2015 Lange Watchmaking Awards

Lange presented the watchmaking award for the sixth time in recognition of the outstanding watchmaking talents. This award has been won by Finnish participants for two consecutive years, and the winners will receive a prize of 10,000 Euros.

Winner of the Year: Calendar Week Display by Reima Koivukoski
   On December 7, the brand presented the 2015 “Langer Watchmaking Award” in Dresden, which is also the brand’s anniversary. Reima Koivukoski (23) from the Finnish Watch School (Kelloseppäkoulu) received a 10,000 Euro bonus for a calendar week display that simulates the axis of the Earth’s tilt. Langer President Wilhelm Schmid and company founder Walter Lange presented the award to the winners at an international press conference at the Albertinum in Dresden.
   The title of this year’s event is to create a calendar week display. The watchmaking rookies in the final eight are from five different countries. They visited the watch factory for several days in May to learn more about the competition.
   A jury of five experts began the evaluation at the end of November. Jury members include the company’s founder Walter Lange, Lange’s director of product development Anthony de Haas, senior journalists Gisbert L. Brunner and Peter Braun, and Peter Plassmeyer, director of the Royal Mathematical Physics Exhibition Hall in Dresden. The judging panel scores works based on their originality, technical performance, craftsmanship and aesthetics.

List of Entries
   Reima Koivukoski has won the jury’s favor for its innovative design techniques, complex technology, meticulous production details and high-quality skills. The jury explained: ‘His work is unique in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics, and can feel the courage of the creator to transform the structure of the movement.’ Koivukoski’s work shows the characteristics of the axis of the earth tilting towards the sun, making the judges Impressed. Due to the geographical location, dark nights and white nights will appear in Finland in winter and summer, respectively, forming a strong contrast. Koivukoski’s unique design is inspired by this.

Reima Koivukoski receives award certificate from Lange President Wilhelm Schmid and company founder Walter Lange