Hermes Launches New Pendentif Boule Decorative Watch

We can always find surprises in Hermes’ eclectic design, which not only represents the brand’s spirit of unlimited creativity, but also interprets the indestructible and solid position of a fashion brand in the traditional watchmaking industry. . According to the watch house, Hermes has recently released a special pendant model-Pendentif Boule.

    This pendant decorative watch is enough to attract attention from the appearance. The first is an extremely luxurious appearance. It uses more than 480 diamonds as decoration. The intensive inlaying process makes the entire watch look gorgeous. The same goes for the design of the crown. The domed protective case is made of selected leather.

 The dial uses a natural white mother-of-pearl dial, and the delicate and round hour scale is also presented in diamond material. At present, this decorative watch pendant is also made of white gold, and the color of the leather protective layer can provide a variety of options.

 The watch is 21.6 mm in diameter and is equipped with a quartz movement. The current price is set at 55’000 Swiss francs.

Vacheron Constantin Launches 10 New Harmony Watches Series

Vacheron Constantin announced the launch of 10 new Harmony watches, these watches will be officially released at SIHH 2017. Most of the 10 watches are based on existing models (such as changing the case material and scale color), but there is also a brand-new work-Harmony and rhyme pink gold full calendar watch (New movement and features).
Harmony pink gold full calendar watch

Harmony rhyme pink gold full calendar watch

   The new Harmony and Yun series full calendar watch (Ref. 4000S / 000R-B123) is equipped with a new movement, introducing new complications into this series. The case is made of 18K 5N pink gold and measures 40mm x 49.3mm x 11mm. The milky dial is decorated with anthracite numerals. Equipped with the new Caliber 2460 QH self-winding movement, measuring 29mm x 5.4mm, it can provide a power reserve of 40 hours, with a central hour, minute and second hand display. The dial’s outer ring is decorated with date scales, indicated by a crescent-shaped pointed hand; the week and month display window is located below the 12 o’clock position; and the moon phase profit and loss and the moon age display function are provided above the 6 o’clock position (the error is only one day every 122 years ). The price is RMB 305,000.
Harmony rhyme pink gold tourbillon chronograph

Harmony rhyme pink gold tourbillon chronograph

   Previously, Vacheron Constantin launched the Harmony He Yun series platinum tourbillon chronograph; now, the brand has released the Harmony He Yun series pink gold tourbillon chronograph (Ref. 5100S-000R-B125). The former is equipped with a dark blue strap for a more plain appearance; the new pink gold model is warmer and more intimate. Equipped with the same Caliber 3200/260 manual winding single-button chronograph tourbillon movement (size: 32.8mm x 6.7mm), the frequency is 18,000 times / hour (2.5Hz). Case dimensions 42mm x 52mm x 12.81mm. The price is RMB 1,820,000.
Harmony rhyme pink gold chronograph

Harmony rhyme pink gold chronograph

   The original Harmony and Rhyme series single-button chronograph differs from the new one (Ref. 5300S-000R-B124) in the dial and hands. The original model is equipped with blue central seconds, minute chronograph and Arabic numerals; the new model is anthracite, slightly traditional, but may be more conservative than the pulse meter scale, after all, the pulse meter scale was originally a professional instrument. The price is RMB 488,000.
Harmony chronograph pink gold small model

Harmony Chrono Small Chronograph Watch without Diamonds (Ref. 5000S-000R-B139)

Harmony Chrono Small Chronograph Watch with Diamonds (Ref. 5005S-000R-B139)

   At SIHH 2015, Vacheron Constantin launched the original Harmony Chrono small model for the first time. The watch case is crafted in pink gold with a diamond-set bezel, blue digital hour markers and chronograph hands. Today, Vacheron Constantin releases the new Harmony chronograph small model watch, which replaces the blue decoration with anthracite color, and has a more traditional and rigorous appearance. The case measures 37mm x 46.6mm x 11.74mm and features the beloved Caliber 1142 manual winding movement (also used in the Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 chronograph). The new Harmony and Yun series small chronograph watches are available in both diamond (Ref. 5005S-000R-B139) and diamond-free (Ref. 5000S-000R-B139) versions. The price is RMB 403,000.
Harmony time series

Harmony and Rhyme Series Time Watch 18K 5N Pink Gold (Ref. 7810S / 000R-B141)

Harmony and Rhyme Series Time Watch 18K White Gold (Ref. 7810S / 000G-B142)

Harmony and Rhyme series small time watch 18K 5N pink gold without diamonds (Ref. 7800S / 000R-B140)

Harmony and rhyme series small time model 18K 5N pink gold diamond model (Ref. 7805S / 000R-B140)

Harmony and Rhyme series small time watch in 18K white gold (Ref. 7805S / 000G-B155)

   When the Harmony and Rhyme series timepieces were first released, Vacheron Constantin launched two versions of 18K white gold and 18K 5N pink gold, both equipped with blue digital hour markers, second time zone display and 24-hour hands. The new watches are decorated in anthracite color and are divided into two Harmony and Yun series time watches (case size 40 mm x 49.3 mm x 11.43 mm), priced at RMB 284,000; two Harmony and Yun series Time small model with diamonds (case size 37.46 mm x 11.18 mm x 11.18 mm), set with 88 round-cut diamonds, priced at RMB 328,000; and a small time watch from Harmony and Yun series ( Without diamonds), the price is RMB 270,000.
   All new Harmony and Rhyme watches are certified by the Geneva Seal.