Meidu Belem Celli Watch For You To Count Those Elapsed Hours

In the summer afternoon, a lazy sunshine, quietly sprinkled the street corner, the branches floating in the breeze, and knew the singing, bringing a relaxed and happy mood. Busy office workers on weekdays also slow down, by the street, in the cafe, in the park, quietly enjoy this rare and pleasant time. The hour hand tick ticks slowly on your wrist, lingering in the ocean of time, from the Rennes Opera House in France to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Mido Watch is always with you, let time follow your heart in this pleasant time Here quietly began a journey of soul. Take a leisurely book, enjoy a cup of fragrant and fragrant tea, and enjoy a fresh and pleasant green plant. The Swiss Mido Watch will count those delicate and soft times for you, and accompany you to spend a leisurely and comfortable summer.

Light of Rennes Opera House

Mido Belem Celli Small Three-Hand Men’s Watch
 The cicadas in the summer should be accompanied by the French Rennes Opera House under the quiet night sky. This ancient theater with neoclassical shapes, harmonious lines and rounded curves has become a landmark in the history of human architecture. Mido designers perfectly restored the classic style with inspirational design. Adhering to the brand concept of “inspiration confirms eternity”, with its timeless design and extreme precision craftsmanship, the beauty is solidified on the flowing time.
 Swiss Mido Berencelli series small three-pin men’s watch, PVD rose gold-plated case with a diameter of 38 mm, and a silver dial with blue Roman scales, perfectly interpreting the retro and elegance of the Rennes Opera House, It feels like walking in the romantic and delicate summer time of France. The blue scale brings coolness to the hot summer days, and the unique sun light pattern in the center of the dial is like a melodious melody reverberating in the night sky. The small bezel at 6 o’clock is exquisite and chic, which perfectly matches the perfect arc of the golden case. PVD rose gold-plated diamond bevel-cut hands, quietly flow on the dial, leaving unlimited imagination and imagination. Double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror, 50 meters water resistance, bring you a solid companion to any environment. Through the transparent back, you can clearly see the automatic oscillating weight printed with the MIDO logo. With blue steel screws, the perfect movement of the movement is at a glance. This watch is equipped with a black leather strap, providing you with a sophisticated combination of work, entertainment and leisure in summer.

Mido Belem Celli Series Men’s Watch
Movement: ETA2825-2 mechanical movement, 11½’’’, diameter 26mm, thickness 6.60mm. Hours, minutes, seconds, date display. Tested for accuracy at three different positions with a power reserve of more than 38 hours
Case: 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold plating, case diameter 38mm, 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, transparent back cover with beautifully decorated movement, engraved serial number, 50 meters waterproof
Strap: Black calf leather strap with crocodile pattern and PVD rose gold folding buckle
Dial: The silver dial is decorated with sunray patterns in the center, blue Roman numerals, small seconds at 6 o’clock, and the date window at 3 o’clock
Hands: Diamond bevel cut and polished

Summer at Sydney Harbour Bridge

Mido Helmsman White Lady Diamond Watch
 In the summer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, accompanied by the humid airflow of the South Pacific, bathed in the glorious baptism of decades. This feat of the industrial revolution of the 1930s, its majestic cross-strait outlines a peak in the development of human science and technology, and completed a grand performance in which steel power paid tribute to art and aesthetics. The Swiss Mido Helmsman series, which came out almost at the same time as the Harbour Bridge, adhering to the essence of the Harbour Bridge design, has realized the meticulous craftsmanship and the ultimate pursuit of performance. The new helmsman series white ladies diamond watches return to the original design, with simple color matching and exquisite details, bring you a different kind of heart. The 11 natural diamond time scales are inlaid on the white mother-of-pearl dial, which is alive and well between hands and feet, and blooms the unique charm of women. The ingenious white bezel is engraved with the Mido brand logo, and it is integrated with the white rubber strap, which releases the exuberant movement in the simple and soft beauty. It is worth mentioning that the strap of this watch is made of high-quality rubber and feel It is delicate and can be cleaned with a simple treatment, eliminating many troubles in the hot summer. The satin-polished stainless steel PVD-plated white case with soft PVD rose gold crown and lugs brings a fresh and distinctive experience. Double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, Super-LumiNova® hands and scales are clearly visible even at night. The window design at the 3 o’clock position indicates the day and date attentively. The precision movement, adorned with blue steel screws and an automatic oscillating weight, is dazzled by the transparent caseback. The helmsman series’ new white ladies diamond watch has a smart design, with a cool and simple white, which brings you a refreshing and comfortable mood in summer leisure time.

