Zhenith Ultra Thin Moon Phase Women’s Watch: Love Midnight Blues

It is the vast background of the starry sky in Van Gogh’s works. It is vast and fascinating, between melancholic blue and deep black. It is the rhythmic blues of B • B • King, flowing from the throat with perseverance and authenticity. Looking at all the lights through the pane, looking up, so which star are you thinking of flashing for you? Who will miss you in such a night, and who do you miss? There is a story circulating in Zenith: El Primero’s history would come to an abrupt end in 1975 if it was not for a brave watchmaker who rescued production tools and equipment from the scrap yard. At that time, the company decided to stop manufacturing mechanical watches and specialize in quartz watches, and sold all machines, movements and tools as scrap. At the risk of losing his job, Charles Wilmo began to hide important tools and components. Only nine years later, the mechanical movement once again won the favor of people, El Primero is back to heaven, and it is miraculously reborn! So Zenith had a ‘tribute to Charles Vermot’ dials all decorated with midnight blue.

Wrist Elves Jumping Starry Night Athens Christmas Gifts

Across the dark night of doomsday, a new world was born before the world like Jesus came. As the old and new years alternate, the Swiss fine watch brand Athens Watch recommends the Classico Luna moon watch, the Royal Blue flying tourbillon watch and the mother-of-pearl manager’s dual time zone female watch, creating a smart moment on your wrist and shining bright starry night .

A glance for thousands of years, true love forever-鎏 金 沁 月 月 相 表 (Classico Luna)
   The pair of watches on the overlapping wrists is the best accessory for party lovers. Athenian watch loves to create a classic watch for Classico Luna 鎏 金 沁 月 月. Relying on the traditional and simple shape, the watch perfectly presents the changing moon phases on a simple dial, and then embellishes with diamonds to create a spirit that leaps between the wrists. The long black Roman numerals are distributed on the black and smooth dial of the Yu Gong Men’s Watch, which highlights the elegant style of the man against the stainless steel case. The female watch of Juan Juan uses the noble and elegant mother-of-pearl material to create the dial. With a bezel set with diamonds and diamond hour markers, the 35mm diameter jewelry watch will become the most perfect embellishment at the party.
   The moon phase watch not only captures the hearts of people with its gorgeous design, but also reproduces the moon phase principle of the masterpiece of the Athenian watch. When the moon rotates clockwise around the earth, it reflects the sun’s rays, and the moon phase of the watch shows this angle of illumination. The moon phase disk rotates around the center of the watch (representing the earth), making one revolution every 12 hours. Its rotation speed will follow the 29.5-day cycle of the moon phase, and the color of the moon phase disk will change, which will increase and decrease with the lack of the moon. The watch is located between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, and has a button for quickly adjusting the moon phase function. The automatic winding makes it easy for the wearer to read the moon phase.

Dream Blue Tourbillon Shines Between Wristbands-Royal Blue Flying Tourbillon
   The sparkling diamonds and skeleton flying tourbillon are complemented by the clear blue crystals to highlight the elegant elegance of the man. The Athenian watch from the ocean uses a mysterious blue to create a luxurious choice for top dinner accessories.
   The Athens Blue Royal Blue watch successfully uses the sapphire crystal to successfully show the mystery of the flying tourbillon. With the delicate cut diamonds, it looks like a perfect work of art. The Royal Blue Tourbillon watch is a 43 mm diameter case, inlaid with 128 baguette diamonds and 57 baguette sapphires, highlighting its round shape. The sapphire hour marker on the platinum diamond bezel is one of the design ingenuities of the watch. Through the transparent surface when winding, you can clearly see the continuous movement of the barrel, gears and escapement.

