The Stars Wear Montblanc Watches And Jewelry At The 74th Venice International Film Festival

(August 30, 2017, Venice, Italy) As the oldest film festival in the world, the Venice International Film Festival is known for its artistry and is known as the ‘Father of the International Film Festival’. Together with the Cannes International Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival, it is known as the ‘Three International Film Festivals in Europe’ and has cultivated countless talents in the film industry. A few days ago, the 74th Venice International Film Festival opened. Stars gathered on the red carpet of the opening ceremony. Many stars wore Montblanc watches and jewellery to attend the event, adding even more starlight to this film event.
   Paul Schrader, the highly respected director of the United States, has made a name for himself with his screenwriter classic, Taxi Driver. He directed a wide variety of films, with unique insights and direct hits, and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Writers Association. Now, after two years of silence, Schneider brings the recently-seen thriller ‘First Reorganization’ to this Venice International Film Festival and nominates the Golden Lion Award for the main competition unit. At the opening ceremony, he appeared in a black striped suit with the creator, wearing a Montblanc Heritage Collection automatic calendar watch on his wrist, demonstrating the charm of simple and mature men. The gold-plated toffee-like hands in the center of the watch dial are finely polished, demonstrating Schneider’s elegant and calm style.

Picture 1: Paul Schneider at the 74th Venice International Film Festival wearing a Montblanc Heritage Collection calendar automatic watch
Picture 2: Montblanc Heritage Collection Automatic Calendar Watch
   Guillermo del Toro, a well-known Mexican film director, screenwriter and producer, has won the attention and love of fans around the world with his science-fiction movie Pacific Rim and the vampire-themed TV series Blood. At the Venice International Film Festival, Toro brought his director-directed work Water Story to a strong nomination for the Golden Lion Award for the main competition. On the red carpet at the opening ceremony, Toro was wearing a black suit, and his wrist was decorated with Montblanc 4810 series automatic chronograph. He smiled and was infectious. This chronograph is elegant and modern. The black guilloché dial echoes the overall shape, adding a calm atmosphere to Toro.

Picture 1: Gilmore Del Toro wearing Montblanc 4810 series automatic chronograph at the 74th Venice International Film Festival
Figure 2: Montblanc 4810 series automatic chronograph
   The famous actress and model Leonor Varela has won the industry’s affirmation and countless fans with her proficient acting skills in film and television dramas such as ‘Cleopatra’ and ‘Innocent 11 Years Old’. At the opening ceremony of the day and at the premiere of the film ‘Abduction’, Vieira wore a pair of black pants and a black jacket. She was graced by Montblanc Monaco’s Princess Grace series of magnificent jewelry and rose petals. It is soft and beautiful. Brilliant diamonds are set in the petal shape of the jewelry, which sets off Vieira’s distinctive elegance.

Picture 1: Leon Vieira wears Montblanc Monaco Princess Grace series magnificent jewelry rose petal series earrings and rings at the 74th Venice International Film Festival
Picture 2: Montblanc Monaco Grace Princess Collection Rose Jewelry Earrings and Rings

Hubo And Jingate Art Exhibition Beijing Art Fair ‘hubo Love Art’ Exhibition Debuts In Beijing

On May 30, 2019, JINGATE Beijing Art Fair officially opened at the Beijing Exhibition Hall, and the exhibition will last for 4 days. As a partner of JINGATE Art Beijing, well-known Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT presents the Hublot Love Art exhibition, bringing together masterpieces from Hublot’s co-operative artists and Hublot’s masterpieces, art and watches here. blend.

On-site watch display

  Hublot has always been based on modern art, adhering to the ‘art of fusion’, this time it is the second time to cooperate with JINGATE Art Beijing. In addition, the brand also strongly supports a number of art events, such as the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair for three consecutive years and AAC Art China Peak Night Annual Impact Selection, ARTCHENGDU International Contemporary Art Fair, etc. Hublot and Art They share a common spirit, pursuing the collision of innovation and vision.


  In the ‘Hublot Love Art’ exhibition in the Beijing Art Gallery, the Hublot watch and the BIGBANGSANGBLEU tattoo watch from SangBleu Studio collaborated with Maxime Plescia-Buchi. . Maxime Plescia-Buchi was very creative in the creation of geometric patterns, creating a unique style. The biggest feature of this watch is the dial, which is composed of three octagonal gold-plated discs of different sizes, incorporating geometric figures into the watch.

2019 Lang Lang’s new album “ Piano Book ”

HUBLOT Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra-thin Ceramic Watch Lang Lang Special Edition
  2019 Lang Lang’s new album ‘Piano Book’ shows Lang Lang’s music creation process, letting us feel the passion and constant innovation enthusiasm in the process of artistic creation.

Hublot BigBang ‘One Touch’ Mark Ferrero Watch

  The BigBang ‘one-click’ Mark Ferrero watch, which is a collaboration between Hublot and French contemporary artist Mark Ferrero, is also full of art. Speaking of Mark Ferrero, he is one of the few artists who insists on exploring new styles of painting. In his classic painting ‘Lipstick’, the mysterious charm of women leaps on the paper. Lipsticks show charming female characteristics. Hublot transforms this classic painting into a watch face with avant-garde style.

Ms. Ying Qinglan, founder of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair
  Ms. Ying Qinglan, the founder of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair was invited on the site. JINGATE Beijing is the first team of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair. Ms. Ying Qinglan shared the journey of hosting JINGATE Art Beijing and her cooperation with Hublot, both of which have benefited a lot.

  Ms. Ying Qinglan said: ‘The addition of Hublot has increased the outer edge of art. Nowadays, life and art are closely related, and watch production is also part of art. The cooperation between Hublot and JINGATE Art Gallery Beijing can open up the art dimension And outer edges, so that more people pay attention to art, while art can also provide inspiration for watches. ‘

One day by artist Zhao Yao

Mr. Zhao Yao

  Artist Zhao Yao also came to the scene. He grafted his installation work ‘One Day’ on time on a cow sculpture to realize the second creation of art. He shared with us in detail his understanding of time and the creative process of his work ‘One Day’, which aroused people’s thinking.

Summary: Hublot and the fine works of art have established a deep bridge, and with its unique artistic concept, it constantly subverts the tradition and interprets the exploration of art with the fine works of the wrist.