Mido Helmsman White Lady Diamond Technical Information
Movement: ETA 2836-2 mechanical movement, 11½’’ ”, diameter 25.60mm, thickness 5.05mm, hour, minute and date display. Tested at three different locations to verify accuracy, over 38 hours of power reserve
Case: Mercerized polished 316L stainless steel PVD-plated white case, diameter 38mm, white rubber bezel with MIDO logo, 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, spiral crown, transparent back with beautifully decorated movement , Engraved serial number, 100 meters waterproof
Strap: white rubber strap with stainless steel rose gold-plated PVD folding clasp
Dial: White mother-of-pearl dial decorated with 11 natural diamonds for a total of 0.0506 carats. The scale is white Super-LumiNova®, the date window and day window are at 3 o’clock
Hands: White Super-LumiNova® hour and minute hands for easy night readings

Richard Miller 2015 Sihh Geneva International Haute Horlogerie New Products Summary

For hundreds of years, the glorious tradition of top watchmaking has made the public familiar with Swiss watchmaking. But Switzerland has another equally sophisticated, but little-known, traditional precision craftsmanship: drawing inspiration from nature’s life and developing similar mechanical devices. The exquisite artistic beauty and exquisite craftsmanship have reached the point where it can be confused.

Richard Miller RM 19-02 TOURBILLON FLEUR Flying Tourbillon Watch

This intent to hope to capture the essence of life through mechanical devices is in parallel with the philosophical exploration that hopes to infer or summarize the mysteries of the operation of nature. Kings and nobles of Europe and other countries around the world often take pleasure in this. The artisans are in favor of them, and they use precious metals and lacquerware to create a series of exquisite and charming micro-automatic devices. They are often shaped by animals, insects or flowers. .

The new RM19-02 watch regains the watchmaking traditions of the past and has given birth to Richard Mille’s modern watchmaking philosophy. This watch chose Magnolia as the design pattern because Magnolia is the only flower in the world that has survived for millions of years, and its history is even longer than that of bees. The opening and closing of Magnolia symbolizes the endless cycle and regeneration of endless life. The flowers are bright and clean, delicate and elegant, the structure is solid, and they have strong adaptability to harsh environments.

Magnolia flowers are designed at 7 o’clock, and 5 hand-carved and drawn petals hold a flying tourbillon in the flower core. Pressing the button at 9 o’clock, Magnolia blooms slowly or regularly as required, and then gently lifts it, opening and closing, as if elegant ballet is dancing and harmonious.

If you take a closer look, you will be able to appreciate Richard Mille’s exquisite skills. The artisans with ingenious interpretation of the charm of nature. When the flower is fully bloomed, the flying tourbillon in the center and the “inlaid flower” will also rise by 1mm at the same time, just as the flower blooms happily for pollination.

This complex mechanical device is made of grade 5 titanium alloy, located in the center of the tourbillon movement, 5 levers on the back of the petals, and a device equipped with a long gear shaft to support the flying tourbillon and flower core from the flowers. Up. Movement power is provided by a separate exclusive second barrel.

The exquisite attention to detail shows the brand’s superb craftsmanship in the art of watchmaking. In addition to the precise mechanical structure, the artistic beauty presented is unique in the world. Magnolia flowers are hand-carved by the famous sculptor Olivier Vaucher. The pure gold dial is more fresh and elegant. The pattern drawing and transfer that took hours to complete makes this garden made of pure gold and lacquer more gorgeous and vibrant.

The RM19-02 TourbillonFleur watch is limited to 30 pieces worldwide.

New real shot: 51-02 Tourbillon Diamond Watch

   This new high-quality jewellery tourbillon watch is inspired by the ubiquitous organic forms and spiral lines in nature, and uses agile curves to outline vitality.