Combining intricate craftsmanship and jewelry inlays, Royal Blue perfectly interprets the unique aesthetics of the Athenian watch.
    The Royal Blue flying tourbillon abandons the ordinary tourbillon to fix the mechanical structure on the base plate with the bridge plate, and the flying tourbillon omits the fixed bridge plate. The famous watchmaker of Athens, James Billerton, overcomes the difficult operation stability of the flying tourbillon, and successfully writes a new page for watchmaking.
   Hand-crafted sapphire crystal board and bridge with invisible winding mechanism. The flying tourbillon floats on the base plate for rotation, and shows a rare balance aesthetics on the face plate. From the barrel, the hour and minute hands, and the tourbillon, they are arranged on the dial in a straight line. The unique clarity of the crystal presents stunning mystery and beauty.
   Platinum case, limited to 30 pieces, waterproof to 30 meters. The Royal Blue Tourbillon Diamond Watch is available in a crocodile leather strap style, platinum diamond and sapphire bracelet with folding buckle.

Colorful Christmas Eve-Purple Faceplate Manager Dual Time Zone Women’s Watch
   The magnificence of time is not only the world of men alone. Swiss luxury watch maker Athenaeum strives to create a dual-time zone women’s watch for managers, allowing urban ladies to have a beautiful wrist-elf while accurately grasping the time. The white enamel bezel is inlaid with delicate cut diamonds, with beautiful luster mother-of-pearl and purple to create an elegant and mysterious dial, showing the capable, gentle and mysterious sexy image of modern urban women.
   In 1996, Athens Watch launched a patented dual time zone system, which is one of many technological breakthroughs. This revolutionary system is also applied to managers’ dual time zone women’s watches. Just press the enamel button next to the bezel, and the hour hand can quickly adjust to different time zones.

Swiss Jockey Martin Fuchs Wins The Longines Grand Prix At The Csi Equestrian Race In Zurich

Basel (Switzerland) / Soymia (Switzerland), January 26, 2018-After a round of intense competition, Swiss jockey Martin Fuchs rides ‘Clooney’ to win Zurich this year Longines Grand Prix at the Mercedes-Benz CSI Zurich.

   The Swiss watch brand Longines served as the title partner and official timekeeper of the event to support the event and presented the event’s designated watch-a work from the Longines Master Collection.

   The world’s top riders and horses gathered in this 5-star event to show the audience outstanding performance. The Longines Grand Prix on Friday is a key event of the CSI Equestrian Race in Zurich. The Swiss rider Martin Fuchs, who drove the ‘Clooney’, beat the champions in the exciting competition, won the championship, and drove the Italian ‘Connery’ Rider Luca Maria Moneta came in second place, while Bertram Allen, the Irish rider who rode the ‘Gin Chin van het Lindenhof’, finished third. The champion rider was conferred an elegant Longines watch.

Jacques De Tribute To The Gold Foil Carving Process

Jaquet Droz launched an extraordinary watch series, as a new symbol of the brand spirit, praising the unique craftsmanship of gold foil carving. This timepiece and artistic creation blends modern essence with historical legends.
    For Jacques Droe, modern style is as important as traditional craftsmanship. The Jacques de Ronaldo brand was born in the age of enlightenment, and inherits the glorious decoration craftsmanship along this glorious era. The brand’s work is highly acclaimed for its sophisticated mechanical construction and beautiful micro-painting, engraving and enamel dials, all of which are carefully decorated in the brand’s art workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
    Among these decoration crafts, the gold leaf carving craftsmanship takes its place. This gold and silver work is to manually place fine gold foil one by one to draw a regular geometric pattern on the surface of colored enamel, and then use a layer of translucent enamel, called a protective layer of enamel, to fix it. Only by mastering the extreme temperature of the oven can you make enamel with unique texture and uniform color. Pierre Jacques Drouse these techniques for his own use. Thanks to his and other watchmaking masters, the gold leaf carving craft reached a new height in the 18th century. Based on the gold foil of this era, the master craftsman of Jacques Dro began to revive the craft. Today, they have been able to make gold foil by themselves, blend ancient and modern techniques on the same timepiece, and use the gold foil carving process combined with the unique big fire enamel dyeing process to inject new emotional connotations into the timepiece.

    The brand launches rare new models every year to celebrate this time-honored beauty. In 2016, the brand launched a new limited timepiece that once again broke the creative and aesthetic limits. Jacques de Ronaldo’s iconic watch series is carefully decorated with gold leaf engraving. The rigorous geometric patterns are matched with the brilliant red gold and gorgeous enamel.

