Wearing A Higher Profile With A Snake Pattern Serpentine Element Watch Goes Popular

Serpentine elements have always been the enduring darlings of the fashion industry. In the Year of the Snake in China, major watch manufacturers have also applied serpentine elements to their watches, making small watches between inches Looks more eye-catching. Today, I will take stock of the popular snake-print watches for you.
High-profile snake pattern
 Dare to drag the whole snake pattern or snake skin to your wrist? This is not for everyone to have the aura to suppress. This year, some brands have arrogantly compared their watches to fashion and created them with snake-like patterns. They are gorgeous, showy, and aggressive. How to wear them? How to match? Do n’t just use your watch as a timekeeping tool. Think about it.
Hublot Big Bang Python Rose Gold Watch

 Hublot’s enthusiasts naturally understand the domineering design of the brand. Who else dare to do the python pattern on the entire watch? The python pattern alone is not enough. The brand also uses rose gold to build the case, various gem-set bezels, rubber and PVD coatings are also participating, which is the brand’s Fusion concept.
Fiyta Clover Snake Limited Edition

 Clover represents true love, health, reputation and wealth. Fiyta’s Clover Watch this year not only decorates the dial with mother-of-pearl, zircon, light and shadow, but also uses snakeskin as the watch strap, which makes the original warmth Wan added a sexy and agile.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso ultra-thin women’s two-color flip watch

 In addition to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s famous flip watch, as always, it is equipped with gooseberry red, moss green or beige Valextra straps this spring, which can be wrapped around the wrist for two weeks, tender and enchanting.
Bvlgari Serpenti watch

 As the flagship model of the serpentine watch, every year Bulgari Serpenti brings us a strong visual impact with a completely different snake shape. In addition, there are also some female watches that deliberately stretch the strap, which not only has a water-like dynamics, but also creates a tangled and soft feeling between the wrists.
 Serpenti needn’t say much, it has almost become Bulgari’s iconic creation. Every year Serpenti brings us new feelings. Has this snake-shaped watch that combines enamel and jewelry inlays captured your heart? It is important to note that when wearing it, never put your whole hand inside, but start wrapping it around your wrist from the tail.
Vacheron Constantin Master of the Snake Year

 Masterpieces of watches always conquer viewers with lifelike shapes. The leaf pattern of the dial adopts a semi-embedded design, which is directly etched on the metal. Immediately after the large fire enamel is completed, the serpentine pattern is inlaid in the center of the dial. Only the scales on the body take at least 30 hours to create. And the watch opens 4 windows on the faceplate to display the hour, minute, day of the week and date, thanks to the excellent 2460 G4 movement.
Boucheron Serpentine Tourbillon

 In the Viper Tourbillon watch, Boucheron also suspected that the venom was not eye-catching enough. The venom was made of diamonds and emeralds, dripped naturally on the platinum chain, and two animals were captured, adding a lot to the watch. The watchmaker also placed the tourbillon at 7 o’clock and the dark green jadeite at 4 o’clock. The entire watch is powerful.
Piaget Altiplano Chinese Year of the Snake

 The earl’s snake gives a sense of serenity. It is drawn with filigree enamel and becomes the visual center on the wide dial of the Altiplano. The watch is equipped with a mechanical movement with a thickness of only 2.1 mm, which once again proves Piaget’s excellent enamel craftsmanship and watchmaking skills.
Jacques Dro Perpetual Calendar

 This perpetual calendar watch by Jacques Drouse uses snake-shaped hands to indicate the day, month and calendar on the enamel dial. In addition to distinguishing from the time indicator, it really does its best for the classic look of the dial.
 According to the ancient watchmaking tradition, in addition to the time hand, the rest of the hands on the dial are represented by blue steel snake hands to identify different indication functions. Now the snake-shaped hands are not only distinguished from the three needles already stored on the dial to add color to the design, but also used to indicate the calendar on the bezel. They are also designed to be used for function.
Blancpain Villeret series hidden calendar full moon phase watch
 Beloved of the low-key Blancpain, the all-calendar moon phase watch launched last year is not only easier to adjust, but also inherits the ancient watchmaking tradition of the 18th century in terms of date display, and uses a very classic blue on the dial. The steel snake-shaped hands match the brand’s inherent low-key gentleman temperament.
Chopard L.U.C XP Slim Year of the Snake

 The essence of Chopard’s Year of the Snake watch is the perfect fusion of traditional Japanese lacquer art and top Swiss watchmaking techniques. The blooming dials and coiled golden snakes create a playful and fresh temperament. The ultra-thin movement is equipped to make it light and fit without fear of daily wear.
 Enamel, gold carving, jewellery inlays … The master craftsmen of watch brands have perfectly combined watchmaking skills with other forms of art, and have a spirit snake with different attitudes and appearances on the dial and on the side of the case. Show that art is more accurate?