Iwc 2017 Watchmaking Tour Starts In Hangzhou, Zhang Ruohuan Decodes The Beauty Of Time

November 3, 2017, Hangzhou—Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen enjoys a world-renowned reputation for innovation and original technology. For nearly 150 years, it has continued to make fine watchmaking art. Write a legend. Today, IWC’s 2017 watchmaking tour grandly debuted in Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center. Several classic timepieces were displayed together, demonstrating the timeless charm of IWC’s century-old watchmaking process. IWC watch’s best friend and famous actor Zhang Ruoji also appeared chicly and decoded the beauty of time with the majority of watch lovers.

Ruo Zhang wears IWC Large Pilot’s Watch “Little Prince” Special Edition (Model: IW500916)
   Because of the starring role of Zhang Ruohuan, who is well known to the public for various types of film and television dramas, in recent years, the works have been constantly changing, the style of the characters or brave wisdom, or chivalrous pride, showing the infinite possibilities that young actors can control. Speaking of watches, Zhang Ruochi shared: ‘Watches are more than accessories for men. The spiritual power they carry is unparalleled. As I wear today, IWC’s large pilot watch’ Little Prince ‘special edition, very It conveys the spirit of fearlessness and perseverance, giving me the courage to expand more unknowns. It is the company of every second and the witness of time. ‘

IWC’s best friend Zhang Ruohuan (left) and Mr. Li Baiqing, Managing Director of IWC China
   The several major series of watches presented this time are unique and classic; they are different and complement each other, and they complement each other in a carefully arranged display space, demonstrating the extraordinary charm of IWC’s century-old watchmaking technology. This tour will run from November 3 to November 12, and IWC looks forward to working with you to explore the good times together!

IWC Special Edition Pilot’s Watch “Little Prince” (Model: IW500916)
IWC IWC large pilot watch ‘Little Prince’ special edition is equipped with 51111-made homemade movement, with a unique night blue dial, dreamy and beautiful. The 46mm stainless steel case is wrapped in an antimagnetic soft iron inner case with a brown calfskin strap with stitching and studs. The oscillating weight and the Pellerton pawl winding system provide a seven-day power reserve, and a power reserve display window is provided at the ‘3 o’clock’ position.
Reference retail price: RMB 99,500

In 20 Years, What Watch Will You Wear?

The world is changing so fast that even if we are not paying attention, we have to be impressed by its rapid changes and being caught off guard. I have been engaged in print publishing for 30 years, and I truly appreciate its splendor, and I really appreciate its decline. But if you think about it, is it not just the traditional media industry that is affected by the changes? Who still watches TV and magazines now? Computers and mobile phones become everything in their lives. Who would have thought that the instant noodle market would experience a sharp decline due to the rise of online food delivery platforms. And when my generation gets older, I am afraid that no one will go to traditional large stores to buy. People are worried that robots will cause people in most industries to be laid off, but the most terrifying thing is that you are not replaced because you do not have good competitors, but you do not know who will take you! Watches and clocks have a history of 500 years and have also experienced many great changes and mutations. The watch industry first developed in the United Kingdom and France, and then gradually formed a monopoly in Switzerland, and then Germany and Japan could share a share. From table clocks, pocket watches to watches, from manual workshops to mechanical production to computer numerical control, from mechanical watches to quartz watches to today’s smart watches … those brands that can still be glorious for a hundred years are really not easy. In order to compete with competitors in a fiercely competitive market, we must also face the rapidly changing external environment and have the forward-looking thinking of seeking innovation and change. With so many watch brands, consumers must be willing to pay, in addition to having their own characteristics, they must also keep pace with the times. Otherwise, who knows if the brand is prosperous today, 10 or 20 years later, whether they can continue to lead the way. On July 10, 2012, as a member of Cartier’s Fine Watch Club, I came to the brand’s headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, to participate in the ID Two concept table conference, and 3 years ago, the brand has released the ID one concept table. At the time, I wrote an article asking a question: What kind of watch would be worn on our wrists 20 years later? Imagine what a mechanical watch would look like 20 years from now? Is it possible that there is no longer any need to adjust the balance spring, no longer need to add lubricant and follow-up maintenance? For several main issues that affect the accuracy of the watch’s travel time-temperature difference, impact, magnetic field, wear, gravity, aging of lubricants, etc., Cartier tried to come up with answers through changes in materials and structures-that is the ID One concept table. ID One ID One can be said to be shocked when SIHH was launched in 2009. After 3 years, at the ID Two conference, a mass production model using ID One technology met with you. The brand is responsible for the manufacture and service of watch product development Director Edouard Mignon said, “Technology continues to advance. Look at today’s cars and trains that are very different from half a century ago, but why is the watchmaking industry still using the thinking of the 1960s?”. The abbreviation ID, Innovation and Development represents an attempt to innovate and develop the watchmaking industry in the future. The highlight of ID One is “no need to adjust and lubricate”, and ID Two emphasizes “increased energy storage and reduced energy consumption”. To store energy, start by changing the material and structure of the mainspring. To reduce energy consumption, start by changing the material and structure of the transmission gear system and speed control oscillation system. The final killer is ‘vacuum’, which is removed from the case. 99.8% air allows the balance spring to run with almost zero air friction. Finally, without increasing the case size, the watch’s power reserve reached an amazing 32 days. ID Two also has a set of ideas for extending the power reserve of the watch. In SIHH 2016, in order to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary, the Senfine concept movement was launched. It also cuts the friction between the balance spring system and air as the starting point. The amplitude of this balance is 16 degrees, instead of the traditional 300 degrees of balance wheel; its hairspring is two cross but non-contact flexible springs, instead of the traditional concentric winding spring. Its vibration frequency reaches 16 Hz, which is 115,200 vibrations per hour, instead of the traditional 2.5-5 Hz. In this way, the ultimate goal is to break the tradition, and the ultimate goal is to achieve a 90-day power reserve. The movement is named Senfine, which means ‘eternal’ in Esperanto. The Senfine concept movement has many watch fans and Panerai also has exclusive black technology. Pick two breaking points here. The first is the LAB-ID ™ watch. This 49mm 3-day power reserve carbon fiber watch has a case made of Carbotech. This composite material uses ultra-thin carbon fiber sheets as raw materials and is pressed and bonded by heat. It is light, non-allergenic and corrosion-resistant. The dial is coated with carbon nanotubes, which are specially arranged to absorb light and produce a black effect. The movement uses different materials and carbon-based coatings to reduce the friction of the components. The entire movement has only 4 ruby ​​bearings and requires no lubricant. The after-sales service guarantee provided by the brand for the watch is 50 years. LAB-ID ™ watches use 3D printing technology to make high-end watches? This sounds like a joke. But the Lo Scienziato 47mm Tourbillon Titanium Timepiece really did. The watch is super light and weighs less than 100 grams! The highlight is the use of ‘direct metal laser sintering’ technology, fiber laser 3D printing, titanium metal powder layer by layer into the case, each layer of material is only 0.02 mm thick. The movement is also made of titanium and hollowed out. If you take a closer look at this tourbillon-made movement, it is quite new. The balance wheel frame and the pivoting escapement are not parallel to the balance wheel axis, but perpendicular to it. And one rotation every 30 seconds instead of the traditional one rotation per minute. This individual tourbillon was nicknamed the ‘roasted chicken’ tourbillon by watch fans. Lo Scienziato watch-please pay attention to the left-hand roasted chicken tourbillon in the picture-these days, there is an exhibition of ‘Panerhai Tour’ at Huaihai Middle Road International Trade IAPM. At the opening ceremony, Huo Jianhua, the spokesperson for the brand Greater China, came to the site to cut the ribbon and was interviewed, attracting many fans to watch. The exhibition period is Sunday, November 4, Japan. Interested friends can take the time to take a look. In addition to admiring Panerai’s latest models and several heavyweight works, you can also watch the watchmaker’s demonstration of the assembly process of the movement on Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai. The text of the IAPM ‘Panorama Journey’ exhibition contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the Internet. No one may use them without permission. Please contact us for reprinting for authorization.