Light And Durable Panerai Dive Watch 2019 New Design Arrives

At the 2019 Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair, in order to present different watch designs, each brand showed a stunning design look in terms of style, materials and functions. Among them, Panerai’s The watch will reflect the word ‘new’ in the material structure. Panerai presents two new professional diving watches made by Carbotech. The lightweight composite material is mainly composed of carbon fiber, which is sturdy and durable with outstanding mechanical properties. The diameters of the two watch cases are 42 mm and 47 mm respectively.
Watch real shot chart display:

  Panerai was the first to introduce Carbotech carbon fiber composite materials into the fine watchmaking world. The main component is carbon fiber, which is lighter than stainless steel and titanium, and has excellent performance in shock resistance and corrosion resistance. The materials have all kinds of outstanding performance, and the matte black texture is changeable, creating a unique personality for each watch, and also turning Panerai into an exclusive watch on your wrist.


Crown bridge

  Carbotech sheet is made of carbon fiber sheet and high-tech polymer PEEK (polyetheretherketone), which is compressed under high pressure at a specific temperature, making the integrated composite material stronger and more reliable. The extremely long carbon fiber gives the material a uniform and beautiful look. Each carbon fiber sheet is formed by overlapping in different directions, giving Carbotech more outstanding mechanical properties than similar materials. It stands out from many advanced watchmaking materials such as ceramics and titanium, and is lighter and more resistant to external pressure With both anti-corrosion characteristics, it is popularly known as a watch that is light-weight for daily wear, more flexible for diving, and meets professional fields and daily life.

  The new Panerai Submersible Carbotech TM stealth series carbon fiber watch’s case, rotating bezel and crown bridge are all made of this extraordinary material, which is tempered into an extremely professional diving watch, equipped with excellent technical performance, while showing The vigorous style of Panerai brings together the tireless research and development results of the brand’s Laboratorio di Idee.

  The bezel can accurately calculate each dive time, with an all-black dial, and the hour scale is coated with Super-LumiNova, which ensures that it is clear and readable in sufficient light or completely dark environment or underwater. The minute, hour and 12 o’clock scales of the watch all emit dazzling green luminous light, while the other hour scales have blue luminous light, which makes it easy for the wearer to read clearly even in dim and dark water. .

  A rubber strap is sturdy and durable to meet the needs of diving. The black background is decorated with the brand’s blue ‘OP’ logo, showing a sharp contrast. It is also equipped with a Panerai-made trapezoidal titanium buckle. Coating processing.

  The two new Panerai Submersible Carbotech TM stealth carbon fiber watches launched this time are different in that their respective case diameters and Panerai automatic winding movements are different. The 47mm case diameter PAM01616 is equipped with the P.9010 movement; the other model PAM00960 uses the 42mm case and is equipped with the compact OP XXXIV movement. Both models are equipped with 3-day power reserve.

  The use of new materials demonstrates the watchmaking attitude of Panerai brand watch development in many aspects, for the convenience of our daily life, but also to provide the strongest protection for professionals. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it.
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Phillips Highlights Of Spring Auctions In Geneva

From May 13 to 14, 2017, the Geneva Spring Auction Phillips was held as scheduled. The numerous exhibits at this auction have attracted the attention of many players, including many characteristic watch collections. We have selected some representative watches for everyone, hoping to provide reference for players.

Rolex 6062 ‘BAO DAI’ (PolyU)
   At the just-presented Phillips 2017 Geneva Spring Auction, Rolex’s 6062 ‘BAO DAI’ watch, which has long been watched for a long time, lived up to expectations, and it was finally sold for 5.06 million Swiss francs and about 35 million yuan , Breaking the Rolex auction price record, becoming the highest price Rolex watch ever.

   This only broke the record and became the most expensive Rolex watch in history. It was the personal belonging of the last emperor of Vietnam. Emperor Bao Da (named Bao Da), formerly known as Nguyen Phuy Nguyen, is the 13th and last monarch of the last dynasty (Nguyen) of Vietnam. 6062 is one of the most sophisticated watches in Rolex history. This Rolex 6062 is the only known version with a black dial and diamond hour markers. The first appearance of the Rolex 6062 ‘BAO DAI’ watch was in 2002, when it was sold for 370,000 Swiss francs (approximately RMB 2.55 million). Today’s price is 5.06 million Swiss francs, about 35 million yuan. Prior to the Rolex 6062 ‘BAO DAI’, Rolex’s most expensive watch was the 4113 chronograph chronograph sold at auction in 2016. The price of 4113 was 2.4 million Swiss francs, which was about RMB 16.84 million.

Lot. 22 Rolex 228206
Basic information: Platinum case, diameter 40 mm, with calendar function, automatic cal. 3255 movement, 31 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 40,000-70,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 280,000-500,000.
Price: 62,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 430,000.

Lot. 23 Rolex 116599RBOW
Basic information: 18k white gold case, diameter 40mm, with timing function, automatic cal. 4130 movement, 44 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 80,000 to 120,000 Swiss francs, approximately RMB 550,000 to 820,000.
Price: 180,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 1.24 million.

Lot. 28 Patek Philippe 5726 / 1A-001
Basic information: stainless steel case, diameter 40.5 mm, with perpetual calendar function, using cal.324 S QA LU 24H / 303 self-winding movement, 34 gem bearings.
Valuation: 20,000-30,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 130,000-200,000.
Price: 43,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 300,000.

Lot. 37 Patek Philippe 530
Basic information: 18k yellow gold case, 36.5 mm in diameter, with timing function, using cal.13 manual winding movement, 23 gem bearings.
Estimate: 300,000-600,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 2.06 million-4.13 million.
Price: CHF 790,000, about RMB 5.44 million.

Lot. 38 Patek Philippe 2499
Basic information: 18K yellow gold case with a diameter of 37.5mm, with perpetual calendar and timekeeping function, using cal.13 manual winding movement, 23 gem bearings
Estimate: 1 million to 2 million Swiss francs, approximately RMB 6.89 million to 13.78 million.
Price: 1.57 million Swiss francs, about RMB 10.82 million.

Lot. 43 Tag Heuer 3646
Basic information: stainless steel case, 38.5 mm in diameter, with timing function, manual cal. 92 movement, 17 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 25,000-35,000 Swiss francs, approximately RMB 170,000-240,000.
Price: 37,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 250,000.

Lot.44 Tudor 7016/0
Basic information: stainless steel case, diameter 39 mm, automatic cal. 2483 movement, 17 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 80,000-12,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 50,000-80,000.
Price: 13,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 90,000.

Lot.45 Tudor 7149/0
Basic information: stainless steel case with a diameter of 39.5 mm, with chronograph and calendar functions, using cal.234 manual winding movement, 17 gem bearings.
Valuation: 10,000 to 15,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 60,000 to 100,000.
Price: 27,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 180,000.

Lot. 55 Vacheron Constantin 85250
Basic information: 18k rose gold case, 40 mm in diameter, with calendar function, automatic cal. 2475 movement, 27 gem bearings.
Estimate: 15,000-25,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 100,000-170,000.
Price: 22,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 150,000.

Basic information: 18k rose gold case, diameter 40mm, with power display function, using cal.1304 manual winding movement, 22 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 12,000 to 18,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 80,000 to 120,000.
Price: 20,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 140,000.

Lot.57 Lange 109.032
Basic information: 18k rose gold case with a diameter of 38.5 mm. With moon phase, big calendar, power display function, using cal. L901.5 manual winding movement, 54 gem bearings.
Estimate: 12,000 to 18,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 80,000 to 120,000.
Price: 25,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 170,000.

Lot. 58 Richard Mill RM 010
Basic information: 18k white gold case, 47.77 mm long and 39.7 mm wide. Using cal.RMAS7 self-winding movement, 32 jewel bearings.
Valuation: 40,000 to 60,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 270,000 to 410,000.
Price: 60,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 410,000.

Lot. 92 Rolex 6241
Basic information: 14k yellow gold case, 37.5mm in diameter, with timing function, using cal.722-1 manual winding movement, 17 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 400,000-800,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 2.75 million-5.51 million.
Price: 730,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 5.03 million.

Lot. 101 Blancpain 207’956
Basic information: Stainless steel case, 41 mm in diameter. Using cal.AS1700 self-winding movement, 17 jewel bearings.
Valuation: 20,000-30,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 130,000-200,000.
Price: 40,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 270,000.

Lot. 108 Audemars Piguet 5402ST
Basic information: Stainless steel case diameter 39 mm. With calendar function, using cal. 2121 self-winding movement, 36 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 15,000-25,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 100,000-170,000.
Price: 47,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 320,000.

Lot. 117 Rolex 6088
Basic information: 18k yellow gold dial with 36mm diameter, cal.A296 10 1/2 self-winding movement, 19 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 200,000 to 400,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 1.37 million to 2.75 million.
Price: 670,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 4.61 million.

Lot.139 Cartier 128/150 and A114566
Basic information: Platinum case, 37 mm long and 25.5 mm wide. Using cal.9752 MC hand-wound movement, 19 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 12,000 to 18,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 80,000 to 120,000.
Price: 25,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 150,000.

Lot.201 Rolex 8382
Basic information: 18k yellow gold case, 37mm diameter. Enameled dial, cal.E80’568 hand-wound movement, 19 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 300,000-600,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 2.06 million-4.13 million.
Price: 390,000 Swiss francs, about RMB 2.71 million.

Men’s Watch Six Watches Recommended By Iwc

IWC’s performance has grown exponentially in recent years, and the results are quite amazing. The secret to success is that each IWC is carefully crafted by master craftsmen from various fields. They are all trained with dexterous hands and precise instruments, combining different parts one by one: making each IWC an extraordinary watch that combines high precision, practical functions and perfect design, and embodies excellent engineering skills. High-level work.

IWC automatic Portuguese IW500113 watch

Watch Series: Portugal
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 42.3 mm
Domestic public price: 162,000
Watch details: iwc / 6096 /
Comment: The IWC Portuguese 7-day watch is the star product of IWC. The automatic watch not only has a case with a diameter of 42.3 mm, but also has the largest automatic IWC movement on the market, namely the 51011 movement. The core is now resized to fit the slimmer wrist. In addition to retaining the elegant appearance of the famous original Portuguese watch from the 1930s, this movement also retains the embedded Arabic numerals, the track-type minute ring and the slim dovetail hands. Automatic self-winding system, elegant small seconds and 7-day power reserve display. New and advanced features are added, such as a coated convex sapphire glass, a two-layer case, or a new screw-in sapphire glass back.

IWC TOPGUN Navy Air Force Perpetual Calendar Watch Series IW501901 watch

Watch Series: Pilot
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: Titanium-ceramic
Strap Material: Cloth
Table diameter: 48 mm
Watch details: iwc / 19212 /
Comment: This timepiece reinterprets the classic tradition. The TOPGUN Navy Air Force watch is equipped with the classic functions of a traditional pilot watch, and combines new technology, high-tech materials and modern design elements. The 48 mm case is made of high-tech ceramics and the crown is made of titanium. IW’s largest self-winding movement provides it with a power reserve of up to seven days.

IWC engineer TOPGUN series IW501901 watch

Watch Series: Engineer
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 45.5 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 100,000
Watch details: iwc / 6135 /
Brief comment: The large engineer’s watch uses an atmospheric 45.5 mm diameter case, which is impressive at first glance. The oversized 51113 movement inside is equipped with a Pellaton automatic winding system and has a seven-day power reserve, so more space is required. Of course, not everyone works near a strong magnetic field, so the designer removed the soft iron inner case and replaced it with a sapphire crystal glass back cover.

IWC Chronograph IW376602 watch

Watch Series: Da Vinci
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: Titanium-ceramic
Strap material: cowhide
Table diameter: 51.0×42.0 mm
Domestic public price: 131,000
Watch details: iwc / 21812 /
Comment: Da Vinci series is the most fashionable watch series of IWC. The titanium case has been polished and silk-satined like never before, giving the watch a luxurious look and silky smooth feel. The case is also equipped with various technological innovations. The movement bracket and the base of the operating parts are processed directly on the ceramic case ring. This process is also the first of IWC. The timer button is equipped with a waterproof putter, which is also made of ceramic. The three-dimensional design of the dial is gorgeous and charming, which is also an innovation of IWC. The barrel-shaped minute scale seems to be suspended above the dial, while the chronograph hands are subtly hidden. This floating minute ring uses the same arc as the sapphire glass, which makes the inside of the bezel appear flatter.

IWC Eight Days Power Reserve PortofinoHand-WoundEightDays IW510104 Watch

Watch Series: Portofino
Movement type: manual mechanical
Gender: Men
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 45 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 154,000
Watch details: iwc / 6196 /
Comment: This flagship of the Portofino watch series is equipped with a newly developed IWC-made 59210 movement and a power reserve display. It can run accurately and reliably for a full eight days, and then automatically stops. The watch is available in a gold version with a rock grey dial and a solid gold scale, and a stainless steel version with a silver or black dial and gold plated scale.

IWC Automatic2000 Series IW356811 Watch

Watch Series: Ocean
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Rubber
Table diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 35,000
Watch details: iwc / 17800 /
Comment: The watch has a 44 mm thick case and is water resistant to 200 bar, making it ideal for underwater use. The eye-catching rotating outer ring allows easy rotation even when wearing gloves. Up to six luminous marker Super-LumiNova® * coatings are placed under the sapphire glass ring. With this highly efficient luminous coating, the elapsed diving time is clearly visible in low-light conditions. This watch is equipped with a white or black dial, and the curved first quarter of a minute hand and bezel are divided into white or signal yellow.

Summary: IWC guarantees the highest quality of production results with accurate inspection and test procedures, supplemented by complicated research and development and management systems. Using the most advanced scientific methods, including 3D computer simulation, X-ray material analysis or testing, to show the watch’s response under daily and extreme conditions. And the R & D staff adjusts and tests the design to make it more reliable and easier to maintain, thereby ensuring that the IWC watch can continue to run for many years, and it is convenient to repair in the event of a failure.

Kaplan Shelby® Cobra ‘spirit Of Competition’ Limited Edition Watch

‘Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your dreams.’-Carol Shelby

Competitive spirit
    If championship is the measure of success, tenacity is the core belief in winning. Legends can overcome time, have courage and passion, and dare to surpass themselves.
    Since its creation in 1830, Baume & Mercier’s timepiece masterpieces have always carried the spirit of competition. Baume & Mercier watches embody the inherent spirit of excellence through elegant design, superior craftsmanship and extraordinary quality.

   In 2015, Baume & Mercier and Carroll Shelby Inc. became partners, honoring and paying tribute to Carol Shelby’s tenacity. The new chronograph is inspired by one of the most prestigious Cobra racing cars: the CSX2128 is a 289 series open-top car built for the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1963. This No. 15 Cobra race car fulfilled Carol Shelby’s championship dream.
    For gentlemen who see toughness and endurance as extraordinary qualities, the new watch collection is a classic of excellence.
Hero team

    Carol Shelby’s driver for the first Cobra team perfectly matched his image. Young and energetic, they have the perseverance and self-confidence that Shelby most admires. Shelby himself is a perfect example of these precious characters.
    In the 12-hour Braun Endurance Race in 1963, Shelby handed the CSX2128 Cobra race to the famous team of three drivers, Dan Gurney, Lew Spencer and Dave MacDonald.
   In 1964, a new generation of drivers emerged: Ken Miles and Allen Grant were the leaders.
   At least eight legendary American drivers in history have driven the CSX2128 Cobra racing car to the limit and have built a deep emotion with this car. This is not just a story of the industry, but also the glorious history of Shelby’s passion and perseverance. This Cobra race car symbolizes the extraordinary power of a powerful team.
   The success of the CSX2128 Cobra Racing is inseparable from the efforts of heroes.
   Baume & Mercier presents the second Kaplan Shelby® Cobra watch, paying tribute to the sheer perseverance and extraordinary skills of the outstanding Shelby team.
    For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Montblanc Opens The World’s Largest Concept Store

International guests from the film, music and art world from around the world gathered in Beijing to attend the internationally renowned boutique brand Montblanc Montblanc’s largest global concept store in its four-storey brand located in the core area of ​​Sanlitun An epic and unique global event.
    This concept store in Beijing’s Sanlitun is not only China, but also Montblanc’s world’s largest brand flagship store. The four-story luxury space is a fusion of cutting-edge, cutting-edge interactive technology and creative design, showing the meticulous craftsmanship and extraordinary taste of Montblanc’s full range of products, bringing a refreshing boutique shopping experience to Chinese consumers.
    International superstars Nicolas Cage, Naomi Watts, Naomi Watts, Jessica Alba, Jessica Alba and Amber Heard
    In its flagship store in China, Montblanc released the Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco collection of women’s high-end jewelry, praising Princess Grace’s timeless elegance and legendary life.
    Montblanc has integrated the princess’s philosophy of perfection into the design, paying tribute to Princess Grace with top craftsmanship. Montblanc Monaco Grace Princess Collection, including high-end watches, fine jewelry and writing instruments. Montblanc’s new interpretation of legendary elegance and lively restoration of the mysterious richness of the Principality of Monaco in the center of Sanlitun. In the gorgeous night of Beijing, many top international stars appeared on the red carpet in front of the new concept store and spent extraordinary time with Montblanc. night.

Omega Launches First Coaxial Escapement Device

Omega coaxial 9300/9301 movement
    In 1999 Omega released the first coaxial escapement device, leading the revolution in watchmaking technology. The latest achievement of this watchmaking revolution is the new Omega Co-Axial 9300/9301 movement, which was launched in 2011. This new movement not only has extraordinary chronological performance, but also the first movement in the Omega family of movements with chronograph function.
    The innovative vertical chronograph function is reflected in the small chronograph dial at 3 o’clock, which has both 12-hour and 60-minute chronograph hands. This arrangement of hands is similar to the arrangement of the hour and minute hands on the main dial, which is consistent with people’s time reading habits. There is also a central chronograph hand and a small second hand on the small dial at 9 o’clock.
    The two timing control buttons can perform their functions completely independently, thereby avoiding the risk of improper operation to the timing system.
    Like other Omega in-house coaxial movements, the 9300/9301 movement has a decorative pattern called the ‘Arabic Geneva pattern’.
    This movement has a time zone function, and the hour hand can be adjusted independently without stopping the time, which is very suitable for travellers.
   The movement is also equipped with a hairspring made of silicon. Silicon is a non-magnetic substance, so it is not affected by magnetic fields. This attribute, combined with the excellent elasticity coefficient of silicon material, enables the hairspring attached to the silicon material sheet to bring more accurate running time performance. The fatigue effect of silicon material is low, and the aging rate is slow. The perfect combination of coaxial technology and silicon hairspring brings extraordinary and reliable performance to the watch. Therefore, Omega provides a guarantee of up to 4 years for each coaxial watch equipped with silicon hairspring.
Omega coaxial escapement
    In 1999, Omega unveiled its first coaxial escapement device, moving the entire watchmaking industry. This is the first practical new escapement in 250 years. The components of the Omega coaxial escapement system are very different from the Swiss lever escapement system that has been used in the watch industry for a long time. It consists of a balance wheel with gemstone pawls and impact stones, and a three-arm escapement. A longitudinal fork, and a three-layer coaxial escapement wheel composed of a coaxial wheel, a coaxial gear and a transmission gear for connecting the transition wheel and the train wheel.
Advantages of coaxial escapement
   The main advantage of comparing Omega’s coaxial escapement to the Swiss lever escapement is obvious.
   No matter which escapement system is used, its energy must be transmitted to the pendulum, and this energy maintains the frequency of the pendulum. In the Swiss lever escapement, the gear teeth need to slide over the inclined surface of the pawl to generate impulse. Because this sliding process will inevitably produce a certain amount of friction, if you want to ensure the accuracy of the escapement system, you must maintain the best lubrication. In contrast, the Omega coaxial escapement transmits energy through radial impulse. The smaller contact surface and push action (rather than the sliding action of the lever escapement) greatly reduce friction between escapement system components. Therefore, the loss of lubrication is greatly reduced, and the maintenance period is extended.
    In the Swiss lever escapement, whether it is a clockwise or counterclockwise impulse, it is indirectly transmitted from the escape wheel to the balance roller through the pallet fork, so a lot of energy is lost. The clockwise impulse of the Omega coaxial escapement is transmitted directly to the jewel pawl on the balance wheel via the escapement gear teeth. Therefore, the coaxial escapement has higher mechanical efficiency and ensures more stable and precise performance.
Coaxial escapement and balance without balance spring
    By using the Omega Co-Axial escapement with a cardless balance with hairspring, the watch speed can be adjusted by changing the moment of inertia of the balance wheel, instead of changing the effective length of the hairspring through the clip. This adjustment is made by gold miniature screws embedded in a circular balance wheel. The combination of the coaxial escapement system and the cardless balance with hairspring not only improves the seismic performance, but also effectively avoids interference.
    The above advantages of the Omega Co-Axial Escapement System are obvious. More advantages can be realized after a long period of time, including longer repair and maintenance intervals, and long-lasting ultra-precise performance.
Omega coaxial 9300/9301 movement
21st Century Chronograph Movement
    Omega has been working on innovations in coaxial watch technology since 1999, and the 9300/9301 coaxial movement means that Omega continues on this path. With vertical wheel timing, exceptional reliability and up to 4 years of after-sales service guarantee, this new movement perfectly fulfills the promise of the inventor of coaxial escapement, British watchmaker George Daniels : Coaxial technology will ‘continue the popularity of mechanical watches to the 21st century and beyond.’