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Remember the kind of cherished, admired and enjoyed surprises when you opened a special unexpected gift? Omega’s extraordinary timepieces will let you relive this wonderful state of mind. Not only on Christmas Day, but also every moment in the future. Who misses you every time you see a Speedmaster on your wrist? And who remembers this dreamy Merry Christmas every time she stares at her horoscope watch?
米 Omega Constellation Coaxial 27mm Women’s Watch with 8521 Coaxial Movement
Extraordinary golden mother-of-pearl dial, blooming with extreme elegance
In 2009, Omega redesigned the entire Constellation watch series. This extremely popular watch collection is more stylish and charming than ever. In 2011, Omega launched a new Constellation Women’s Watch model, equipped with the brand’s self-produced 8520/8521 coaxial movement, this revolutionary mechanical movement is widely regarded as one of the world’s best movements.
The star model of the new women’s watch is refined from 18K red gold. It is matched with a bracelet of the same material, with frosted links and polished chain needles. The bezel is set with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.50 carats. The dial is crafted from unique golden mother-of-pearl. The hour scale is adorned with 11 single-cut diamonds weighing 0.12 carats and the date window at 3 o’clock.
同轴 The coaxial movement at the heart of this constellation is equipped with an Omega Si 14 silicon balance spring. The small size of this movement allows Omega’s patented coaxial technology to be used on 27 mm models for the first time. The combination of the 8521 coaxial movement and the silicon hairspring brings extraordinary stability to the watch. Therefore, Omega provides a guarantee of up to 4 years for this dazzling watch.
同轴 Omega Constellation Coaxial Women’s Watch perfectly meets women’s equal expectations of the watch’s moving beauty and extraordinary mechanical movement.
Super Speed ​​Omega Coaxial Chronograph 18K Orange Gold Watch
More than half a century ago, the Omega Speedmaster was born with glory, defining the concept of a classic chronograph. The Speedmaster is not only solid and durable, but also has a timeless classic design style. Not only that, it also became the first wristwatch worn on the surface of the moon in July 1969, and therefore has a well-known nickname-the moon watch.
圣诞节 Christmas 2011, Omega Honor presents an innovative member of the Speedmaster family of watches-Speedmaster Omega coaxial chronographs equipped with the Omega 9301 coaxial movement. Despite having some of the same core elements as earlier Speedmaster professional models, such as the black dial, moonwatch-style hands, and the well-known black speedometer on the bezel, the Speedmaster Omega Co-Axial Chronograph also has some unique features It is bound to attract a wider range of people to pay attention to this world’s most popular chronograph.
18K Orange Gold Extraordinary Material
超 The 44.25 mm case of this Speedmaster Omega coaxial chronograph is made of 18K orange gold, and the striking black ceramic bezel has a contrasting silver-gray tachymeter scale. In this watch, Omega introduces a striking new 18K orange gold material, whose elements make it unique in color and high hardness. Like all gold used in Omega products, orange gold is also 18K, which means that the gold content is 75%. At the same time, it has a high copper content (23.98%), so it shows a bright color. The remaining 1.02% is split in half by platinum and silver. Platinum strengthens its hardness and enhances the value of this precious metal alloy. Its antioxidant properties also ensure the persistent red color of orange gold.
Speedmaster Omega coaxial chronograph with black enamel dial, scales and hands are 18K orange gold material, with black leather strap.
米 Omega coaxial 9301 movement
Speedmaster Omega coaxial chronograph is equipped with Omega 9301 coaxial movement, its innovative coaxial escapement system and cardless balance spring make this chronograph reliable and outstanding, and can maintain accurate timekeeping after a long time.
The innovative vertical wheel chronograph function is reflected by the small chronograph dial at 3 o’clock, which has both 12-hour and 60-minute chronograph hands. This arrangement of hands is similar to the arrangement of the hour and minute hands on the main dial, which is consistent with people’s time reading habits. There is also a central chronograph hand and a small second hand on the small dial at 9 o’clock.
The two timing control buttons can perform their functions completely independently, which can avoid the risks to the timing system caused by improper operation.
Like other Omega coaxial movements produced by themselves, the 9300/9301 movement has the famous ‘Arabic Geneva Ripple’ decorative pattern.
硅 The movement is also equipped with a silicon spring. Silicon is a non-magnetic substance, so it is not affected by magnetic fields. This attribute, combined with the excellent elasticity coefficient of silicon material, enables the hairspring attached to the silicon material sheet to bring more accurate running time performance. The fatigue effect of silicon material is low, and the aging rate is slow. The perfect combination of coaxial technology and silicon hairspring brings extraordinary and reliable performance to the watch. Therefore, Omega provides a guarantee of up to 4 years for each coaxial watch equipped with silicon hairspring.
As a brand new member of the great Speedmaster family, Speedmaster Omega Co-Axial Chronographs are bound to be popular. Among Speedmaster enthusiasts, a considerable number of people not only favor the extraordinary tradition of iconic chronograph models, but also yearn for the world’s best mass-produced mechanical watch movement. The innovative connotation of the movement and the legendary name ‘Super Speed’, the Super Speed ​​Omega coaxial chronograph will surely cause a strong response in this group of followers.

