2018 Geneva Watch Fair, Richard Mille Puts Out Another ‘big Move’

It is not too late to get to the topic. Two days ago, a big brother said, ‘RICHARD MILLE has watched too much, and doesn’t feel much.’ Think of big brothers buying RICHARD MILLE to buy soft hands, playing to the extent that they do not want to play. Looking at my wallet again, I instantly felt that they are ‘two shoulders and one head’. When can we play RICHARD MILLE … To be honest, many big brothers around me wear RICHARD MILLE, often in the circle of friends Poisoning others, my preferences have changed. I used to like some traditional watches, now think about it, if you have 1.8 million, you will definitely join Rich Mille. Why? Because I just want to wear a super-luxury sports watch, the key is durability.

RICHARD MILLERM53-01 Tourbillon
Besides RICHARD MILLE, I can’t think of any other super-luxury watches that can be made.

   After buying and buying, I finally found that the sports watch is still my true love. General sports watches, the public price is mainly in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. And then the watches that cost more, mostly rely on complex functions, manual craftsmanship, and jewelry to increase the price. Really millions of watches, most of them are big complicated watches.
   However, this raises a problem. Everybody wants ultra-luxury watches that can only be worn by ‘out of the car’, ‘punch’ and ‘play’, but everyone also knows that all kinds of complicated watches are not people wearing ‘Go out and play’. Talk about a usual situation. I bought a super-thin watch from a mainstream brand before, and because I got it fresh and happy, I wore it out for two days on the weekend, and then I found that the watch was fast and slow and unstable. Whether it is an ultra-thin watch or a complex watch, it is definitely intolerable, and some watches are really not suitable for daily wear. Among the millions of watches, RICHARD MILLE is the only ultra-luxury sports watch, no other watch of its kind. I now find that RICHARD MILLE has two characteristics for making watches. The first is that it does not count the cost of work and the second is durability.

RICHARD MILLE RM53-01 Tourbillon
The more complex a RICHARD MILLE watch is, the more ‘resistant’ it is.

   I have found that RICHARD MILLE’s watches are different from others. Others’ complicated watches are thinking about how to add more functions. The more functions, the better. It’s okay. So based on this number, RICHARD MILLE has produced a series of tourbillons that can be worn for tennis and golf. This year, RICHARD MILLE felt that these were not enough ‘stimulation’, and began to put out ‘big tricks’ to produce a tourbillon that was more durable.
   The latest tourbillon of RM53-01 is required to be worn when playing ‘Polo’. We can both contact and understand tennis and golf. Polo is actually more ‘stimulating’. Riding and swinging, I saw foreign polo interviews that fractures and injuries are common. The requirement of this RM53-01 is so high-risk, the watch cannot be broken.

RICHARD MILLE RM53-01 Tourbillon
So RICHARD MILLE used 3 ‘tricks’ on RM53-01.

   The first is a double-layer mirror. To put it plainly, the mirror used on the RM53-01 is similar to the front glass of our car, which is double-glazed (laminated glass). Everyone knows that the car glass is very strong, and it is not easy to smash, even if it is broken, it is not easy to break. The same is true for the glass of RM53-01. It uses two layers of sapphire glass with a polyethylene film in the middle. In this way, the glass of the watch is not easy to break, even if broken, it is not broken like the car glass.
   The second is a carbon fiber case. The case of the RM53-01 is made of TPT carbon fiber. This carbon fiber case is very sturdy and will not be broken, which is a material recognized worldwide. As an added bonus, brothers all know that carbon fiber will have a pattern on it, so it is very beautiful.
   The third is a steel cable movement. Everyone knows the wire rope movement. It is RICHARD MILLE’s signature technology and has become the symbol of RICHARD MILLE. The wire rope movement is divided into two parts, the outer wire is the wire rope and the pulley, and the inside is the ‘hanging’ tourbillon movement. After the 0.27 mm steel cable is tensioned, the force is evenly distributed by 10 pulleys in the movement, and the watch movement is not afraid to hit. Even the tourbillon is fine.

RICHARD MILLE RM53-01 tourbillon steel movement.
   Through these 3 RICHARD MILLE technologies, the new RM53-01 should be the strongest watch in RICHARD MILLE I know, and it should also be the most durable and complex watch in the world. Putting millions on your hands, getting on the track, getting on horseback, and having a high degree of recognition, this is called a super luxury sports watch. RICHARD MILLE is the only choice for your brothers and brothers, because apart from RICHARD MILLE, there are no artificial watches like this in the world.