    Grande Seconde uses purple and charcoal gray for the first time, and bright blue. The 39mm diameter Petite Heure Minute also uses these three shades, while the Pocket Watch series is decorated with blue and red to pay tribute to the legendary pocket watch. For the first time, the hour and minute dial has a more feminine and slim 35mm diameter, and with a dark blue dial, it is decorated with solar radiation like all models in this series. Finally, the tourbillon model of grace is equipped with a 7-day power reserve and is decorated with gold leaf carving for the first time. This watch is decorated with rich and exquisite details, which can be described as exquisitely crafted crystals. The blue steel hands, the screw heads on the bezel and the lapis lazuli all highlight the long-lasting decorative gemstone craftsmanship and sophisticated horological complications.
    These new timepieces are produced strictly in accordance with the rules established during the Renaissance, while at the same time being determined to innovate. This year, the way of stacking gold wires is reinterpreted in the delicate style unique to Jacques Dro: like pearls, gold beads are cut and shaped, and then placed manually at the intersection of two striped roads, so that the three-dimensional decorative pattern inlaid on the transparent enamel More beautiful.

    The production of these timepieces requires extremely rigorous and meticulous skills. Each timepiece is limited to release, condensing the century-old handicraftsmanship and extreme modern style, showing a rare and elegant style.

Gold leaf carved tourbillon large second hand
Grande Seconde Tourbillon Paillonnée
Gold foil engraved blue grand fire enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Blue steel hands
Automatic mechanical movement
18K Red Gold Pin Buckle
Dark blue alligator strap
Power reserve about 7 days
43 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces

Gold leaf enamel hour and minute dial
Gold foil engraved blue grand fire enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Blue steel hands
Automatic mechanical movement
18K Red Gold Pin Buckle
Dark blue alligator strap
68 hours power reserve
35 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces

Gold leaf enamel hour and minute dial
Gold Foil Carved Grey Grand Eeu Dial
18K Red Gold Case
Automatic mechanical movement
68 hours power reserve
39 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces

Gold leaf carved large second hand
Gold foil carved purple big fire enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Blue steel hands
Automatic mechanical movement
18K Red Gold Pin Buckle
Alligator leather strap
68 hours power reserve
43 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces

Gold leaf carved pocket watch
Gold foil carved red large fire enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Blue steel hands
Automatic mechanical movement
18K Red Gold Bracelet
Power reserve of about 40 hours
50 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces

2015 Lange Watchmaking Awards

Lange presented the watchmaking award for the sixth time in recognition of the outstanding watchmaking talents. This award has been won by Finnish participants for two consecutive years, and the winners will receive a prize of 10,000 Euros.

Winner of the Year: Calendar Week Display by Reima Koivukoski
   On December 7, the brand presented the 2015 “Langer Watchmaking Award” in Dresden, which is also the brand’s anniversary. Reima Koivukoski (23) from the Finnish Watch School (Kelloseppäkoulu) received a 10,000 Euro bonus for a calendar week display that simulates the axis of the Earth’s tilt. Langer President Wilhelm Schmid and company founder Walter Lange presented the award to the winners at an international press conference at the Albertinum in Dresden.
   The title of this year’s event is to create a calendar week display. The watchmaking rookies in the final eight are from five different countries. They visited the watch factory for several days in May to learn more about the competition.
   A jury of five experts began the evaluation at the end of November. Jury members include the company’s founder Walter Lange, Lange’s director of product development Anthony de Haas, senior journalists Gisbert L. Brunner and Peter Braun, and Peter Plassmeyer, director of the Royal Mathematical Physics Exhibition Hall in Dresden. The judging panel scores works based on their originality, technical performance, craftsmanship and aesthetics.

List of Entries
   Reima Koivukoski has won the jury’s favor for its innovative design techniques, complex technology, meticulous production details and high-quality skills. The jury explained: ‘His work is unique in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics, and can feel the courage of the creator to transform the structure of the movement.’ Koivukoski’s work shows the characteristics of the axis of the earth tilting towards the sun, making the judges Impressed. Due to the geographical location, dark nights and white nights will appear in Finland in winter and summer, respectively, forming a strong contrast. Koivukoski’s unique design is inspired by this.

Reima Koivukoski receives award certificate from Lange President Wilhelm Schmid and company founder Walter Lange

Casio L-spec Gd-110-1jf Fall 2012

In the fall of 2012, the Japanese watch brand Casio G-Shock has launched a new GD-110-1JF watch as a key new work. This time the watch style is commanded by durable and anti-impact functions. For those who love sports such as BMX and even extreme sports, the watch body is made of reinforced resin and the setting of ‘SHOCK ABSORBING STRUCTURE’ to achieve the ultimate High durability; the LED lighting system has been strengthened to make it easy for everyone to read the time clearly in the dark environment and under direct light, coupled with the series’ traditional functionality and humanized settings, which is also used in conjunction with The special coating brings a glossy black body, which is definitely the brand’s latest top work. The watch is priced at ¥ 14,175 and will be officially launched this month.

Swiss Plum Watch Stationed In Vienna

Swiss watchmaker TITONI Plum Watch finally officially landed in the neighboring Austrian capital Vienna. The location of Swiss Plum Watch opens a new point of sale in this charming city, aiming to bring high-quality watches to locals and customers who visit here.
   For a long time, Vienna has been a dream hall for history and culture lovers. The cultural heritage of Vienna is not only proud of Austrians, but also attracts countless tourists from all over the world. This beautiful ancient capital not only has a solemn palace charm, but also in the fields of art, fashion and cuisine, all interweave with Vienna’s unique vintage and innovation, tradition and revolution. In the world-famous ‘Music Capital’, each visitor does not forget to enjoy a performance concert by masters such as Mozart and Strauss.
   The newly opened Domisol store is located on the Randstrasse in the old city district of Vienna’s first municipality, specializing in high-end Swiss timepieces and other accessories, including a full range of Swiss plum watches.
   Just a few minutes’ walk from Domisol along the city’s famous shopping street Kertner Street, you can easily reach world-renowned landmarks such as the Vienna State Opera and Saint Stephen’s Cathedral. Domisol is elegant and magnificently decorated, and is dedicated to entertaining guests.

Rolex Formula One Gorgeous Combination

ROLEX announced that in the second season of 2014, ROLEX will still be the global partner and race timepiece of the Formula 1®, which undoubtedly shows Rolex’s huge investment in motorsport. , And full support for the world’s top sports events.

 As the title sponsor of the 2014 Formula 1 Championship ROLEX Australian Grand Prix, ROLEX is here to celebrate the official start of the season and wish the 2014 FIA Formula One (2014 FIA Formula One) World ChampionshipTM). This event is very popular with racing fans around the world, and this is also the first time that ROLEX has appeared on the ‘screen’ of this event. Rolex’s crown logo will appear on television broadcasts of all 19 Grand Prix races around the world, further strengthening the partnership between ROLEX and this globally-renowned sporting event.

 The first three grand prix races of the 2014 FIA World Formula One Championship were wonderful and exciting, all because the Formula One Championship has undergone the most significant technological change in recent years. The introduction of new hybrid technology, which is in line with ROLEX constantly strives to push the boundaries of technology. When the Formula One Championship moved to Shanghai and kicked off the magnificent prelude to the 2014 Formula One UBS China Grand Prix, ROLEX, participating teams, racers and motorsport fans from all over the world were all excited and looking forward to the experience A wonderful and exciting ‘FIA Formula One World Championship’.

 Mr. Arnaud Boetsch, ROLEX Brand Communications and Image Director, said: ‘We are delighted to continue to be the global partner of the Formula One Championship in the second season, which fully demonstrates our dedication to supporting the world’s top motorsport. This long-term relationship undoubtedly brings together the giants in the two fields to join hands, and both parties have the enthusiasm for the continuous pursuit of outstanding performance, excellent technology and innovative engineering, which makes this cooperation more natural. ‘

 ‘The technical rules of the Formula One Championship are undergoing the biggest change in more than a decade. As a global partner of the Formula One Championship, we are pleased to witness this top motorsport lead the world by integrating the latest technology The trend of motorsport. We will look forward to it and pay close attention, because this racing season will bring us a wonderful race. ‘

