Ephj-epmt-smt Trade Show Announcement Schedule

The EPHJ-EPMT-SMT trade exhibition is about to be held at the Palexpo Exhibition Center in Geneva from June 5th to 8th, 2012. Today, the exhibition organizer announced the wonderful schedule of this year’s exhibition. The 11th EPHJ EPMT-SMT show reached a record number of 650 exhibitors, and will collaborate with federal and regional agencies to host high-profile roundtable discussions.
2012 EPHJ (Professional Environment for Watchmaking)-EPMT (Professional Environment for Microtechnology)-SMT (Swiss Medical Technology) International Trade Show will be held for the first time this year at the Palexpo Centre in Geneva.
The organizer has announced an unprecedented lineup of exhibitors for this unique show, reaching a record 650 exhibitors signing up for the show, an increase of 14% from the number of exhibitors last year, which also proves that the transfer of the venue of the show to Geneva is fully consistent The real needs of the Swiss market have broadened the horizons even more. It is expected that this year’s exhibition will attract about 130,000 professional visitors from Switzerland and around the world.
‘We are pleased to see that our trade show enjoys a very high reputation. We have worked tirelessly for the past ten years. Now, as the show is relocated to Geneva, the show has renewed vitality. Warmth and providing our exhibitors with more exciting business opportunities in a friendly atmosphere, ‘said Olivier Saenger, co-founder of the show.
The main partners of this year’s exhibition include OSEC, Swiss Office for Commercial Expansion, Geneva Service for Economic Promotion, and they actively participated in the schedule of the conference schedule. The show is also included in the fifth Actes’Industries-Geneva’s Service for Economic Promotion joint event, CCIG (Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Office for the Promotion of Industry, and Geneva Industrial Union (UIG ) Co-organization-will discuss some key topics and their direct impact on economic growth in French-speaking regions.
 ‘This positive synergy reflects not only industrial technology in our canton, but also industrial technology in Switzerland as a whole. The subcontracting of watchmaking, microtechnology and medical technology is an important aspect of our economy. The best way to show visitors from Switzerland and around the world our expertise and strength, as well as our ability to innovate continuously, ’emphasized Pierre-François Unger, President of the Geneva Council of States.
Innovation and future production experience are a major issue, and the organizer chose this issue as a topic for discussion at the 2012 exhibition, especially the Grand Prix des Exposants. All exhibitors will be invited to select a company that has recently performed well in innovation, growth, expertise, and the originality of the microtechnology subcontracting industry. The final day of the show will announce the list of Grand Prix winners.
For detailed schedule and exhibitor list, please visit www.ephj.ch .