At 6 o’clock, the tourbillon is decorated with 14 ornate arch lines, like a diamond waterfall flowing down. It is gorgeous and dazzling like snow, which is dazzling and brings endless reverie. The spiral design is like the stars of the vast galaxy, like the swirling vortex in the tide, or the spiral stripes from animals or marine plants.

The bottom plate of this manually wound tourbillon movement is made of all-black agate, a chalcedony stone containing silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is latent crystal quartz. Agate generally shows black and white stripes, commonly known as onyx, and all-onyx is extremely rare in nature.

The RM51-02 tourbillon watch continues the brand’s many technological innovations. Its movement has a variable inertia balance wheel and a PVD-treated grade 5 titanium alloy hollow bridge. The movement parts are hand-polished, with many chamfers and mirror finishes. This watch also has an additional safety device: a torque-limiting crown to prevent damage to the movement caused by excessive winding or excessive pressure on the barrel spring.

Each arch line is inlaid with a single row of diamonds, the case part is inlaid with white diamonds, and the curved curve is highlighted by black sapphires. This watch inherits Richard Mille’s meticulous attention to detail and its meticulous work attitude. The crown is set with three rows of diamonds, and the brilliance of this watch is set off by the sophisticated decoration of the crown.

The RM51-02 Tourbillon Diamond Watch is limited to 30 pieces worldwide.

New real shot: After receiving a lot of suggestions from customers, RichardMille interpreted the brand’s first gold bracelet for two ladies watches last year: RM07-01 and RM037. For RichardMille fans in the original leather , Silk satin, rubber and crocodile leather straps, based on a new choice.

In 2015, Richard Mille made persistent efforts to continue this gorgeous design concept. A new chain watch was launched, with a more delicate and delicate all-gold link in appearance.

Like all other handmade and delicately decorated parts, each link is carefully sandblasted, satin-finished and polished. The design of the watch is ergonomic and comfortable to wear, which has always been the focus and insistence of the brand. After countless ideas, rigorous development and various complex and rigorous tests, the brand finally created a bracelet that can be completely integrated with the case. Not only is it stylish and lightweight, but it also brings unparalleled comfort. It is a perfect fusion of design aesthetics and ergonomics.

At present, this bracelet is limited to the RM07-01 and RM037 models, which once again underscores the brand’s diverse and unique watchmaking concept for watches and accessories, and always insists on creating the most extraordinary and outstanding watches for guests.

New real shot: 20150122 / 29607.html

Athens ‘coming Out Of Art’ Tour Exhibition Venice Carnival Release Reception

Athens, Switzerland watch ‘Coming Out of the World’ Venice Carnival National Tour Exhibition Urumqi Station

 Swiss luxury watch Athens watch was held at the Urumqi Zunmao Yindu Hotel to launch the launching ceremony of the Venetian Carnival. Ms. Chai Schnyder, Chairman of the Board of Athens Watch of Switzerland, Mr. Yan Tingpeng, General Manager of Greater China, and Mr. Dong Mingliang, General Manager of China, attended the event, wishing the Swiss watch “Available in Art” to the Venice Carnival in China, Urumqi The station kicked off perfectly. Many watch lovers, media friends, and distinguished guests came to the scene to taste the essence of the top watch manufacturing of Athens Watch, and to enjoy the continuous enjoyment of audiovisual audio with continuous creativity.

 The launch of the Swiss watch in Athens. The Venetian Carnival question watch launch dinner.

 The top of the Swiss Athenian Group and the top of the Hengdeli Group Xinyu Xinjiang Century Watch celebrated the launch of the Urumqi stand exhibition tour (from left to the top of the Hengdeli Group Xinyu Xinjiang Century Watch Geng Erkang-Ms. Cai Aihua Schneider, Chairman of the Board of the Swiss Athens Watch) -Ms. Mei, general manager of Xinyu Xinjiang Century Watch of Hengdeli Group-Mr. Yan Tingpeng, general manager of Greater China of Athens Watch, Switzerland).

 Launch of the Athenian Table in Switzerland, the Venetian Carnival, the launch of the dinner dance performance

 The Athens Watch in Switzerland is launched. The tour show in Urumqi is a three-question watch and the new Basel 2013 watch is on display.

