2012 Spring And Summer Eight Wrist Robots

Watch It should be called the Iron Man’s Robot. It uses wisdom to serve, uses loyalty, and loves and is loved over time. If you happen to find ‘AUTOMATIQUE’ on the dial of your watch, I hope you are proud of it. Because ‘AUTOMATIQUE’ will mean that you have an army at your service.
AUTOMATIQUE, the mechanical movement. The realization of all functions is performed by the precise coordination of work among more than a hundred parts. With the watch of the AUTOMATIQUE mark, you are the chief commander of this mechanical army, determining the start and end of each task of the robot. It will also possess and witness the unknown charm of the mechanical world. As for its ability, it is almost omnipotent for all time-related tasks except for its tough and charming appearance like a tough guy. Among the options below, there will always be a mechanical army that will follow you.

Speedometer Robot
Audemars Piguet-09 Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph
Mechanical number: AP3126 / 3840 automatic movement
Functional elements: Audemars Piguet’s most classic series is the Royal Oak. Since this story symbolizes victory, every athlete who participates in marine sports particularly favors this watch. What’s more important is its 3126/3840 Audemars Piguet’s exclusive automatic winding movement. When the time is started, an additional speedometer function is added to the watch.

Night Walking Robot
Amy-Ingenuity Series Masterchrono
Mechanical number: ML67 automatic movement
Functional elements: In the ranks of mechanical watches, the start and zeroing of chronographs has always been an endless topic for watchmakers. This Le Méridien new ingenuity series has completed all the above questions on the square-inch parts assembly. Hundreds of parts just turn the tightly locked crown automatically at the moment of gently rotating 90 degrees. In addition, this watch can contribute to night missions, and the digital surface with fluorescent coating can still perform tasks punctually at night.

Smart Robot
Chrysanthemum-Plavi Chronograde Chronograph
Mechanical number: CFB 1902 automatic movement
Functional elements: This watch is part of a large complication watch. Since the six functions of timing, flyback timing, dial-back hour timing, large calendar, annual calendar, and power reserve display are integrated at the same time, there will be hundreds of mechanical parts. It is called Smart Robot because of issues related to astronomy and speed. Basically, the answer can be found on the dial of this watch.

Sea Ruler
Jaeger-LeCoultre-Master Compressor Diving
Mechanical number: Jaeger-LeCoultre 751D automatic movement
Functional elements: This watch has Jaeger-LeCoultre’s unique ‘mechanical water depth gauge’ function, which can measure water depth from 0 to 80 meters. For electronic sensors, maybe it’s just a chip or a program problem. But for a mechanical movement manufactured by hand polishing, every movement of it originates from the start and operation of a small part and another small part. What’s even more amazing is that even if this robot is out of the water, the sounding gauge can play its role. The watch wearer can press the sensor end of the bathymetric film lightly with his finger at any time.

Extreme Robot
Rolex-Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA
Mechanical number: ROLEX 3135 movement
Functional elements: When it comes to diving, if you don’t mention Rolex, it’s like forgetting Coca-Cola’s hometown. In the era of watches, the minimum standard of water resistance has reached 30 meters. Then what made this number continue to scream is Rolex. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller, which is known as the limit, actually uses mechanical force to waterproof to 3900 meters.

Shockproof Robot
Zenith-Defy Challenge Series Happy Big Date Stealth Watch
Mechanical number: Open Grande Date 4039 SX movement
Functional elements: This watch is inspired by a stealth bomber that cannot be detected by radar. It uses futuristic black or gray titanium as the material of the case and bracelet. On the surface, it looks like a fighter. In fact, the Open Grande Date 4039 SX movement is deeply hidden in suspension technology and ZENITHIUM brackets. Through the clever space design between hundreds of parts, shock absorption can be realized on this coin-sized movement.

Timed Robot
Wanguo-Engineer stainless steel chronograph watch
Mechanical number: 79350 chronograph movement
Functional elements: Chronograph is the first step for mechanical watches to enter the complex field. The IWC, known for its flight timers, is naturally beyond doubt at this point. This watch is an inherited version of the IWC classic chronograph. It has all the elements that a precision movement should have, especially the 79350 chronograph movement, which has always been well-received by the industry. It is enough to see its mechanical cooperation.

Precision Robot
Radar-originating double chronograph mechanical watch
Mechanical number: ETA7770 movement
Functional element: One of the natural enemies of mechanical watches is gravity, which is the root cause of the time error of the watch. Luxury watches use a tourbillon to resist gravity. Such a mechanical watch is a model certified by the ‘Observatory’. It uses a Swiss precision automatic movement and passed the C.O.S.C. (Swiss Official Observatory Testing Organization) certification. Makes the watch’s travel time error within a negligible time slot.