Jacques Rodriguez’s New Product Launch Conference 2019 Held ‘koi Magic Lotus’ In Beijing

On June 19, 2019, Jacques Dro held the 2019 New Product Launch Conference at Beijing Anhe Hotel. Mr. Christian Lattmann, CEO, Mr. Liao Xinjia, member of the Swatch Group China Management Committee, Mr. Marc Aellen, Global Vice President and Sales Director of Jacques Rodriguez, and Mr. Lu Xingwei, Vice President of Jacques Rodriguez China attended the scene to unveil the new product.

From left to right: Mr. Marc Aellen, Mr. Liao Xinjia, Mr. Christian Lattmann, Mr. Lu Xingwei

   At the press conference, the new watch was tried on, and many new products were unveiled. The most eye-catching is the new masterpiece of Jacques Dro – a limited edition of 28 koi magic lotuses (available in red and white gold). .

Koi magic lotus (Magic Lotus Automaton) live shooting
   The Koi Magic Lotus Automaton watch celebrates life and the eternal cycle of life. Equipped with a brand-new mechanism of in-house design and assembly, this automatic doll work can be used for stage events longer than four minutes. A gorgeous naturalistic drama unfolds gradually, showing the elegant beauty of the Zen garden.

   In the new automatic doll watch, Jaquet Droz chooses to perform this eternal cycle through lotus. The four lotuses represent the four seasons, or according to the monsoon weather, representing the various stages of life.

   This koi is hand-carved by gold craftsmen from the brand’s craftsman, echoing the living lotus floating on the water. The petals are made of mother-of-pearl, and the core is equipped with ingenious mobile devices: whenever the lotus drifts to the hour, minute display or under the lotus leaf, a new gem will be displayed, with sapphire, yellow sapphire and ruby ​​staggered . This design is designed to ensure that the same gem does not reappear in the same location in different cycles. Therefore, when the river flows around, the lotus flower heart will change color four times without interest, and the same gem will not appear continuously.

 ‘Koi Magic Lotus’ creates natural beauty

   Other new products try on display:

Jacques Dro large seconds

Jacques Dro large seconds

   Summary: As an outstanding representative of the earliest “Maverick” in the Swiss watch industry, Jaquet Droz is praised for its exquisite watchmaking and enamel skills, and is particularly good at using enamel-fired dials as design elements to show classic aesthetics and The perfect blend of modern techniques. Each piece of timepiece created by the brand has its own unique story. In a period of wonderful stories, what has never changed is the consistent and sincere craftsmanship.