Coat For A Good Life Without Worrying About The Best Choice Of Temperature And Grace

Not long ago, ‘Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald’s Best’ was released, which once again satisfied the imagination of the ‘Magic World’ of the magic world. The first film ends in JK Rowling’s story. Dumbledore and Grindelwald were close friends and irreplaceable soul mates when they were young, but their different pursuits eventually made them opposites. After Newt revealed the true nature of the black wizard Grindelwald, Grindelwald tried to overthrow the entire wizarding world. Dumbledore and Newt joined forces to deal with Grindelwald, preventing the silent one from entering the dark camp. Contradictory relationships make this confrontation more complicated and entangled with the division and turmoil of the magic world. The choice of family and friendship is unfolded. The film reveals the huge amount of information buried in the Harry Potter series.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Poster

   However, at first I saw that the movie posters attracted me most not by the coats on them. The coats in ‘Fantastic Animals 2’ can be said to be quite special. Different characters match different styles of coats, character and story background To be demonstrated.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Poster
   This picture seems to be better named ‘Where to buy stylish coats’, because each coat inside is too windy, it can be said that the models are all necessary for concave shapes.

   The coat is standard for the male goddess in winter. The delicate woolen texture and the simple and smooth cut show the extraordinary elegance of the man. Whether it is stacked or worn inside, it is more flexible and temperature-saving than the bloated down jacket. It can be transformed into a Korean actor in minutes. However, the coat is exquisitely matched, and different styles of coats have different inner fits, which will produce different effects. The red vest in the shirt is the same as the flower Qiuyi in the coat. So how to match it looks good, today I recommend several matching methods for everyone.

‘Ghost’ stills

Coat with scarf by nature CP

   Scarves and coats are good CPs by nature, and they are an essential decoration in winter. The cashmere scarf has a soft texture, excellent comfort and feel, and is both warm and rich in shape and adds layering. Black scarves are the most versatile. Coats with all colors will not go wrong. Buying black scarves is the most secure. But if you think black is too monotonous, gray and camel are also good choices. Gray is relatively soft and camel is stable and restrained. The two colors of scarf are elegant and restrained.

The same color or near-color scarf and coat

Camel’s casual softness makes it easier to highlight elegance

   If you want to match it properly, these points may help you: 1. The same color or near-color scarf and coat match better, that is, dark coat with dark scarf, light coat with light scarf. For example, a dark blue coat with an indigo scarf and a camel coat with a beige scarf. 2. Plaid scarves are classic, and the thick and thin plaids often make people shine, such as the classic Burberry scarf. 3. Bright scarves are also good choices, such as ginger, sapphire, and green. Bright scarves can help you break the dullness of winter, and the dynamism brought by colors is more vibrant and vibrant.

   This kind of lilac scarf is more difficult to control. Men with white complexion and a certain ability to match can not look ‘mother’. Therefore, this type of scarf is not recommended as a daily match choice.
   A classic watch like a scarf is a versatile accessory. It is very suitable for daily wear or for important occasions. I do n’t know how to choose the classic model.
Recommended match:

Certina diving element series C036.407.16.050.00

Coat and suit stack elegant and warm

   The combination of a suit and a coat is quite elegant. If you are a daily formal office worker or business party, do n’t miss this suit + coat stacking method. The coat is relatively formal, and the cut is smooth and straight. It looks very straight. Full of energy and spirit, it is the gentleman’s choice in winter.