 ROLEX is precisely the global partner and race timepiece that has been announced as the ‘Formula One Championship’

 The cooperation between “ Formula 1 Championship ” and ROLEX has become the most gorgeous combination of sports events and watch industry

Stylish And Elegant Tissot Hao Zhi Series Men’s Gold Watch Tasting

Tissot is currently a watch brand in the market that attracts much attention. With its superior quality and relatively moderate price, many entry-level watch players have set their sights on Tissot. The brand was born in Switzerland in 1853. In this long way of watchmaking, Tissot has developed its own unique character. ‘Time is under your control’ is the slogan of Tissot and the DNA of the brand. Tissot has always been committed to The perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and fashion design in watchmaking. Today’s Watch House will introduce a new Tissot men’s watch from the Chic Series. The watch has a simple design and excellent performance. The official model: T086.408.22.036.00.

   This luxurious series gold watch is the latest feature of Tissot. It is combined with another 33mm diameter ladies watch with a mother-of-pearl dial to form a couple watch symbolizing eternal love. Today we only This male watch is analyzed. If you have a friend who plans to buy a watch in the near future, you may wish to pay attention.

The watch case is made of stainless steel and some of its details are gold-plated

   The watch is made of stainless steel, in which the bezel, crown and bracelet are coated with gold, showing a charming temperament. Many details of the watch combine the two processes of polishing and frosting, which increase the beauty and also show Unique craftsmanship of Tissot watchmaking.

Watch diameter 41 mm

   The watch has a diameter of 41 mm. Its moderate size is very suitable for the contours of men’s wrists. The side of the case uses a special grain effect, which is exquisitely carved and detailed, adding fashion to the watch.

Gold bracelet

   The stainless steel bracelet is sturdy and solid, with well-organized links, and the surface is finely matte, showing a fine brushed texture. The gold plating in the middle completely echoes the bezel, which is stylish and quality.

Dazzling gold bezel

   The gold bezel surrounds the minimalist dial, dazzling, exuding elegance and nobility, symbolizing the love between couples is as brilliant as gold, and lasts forever.

The watch dial is minimalist, understated, elegant and stylish

Special decoration is used as embellishment between the plates

   The dial of the watch is minimal and stylish, and the silver dial seems to leave a blank for the motto of love. The disk surfaces are nested in a geometric circle, and each layer is treated with a different texture to present a unique effect. The hour markers are inlaid with 12 exquisite diamonds, crystal clear, both luxurious and innovative. At 12 o’clock, there is the classic imprint of the Tissot brand. The words ‘1853’ seem to tell each wearer the long history and moving story of the brand.

Crown at three o’clock, gold-plated

   The gold-plated crown is located at 3 o’clock on the watch and embellished with precision gear patterns, which not only highlights the excellent carving work, but also adds anti-slip effect; and the calendar window at 3 o’clock between the dials is elegant in shape, clever and accurate With the date of the day.

Stainless steel lugs and case

   The watch’s lugs and case are integrally molded, perfectly connected to the bracelet, and are made of high-quality stainless steel for durability.

Foldable buckle for easier wearing

Buckle opens for more space

   The watch is equipped with a stainless steel folding clasp, which is easy to wear. The outside of the clasp is engraved with the Tissot brand mark as decoration. When it is closed, it forms a beautiful arc with the bracelet.

The beauty of the movement at a glance

   The back of the watch is designed with a see-through design. Through the sapphire glass, the beauty of the movement can be seen at a glance. At the same time, the powerful mechanical sense can be truly felt. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. This movement can provide the watch with a long-term power of 80 hours. Each movement is independently certified by the official observatory of the observatory and has a very accurate movement time.

Summary: Tissot has gradually evolved watchmaking technology into a science, requiring extreme precision in every watch. This watch showcases extraordinary craftsmanship in a minimalist style. It is equipped with a mechanical power 80 movement, which provides the watch with a long power of up to 80 hours. At the same time, it also highlights the rich watchmaking experience and superb skills that Tissot has accumulated over the years. The current domestic reference price for this watch is 10,850 yuan.