You Can’t Defeat A Real Man – Inspirational Legend Reappears, Oris Launches Second-generation Carl Brashear Limited Edition Bronze Watch In China

On January 9, 2018, the Swiss century-old independent watch brand Oris launched the second-generation Carl Brashear limited edition bronze watch in Shanghai, China. Continuing the story two years ago, this watch was inspired by Carl Brashear, the first African-American divemaster in the history of the United States Navy. He defeated racial discrimination and overcome physical disabilities, and is considered one of the most inspirational figures of the twentieth century. We can miss his tenacious life through the movie ‘Men of Honour’, or find his glorious medal from Oris’s latest bronze chronograph.

This is the second time Oris has introduced a commemorative watch for Carl Brashear. Unlike the simple three-pin function of the first generation, the new Carl Brashear Bronze Limited Edition is a chronograph. Its overall design style inherits Pridex’s classic 65-year replica diving watch. The case is mainly made of bronze, inspired by Carl Brashear’s bronze deep diving helmet. At the same time, Oris also paid tribute to Carl’s challenge of racial discrimination by using ‘non-ferrous metals’. Just like the story of a hero, bronze, a fascinating metal, will give birth to a distinctive pattern and imprint over time.
Carl Brashear was born in 1931 in Kentucky, USA, and joined the US Navy at the age of 17, at the time when racial discrimination was most severe in the military. Carl determined to become a deep submerged soldier. In 1954, he passed many tests and even made it difficult to obtain the qualification of a navy diver.

In 1966, he was unfortunately injured during the task of salvaging the hydrogen bomb and lost his left calf. When everyone persuaded him to retreat, Carl stood up firmly. He installed a prosthetic arm and conducted two years of arduous rehabilitation training. In 1968, he regained the deep diving qualification and became the first disabled person in the history of the US Navy The diver was promoted to the first African-American dive chief in 1970. Divemaster certification is extremely demanding and requires a series of extreme tests, including extreme 300-meter equipment diving, and for Carl, prosthetic climbing projects have been added.
In 1979, Carl ended his military career for more than thirty years and was honorably discharged. In 2006, at the age of 75, he died in the United States. His inspirational story was brought to the big Hollywood screen-‘Men of Honour’. Carl was played by the famous actor Cuban Gooding.

Real man with luxury watch. Oris Carl Brashear limited edition chronograph, case, bezel, crown, chronograph buttons, all made of bronze rare in traditional watchmaking, this is also the first in Oris history following 2016 After the limited edition of Carl Brashear, a bronze watch was introduced for the second time. Over time, copper will chemically react with carbon dioxide and water vapor in the air to form an oxide layer. The effects of oxidation vary widely depending on humidity, pH and wearing habits. In the end, every watch will be unique.
The watch is driven by the Oris771 automatic mechanical movement, has a 48-hour power reserve, and presents two parallel chronograph dials on the dial. This movement was adapted from Sellita’s SW510 and was the first time Oris used it.
Throughout Carl Brashear’s deep diving career, he has been accidentally ‘stopped’ many times, but he can always overcome the difficulties and ‘restart’ his own pace. This is why Oris chose to pay tribute to him with the chronograph function. As he often said, ‘It’s not a sin to get knocked down, it’s a sin to stay down’!

The symmetrical dial layout and no-calendar design give the watch a nostalgic chronograph style. On the right side of the dial is a 30-minute counter and on the left is a small seconds dial. The dial is bright sea blue, which matches the bronze very well, and also echoes Carl Brashear’s deep dive status. The watch comes with an equally vintage brown leather strap.

The excitement behind it is also not to be missed. The stainless steel bottom cover is engraved with the traditional deep diving helmet pattern and Carl Brashear’s inspirational motto.
Ulrich W. Herzog, Oris Global President, said: ‘Oris is proud to once again pay tribute to Carl Brashear and his foundation. Mr. Brashear’s inspirational story brings countless newcomers the motivation and courage to move forward, and also inspires Hao Lease continues to advance the #ChangeForTheBetter branding route. ‘