   Tailored suits and long coats can give people a sense of solemnity and help to enhance their personal atmosphere. In choosing, pay attention to the color mix and the texture of the fabric. Neutral black and white gray is the least prone to errors and is also the choice of most people in winter. Khaki and dark blue can also be matched with good results. It should be noted that the color matching must be coordinated. The excessively exaggerated color contrast and contrasting color effect require higher personal matching ability, not daily enough, and it is not suitable for the combination of a suit and a coat.

    Suits and dresses are most suitable for formal watches. A fine leather watch with a simple and smart suit is the standard for professionals. If you are not careful, you can wear the effect of a domineering president.
Recommended match:

IWC Portofino IW516406

Coat with hoodie for winter vitality

   If you think the coat is easy to look rigid and serious, it may be a good choice with a hooded sweater. The hooded sweater as a must-have item in the closet is very versatile and relatively casual. The embellishment of the sweater breaks the dull feeling of winter and makes the whole person appear more lively and casual. With sports shoes, it can also neutralize the old-fashioned and rigid feeling of the coat. Choose a solid color as much as possible when choosing a sweater. If there are too many sweaters, it can easily become messy. You can choose a color that matches the color of the coat. It will be relatively harmonious. Choose these two colors.

Coat with sweater casual casual

   Coat + hoodie with sports watch is definitely a touch of color on the wrist in winter. Sports watch is powerful in appearance, fashionable and practical. It is a good choice to choose a sports watch to decorate winter clothes.
Recommended match:

Patek Philippe AQUANAUT Series 5968A-001
Horn coat buckle out of college fan

   The horn buckle coat used to be a quarterpiece during the war. Like many munitions items such as watches, it became popular after the war. It gradually became a representative of the British style with shirts and sweaters. Today, the horn buckle coat is still leading With fashion trends.

   It is recommended to choose a simple and elegant watch with a horn buckle coat and a watch. These watches match the animated style of the college style book. They are low-key and clean, but they can show personal taste.
Recommended match:

   It is absolutely essential to wear warm and elegant coats on cold winter days. Choosing a coat with a good texture and not too exaggerated can ensure that you can worry and save money for several winters. (Picture / text watch home Joshua)

Arcadia Launches Vintage 22 Watch-news Arcadia

With a firm desire to continue the famous Fleurier Watch C ° watchmaking heritage, Claude Sanz is proud to announce Arcadia Vintage 22: a boutique watch that pursues excellence and tradition, It is worth collecting by connoisseurs and collectors.

Like AC01, the first model in Arcadia’s history, the Arcadia Vintage 22 relaunched in 2010 reflects the desire to retain the brand’s mechanical and aesthetic DNA. At the heart of the watch is a historic Valjoux 22 movement with components made by Fleurier Watch C ° in the 1930s, reproduced in a perfectly preserved state.
The Arcadia watch factory has gathered all their expertise and skills to assemble this watch’s magic movement to maintain its Swiss-made traditional values ​​and attitudes. Its sapphire crystal back with the original maker’s name is a tribute to the beauty and precision of this bold achievement.

Arcadia Vintage 22 also shows aesthetic continuity. The watch’s sleek, sporty appearance highlights the original functions of the watch (chronograph, tachymeter and rangefinder), bevelled edges and Côtes de Genève’s Geneva wave decoration, transcending the heritage of Fleurier Watch C ° And it did not distort it in any way.
The completely waterproof 43 mm diameter case reinterprets the traditional Arcadia look in a modern way. The contrast between black and white on the modern dial ensures legibility. The streamlined blue hands guarantee the Arcadia pedigree of this watch, although it certainly looks like a 21st century feel.
The removable crown and removable lugs perfectly match the original corner buttons, giving the watch a retro feel, reflecting the perfect combination of tradition and development.

Limited to 35 pieces.
Source: Arcadia