 Minute repeater, perpetual calendar and tourbillon are the three top technologies of mechanical watches. At the end of the 17th century, when electricity had not yet been invented, British clockmaker Daniel Quare had developed and patented a minute repeater mechanism. He found a way for his minute repeater to tell what time it was after sunset. It was not until the end of the 19th century that the first minute repeater watch appeared.

 Since 1846, the Athenian Watch has combined science, innovation and imagination. Every Athenian watch embodies the spirit of this brand. The Athens watch, which started as a marine observatory clock, was acquired by Rolf W. Schnyder in 1983. With the joining of the talented watchmaker Ludwig Oechslin, Dr. Ochslin has introduced the world-renowned design and top watchmaking technology. Together, they continue to present the perfect timepiece that shocks the world.

 Athenian watch has been devoted to the development of the minute repeater timepiece in the early days, and it is the pioneer of the revival of the minute repeater technology. However, the Athens watch does not just satisfy the people’s hearing enjoyment with the minute repeater. On the basis of the questionnaire, a carefully carved activity puppet is added to give people a dual sensory experience of hearing and vision. From the San Marcon launched in the late 1980s to the Carnival of Venice launched by Pre-Basel in 2013, the Athenian watch used superb technology to show the world the magnificence of the top watch gear. world.

The activity figure (Jaquemart) on the faceplate will synchronize with the start of the questionnaire function, becoming part of the storyline of the watch, adding interest to the watch. To this day, the Athens watch is still one of the few watchmaking brands in the world to use the puppets on the surface to make minute repeaters.

Circus Minute Repeater

 Athenian watchmakers carefully crafted six 18K gold puppets on a 42mm diameter dial. Naughty monkeys, ball jesters, cute bears, graceful ballet dancers, fierce tigers and heroic trainers were given life in the hands of the watch sculptors in Athens and appeared vividly in blue gold dust On the bottom dial. Activate the three-question function, they perform different actions. Time flies, as if seeing the origin of life in the movement of time.
[Timekeeping] The naughty little monkey will stretch out his palm to interfere with the clown playing ball
[Newspaper] The Tamer waved his whip at the fierce tiger;
[Report points] With the action of the animal trainer, the tiger also began to move its claws.
Throughout the time, the big bear standing beside the graceful ballet dancer bowed his head, thank you for your love of this wonderful circus performance.

 Circus Minute Repeater

Forgerons Minute Repeater
When the three-question function is activated, the three-dimensional figurine carving, which is as detailed as the human muscle curve, clothing wrinkles, and facial expressions, can be completely and truly presented, and the fine carving process is once again breathtaking.
[Timekeeping] The iron man on the left lifted his hammer and began to strike hard; 
[Newspaper] The two iron men raised their hammers at the same time, giving a show of iron artisans; 
[Report points] The iron man on the right lifted his hammer and began to strike.

 Forgerons Minute Repeater

Sweet bell

 Compared with ordinary watches, the timekeeping system in the movement of the watch includes a separate barrel, adjuster, ruler, timepiece step wheel, hammer and chord, which has a complicated structure. The real challenge in making a good questionnaire is to control the sound quality of the sound. The vibration generated by striking the strings with the hammer is amplified through the case, and the meter will play music.

 Adjusting the perfect questionnaire tone is a difficult and complicated process. Each questionnaire needs to be independently adjusted by the watch master. Each time you adjust the sound, you must first remove some metal from the string and then reinstall the movement, because only the test of the completed watch can get the best sound.

 The Athenian Alexander the Great Westminster Dapeng Zhongle Tourbillon Minute Repeater Watch and the Genghis Khan Westminster Dapeng Zhongle Tourbillon Minute Repeater Watch are both four-hammer three-minute watch. Like the great monarch in the name of the watch, the two watches have shook the world with watchmaker’s superb watchmaking skills and infinite creativity.

