Reviewing 2017, Belongs To Aimi Long’s Moment Of Beauty

In the past 2017, Amy Long has successively launched new models that are loved by watch lovers. Let’s take a look now, what are the exciting new products in the second half of 2017 …

Challenger Series Bingfeng-July Listing

   The new design of the Challenger series Bingfeng is simpler than before. The blue dial with luminous scale is beautiful and elegant. On the basis of simplifying the dial, more attention is paid to the grasp of details. The complex sword-shaped hands decorated with three different processes (fine dots, polishing, and luminous coating) reflect the unique masculine and perseverance of the Challenger series. The sharpness and rigidity of the mountains and rocks are well demonstrated through the triangular pattern on the inner circle and the stereo effect on the dial. Bingfeng’s new style shows the charm of casual sports watches through simpler dials and finer details.

Yuan series male-July, female models-September

   In 2017, Amyron sponsored the 45th Swiss Prix de Lausanne Ballet and presented female winners of the competition’s LaurenHunter series as congratulations. From then on, Amyron became inextricable with ballet. edge. This fate inspired the designer of Amy Long, who designed a new series of fate.

   Amy Long’s designer cleverly displayed ‘Fate’ on the dial in a new way. The dial is delicate white, and the central radioactive sun pattern is surrounded by slender Roman numerals. The design of the window opening of the calendar is like the drops of water falling on the calm water surface, which stirred the ripples of ‘Fate’.

   Following the launch of the new men’s watch in the Yuan series and its wide acclaim, Aimi Long launched another powerful new product-the women’s watch in the Yuan series. Continuing the simple and pure appearance and versatile style of the Amy Long Yuan series, the new women’s watch of the Amy Long Yuan series is paired with the men’s watch to form a Yuan series pair watch, expressing a beautiful meaning: all encounters are fate, everything The hand in hand has its origins.

Jingya series ballet-listed in July
   Ballet, as a European classical dance, has its own noble temperament, creative and delicate performance, which is amazing. The ballet dancer’s demand for each action and the watchmaker’s refinement of watchmaking skills, as well as the pursuit of the ultimate aesthetic expression, can make us feel that the spiritual world of ballet and watchmaking is actually interlinked.

   Ballet’s new dial is inspired by flying ballet skirts, and the wave pattern shows the elegance and dynamics of the jump. At 3/6/9/12, the dial is each set with a natural diamond, just like a halo projected from a spotlight on the skirt.
   The new FairLadyBallet is divided into two sizes, in addition to the elegant steel strap watch with a size of 29mm; it also provides a small 22mm delicate pendant watch that hangs on the neck like a pearl pendant, breaking the traditional only The decoration on the wrist is refreshing.

Jingya series ballet mechanical women’s watch listed in November

   Women’s love of mechanical watches is no less than that of men. The Emilion brand has launched ballet mechanical watches for women who love mechanical watches. The two new ballet products use the same wavy dial surface, but the mechanical model has a different ingenuity in the choice of shell type: the ballet watch adopts the classic elegant shell type watch, visually fuller, more moist and elegant.
   Emilion insists on exploring the combination of watchmaking technology and the aesthetics of watches, innovating new ideas, and is committed to bringing high-quality watches to watch lovers. In addition to these new products that have already been on the market, in 2018, Amy Long is about to launch more new products. Let’s sell them here ~ let us wait and see.

Bvlgari Selected Works Bvlgari Happy National Day Holiday

As the National Day comes, the joyful atmosphere in the air is getting hotter. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the National Day, BVLGARI has selected a selection of masterpieces to convey the joy and sincere wishes of Italian style, while accompany you to spend gorgeous and wanton moments.

   Bvlgari Divas’Dream jewellery exudes elegance and charm, reflecting the popularity of women today. Like the Bvlgari brand itself, they have an attitude to live a gorgeous life, and release other styles to the fullest. The new Divas’Dream series necklaces and earrings are set with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and bright diamonds, showing elegance. Wherever the holiday goes, the eyes of the crowd will focus on the wearer’s irresistible Zoran style, becoming a beautiful scenery.

Bvlgari Divas’Dream Jewelry
   The avant-garde and Bvzero B.zero1 series with a rock and elegant style, the fusion of traditional and modern materials, together create a unique style of Italian innovation and bold exploration. The classic double logo enriches the styling design of the B.zero1 series bracelet. The bracelet body is light and fits the wrist very well, making stacking easier. B.zero1 series necklace, 18K rose gold decorated with black or white ceramics, interpretation of elegant charm. The B.zero1 series upholds the joy of Rome and enjoys the holidays.

Bvlgari B.zero1 jewelry
   The Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori watch creates a colorful world of women’s lives, defining the unique personality of women and the powerful aura they emit. The dial is shaped like a drop-shaped snake head, and the case is thin and decorated with convex egg-faced cut gemstones, dedicated to the timeless DNA of the Italian jewelry family. The bracelet draws on Serpenti’s snake scale shape. The hexagonal chain link is flexible and flexible, with unique style. Including 18K rose gold, white 18K gold, 18K gold, stainless steel and other materials to choose from, suitable for women to wear in multiple holiday scenes, highlighting their highlight moments in life.

Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori Watch
   With both functionality and gorgeous style, the Bulgari Serpenti Forever Cabochon series soft lambskin bag uses the Materas pattern process to create a unique three-dimensional effect, full of three-dimensional effect. Cloud-like touch, every inch of soft leather touched is like a natural elegance. Unbelievably soft leather and pure and flawless colors touch the heart and restore the heart. In this holiday, you are free of tradition, release your heart and express yourself.

Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Cabochon Bag
   The 70th anniversary has precipitated, and the 70th anniversary of the vicissitudes of change has made China today a scene of prosperity. At this grand and beautiful moment, Bulgari upholds Italian pleasure, with sincere blessings and praises for 70 years.
   Bvlgari selects National Day holiday works
   Bvlgari Divas’Dream Jewelry

Price: RMB262,000 / 286,000 / 196,500 / 160,500 / 65,300
Bvlgari Divas’Dream necklace

Price: RMB182,000 / 207,000 / 165,500 / 84,200 / 80,100
Bvlgari Divas’Dream Earrings

Price: RMB80,100 / 144,500
Bvlgari Divas’Dream bracelet

   Bvlgari B.zero1 jewelry

Price: RMB35,200 / 32,000 / 34,000 / 37,700
Bvlgari B.zero1 bracelet

Price: RMB23,900 / 23,900
Bvlgari B.zero1 necklace
   Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori Watch

Price: RMB198,000 / 83,000 / 34,600
Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori Watch
   Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Cabochon Bag

Price: RMB28,500 / 20,900 / 20,900
21,900 / 21,900 / 24,600
Bvlgari Serpenti Cabochon bags

How Many Pieces Do You Think Can Be Produced In A Watch?

Have you ever bought a limited edition watch? Do you think the value of the limited watch is not worth buying? With the development of the Internet era, the watch retail industry has undergone tremendous changes in the past two decades. The rise of new media + e-commerce has enabled consumers to obtain the latest watch information and purchase the latest watches without leaving home. product. This change in business environment is more conducive for watchmakers to promote limited edition watches. Therefore, ‘limitation’ seems to have become a trend. Once upon a time, the limited watch was synonymous with ‘rare goods’. But since the 1990s, the situation has gradually changed, and the number of limited editions of many brands is increasing. The motivation for the brand department to do this is very simple. It is only necessary to add a ‘limited’ label to the watch to logically sell a higher price and obtain a higher profit. Why not? The easiest way to make a limited watch is to change the color or layout of the dial. For example, Omega has produced a limited edition seahorse with a red dial for the Japanese market. At that time, the dials of the hippocampus were generally white or blue, which made this red disk’s appearance quite outstanding. Coincidentally, Cartier also had similar styles. At the beginning of this century, Cartier produced three limited edition Santos, all of which are steel, but the color of the dial has changed a bit (ice blue, pink orange, gray). Each color is limited to 2,000 pieces, and it sold quite well. Not bad. On the one hand, because of the limited gimmicks, and on the other hand, because Cartier’s colors are beautiful enough (the jeweler’s talent). However, this simple and rude method is easy to get tired of playing too much, especially now that with the development of the information age, customers’ tastes have been cultivated more and more ‘trick’. If the brand does not play something more interesting, it is very Easy to be abandoned by the market. Moreover, it seems that until now, there are not many colors available to everyone. Therefore, the brands began to cross the sea with eight immortals, showed their magical powers, and moved their minds in other parts, including but not limited to: pointer, case back, strap … Slightly changing these parts can be distinguished from the ordinary version. This makes the limited watch more beautiful and interesting than ever, but on the other hand, it also greatly increases its number. After all, as long as there is room for design, the brand will not worry about finding no reason to limit it. There are a variety of reasons for this, such as co-branding with a certain brand or artist; cooperating with a new spokesperson; sponsoring an event or competition; celebrating important festivals … all are good reasons for the limit. The best example is the latest limited edition watches of the Year of the Pig, ranging from Vacheron Constantin to Swatch, all borrowing this limited edition of China’s most important festival. Obviously, in this way, the current limited editions have a tendency to flood. The meaning of the limit was that ‘things are rare and precious’, but now this meaning seems to be being lost. For example, Omega produced a limited edition of the 007 hippocampus a few years ago. However, it is called a limited edition, but the actual volume is quite large. A total of 11,007 pieces have been sold, which is equivalent to general merchandise. This approach is a benefit for watch fans who really love watches or like 007, at least without grabbing or raising prices. In terms of design, I personally think that the limited edition watches made by several brands such as Hublot are more promising (aside from cost performance and movement, etc.). For example, in the past few years, its joint limited edition watch with the best non-antique cigar-Arturo Fuente’s great works series of cigars, has a tobacco leaf pattern engraved on the case, and a large number of cigar elements are also used on the dial. The South American flavor is very Rich. Another example is the limited-edition watch that it produced in collaboration with Max Tucci, the founder of London tattoos studio Sang Bleu. Generally, this limited-edition watch is considered to be nothing more than drawing tattoos on the dial. Don’t do it this way, but take a different approach, use the disk surface instead of the pointer to indicate the time, and incorporate Butch’s tattoo pattern into it, the visual effect is more eye-catching. Designs like this often bring the value of the limited watch to a new level. However, it should be noted that some brands have another way of playing, which is to sell general merchandise as a limited edition. Yes, I am talking about Rolex. I think Law is the brand that makes this trick the best. Personally, in view of the current industrial production capacity, if the horsepower is fully used to make the table, the annual volume will definitely be more than that (see the omega next door). Now many popular models are out of stock everywhere, and general goods have actually become limited tables-why this phenomenon is worth thinking about. Of course, this is just one of my words. As a non-listed company, Rolex does not disclose production data every year, and everyone can only guess. Today, limited edition watches have become an indispensable and important part of the watch industry. We do not know how it will develop in the future. But one thing is for sure, those works with insincerity will be eliminated by the market after all, and only genuine production can survive. Have you ever chased a limited edition? Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch