golf course.
Every time, Feng Shanshan brightened the field with a confident smile. Now this outstanding champion player has officially joined the Omega Celebrity Ambassador family, and Omega is proud of it. Feng Shanshan has an outstanding record in golf, and her extraordinary achievements are impressive. Omega is looking forward to working with her to witness every glorious moment in the future.
Golf is extremely popular in China and continues to develop rapidly. Omega is looking forward to celebrating her every victory with Shanshan fans in China. More than a century ago, Omega has entered China and has long been a leader in China’s high-end watch market. As a brand celebrity ambassador, Feng Shanshan will surely allow Chinese consumers, especially millions of Chinese golf fans, to better understand the quality and profound connotation of Omega.
Source: Omega