 The Westminster Zhongle Questionnaire can strike four different tones: Mi, Do, Re and Sol. The tone is as good as the bells of the famous British Royal Church Westminster. The sound of the time signal is Sol, the report is divided into Mi, and the time of the report has different sounds according to different moments.
One moment is Mi-Do-Re-Sol
The second moment is Mi-Do-Re-Sol / Sol-Re-Mi-Do
Three moments are Mi-Do-Re-Sol / Sol-Re-Mi-Do / Mi-Do-Re-Sol
Not only does the tone tone of the timepiece ask for a watch-like sound, but the Athens watch also shows the watchmaker’s magical watchmaking skills in the dial art. While letting people enjoy the auditory feast, they can also watch the wonderful pictures of soldiers and horses fighting bravely on their faces.

Alexander the Great (Minneapolis Westminster Dapeng Zhongle Tourbillon Minute Repeater)
[Timekeeping]: The soldier on the far left appears to be standing fully armed and ready for the attack. The soldier opposite him will attack with a saber; 
[Engrave]: Except for the warrior on the far left, all other puppets will attack and start a dragon and tiger battle. Alexander the Great will attack with different warrior shapes: wielding a saber, riding a horse to spear out the spear, and skillfully Pull out the bow and arrow and ride on horseback in red armor; 
[Report points]: The knight in red armor on the right will wave the saber.

 Alexander the Great (Minneapolis Westminster Dapeng Zhongle Tourbillon Minute Repeater)

Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie (Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie)
[Timekeeping]: The two people on the left will wave the saber;
[Newspaper]: The knight will pierce the spear into the ring hung above; 
[Report points]: The puppets in the face plate including the musicians sitting on the far left playing the percussion instrument will all be active, and Genghis Khan will lead the army to show great power.

 Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie (Genghis Khan Haute Joaillerie)


 Combining a pleasing questionnaire with colorful dials, and paired with interesting human activity puppets, the Athens watch uses the watch as the curtain to stage a lively and vivid wrist theater.

Safari Minute Repeater
 The Athenian watch is dedicated to reviving the filigree enamel painted watch face and incorporating this superb skill into the hunting minute repeater. The watch’s double cloisonne dial and lifelike dolls are hand-crafted with filigree enamel painting techniques.

 Each delicate surface needs to be baked several times. Generally, about 4 to 5 layers of enamel are required to be compared with the deep and shiny unique color of Meizhen enamel. In addition, repeated baking also makes the enamel blocks of different colors and thicknesses neat. Reducing the height of the gold wire to the thickness of the enamel surface is a very delicate grinding process. The baked surface must be flattened with raised gold threads. After careful polishing, the gold threads will be more lustrous, and the surface will become smooth, so that the enamel surface will emit a charming flash of luster. When the minute question function is activated, the concept of time passing is presented in a lively way, and the perfect combination of the dual enjoyment of sight and hearing proves the extraordinary watchmaking skills.

 The hunting minute repeater is equipped with a double cloisonne dial, which highlights the three-dimensional sense of the watch and is precious. There is a small fish hidden in the middle of the double-layer dish, showing the crocodile opening its mouth to catch the small fish. When the timekeeping function was activated, a thrilling African hunting journey began: the ferocious lion stretched out its claws and darted the little monkey, and the little monkey swung back and forth from the tree to dodge.

 Safari Minute Repeater

Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater

 At the time of the 2013 Basel Show, Athens Watch launched its latest enamel minute repeater watch. The Athenian Watch takes inspiration from Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, and presents the limited edition watch of the Venice Carnival Minute Repeater, which perfectly combines beautiful artistic drawings and superb watchmaking technology.

 The dial is crafted with in-filled enamel technology, highlighting its elaborate design. Both men on the dial, wearing masks, stood in front of the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, showing the festive atmosphere of the Venice Carnival. The watch activates the minute repeater function to tell the hour, minute, and hour, and the mask puppet will lift the mask.
Gorgeous colors and gorgeous doll action make people feel the joy brought by the hustle and bustle of the Apennine Peninsula.

 Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater

 With its unwavering conviction, Athens Watch has always maintained a leading position in watchmaking technology. From San Marcon to Carnival of Venice, the Athenian watch will be dedicated and passionate to the creation of mechanical watches, telling the story with time, and depicting the belonging to the Athenian watch in the hands of the ticking walk Bizarre world.