China Resources Arc De Triomphe King Released And Five Top Jewelry Watch Exhibitions

The Arc de Triomphe of China Resources and the release of the No. 9 building king who had been in the snow for three years on the morning of July 26. Five top jewelry watches debuted in Hefei. The event invited the chief brand lecturer of Beijing Yaolai Group to explain the brand history to the guests. . Sina Leju reporter arrived at the China Resources Arc de Triomphe Marketing Center at the northwest corner of the intersection of Xiyou Road and Qianshan Road at 8:30 in the morning. Guests arrived one after another, and final arrangements for the event were underway.

 China Resources Arc de Triomphe Event Signs Everywhere

At 9:40 am, the event officially started. The host took the stage to introduce the highlight of the event is the launch of the heavyweight of China Resources Arc de Triomphe-Building No. 9 and at the same time will bring a visual feast to the guests. China Resources Arc de Triomphe has seen five top luxury jewellery watches from Boucheron, Dewitt, Parmigiani, RichardMille, and Royal Asscher.

 Beijing Yaolai Group Brand Lecturer

 Model presents luxury watch on catwalk

Next, the chief lecturer of Beijing Yaolai Group explained the concept of luxury to the guests. Counting the development of the five major brands, and then the models displayed the most representative works of the brand. The first introduction is the Parmigiani, the king of Swiss clocks, followed by the custom made by RichardMille Jackie Chan, Dewitt’s blue royal lineage, Boucheron, Royal Asscher’s 74 diamond-cut Asscher cutting technology .

 Dai Shixiang, head of marketing management department of China Resources Arc de Triomphe

With the ultimate courtesy, the top luxury with the China Resources Arc de Triomphe No. 9 building king, Dai Shixiang, the head of the marketing management department of China Resources Land Hefei Co., Ltd. came to the stage to introduce LOONG products to the guests. Symbol of the noble temperament of Building 9. At the same time, he introduced to the guests some of the luxury projects in China and CR Land’s luxury projects in Shanghai and Shenzhen. And explained in detail why building 9 is called the king of the building. The high-rise building is 150 meters high, with a distance of more than 200 meters from the front building 20, and the lighting conditions are excellent. The apartment area is between 320-800 meters. This is a project in Hefei that has no history before.

 Mr. Dai Shixiang and Ms. Dong Xiaohui unveiled the ‘Zodiac Dragon Head’

In the guest’s expectation, LOONG9 product was officially unveiled. Mr. Dai Shixiang and Ms. Dong Xiaohui, the manager of customer relationship department, jointly unveiled the ‘Zodiac Dragon Head’ props gift box.

 Furnishings in the showroom on the second floor

The opening of the curtain of the dragon’s head marked the official launch of the first exhibition of Hefei Arc de Triomphe 9 and the world’s top five top-level jewelry watches in Hefei.

 High-quality watches in the showcase on the second floor

Guests walked on the second floor to visit the jewelry and watch exhibits, and saw the gorgeous model of building 9 in the VIP reception room at LOONG on the second floor.

Sports Choices What Watches Do Sports Stars Wear

In terms of watch endorsements, sports stars have a huge influence. Their sportsmanship, fitness posture and vitality are also most favored by watch brands for endorsements or professional, high-end, Or an affinity watch style. With the interpretation of these athletes, the original fuzzy product image becomes clear and full. Watches that have something in common with these sporting spirits are also cleverly integrated in function, design, technology and sports. Justin Rose
Aimei craftsmanship series hollow chronograph 128000 yuan
It is precisely because of the confidence, passion, casual and focused charm and demeanor displayed by British golfer Justin Rose that Le Méridien specifically chose him as the spokesman for the brand’s temperament. The intricate structure of this new ingenious skeletonized chronograph movement is fascinating. The gray-black second hand bounces repeatedly on the hour and minute hands coated with luminous coating, passing through the sapphire crystal dial treated with rock gray metal plating. Stopped on the chronograph dial. It rotates with the hands of the chronograph small dial, which is a uniquely designed hollowed out dial that looks like the gears of a movement and is full of mechanical beauty.
Schaffhausen IWC IWC large engineer automatic watch Zidane special limited edition 104,000 yuan
This is a watch with a limited edition of 500 pieces designed by Zidane himself. Through the transparent sapphire glass case back, you can clearly see the name of the retired star engraved on the winding rotor. This badge is also engraved with the number 10 — Zidane’s jersey number. It was in this number that he led the French team to win the 1998 World Cup. The 27 and 45 on the bezel represent 27 and 45 minutes of Zidane’s two goals in this game.
Xi Zhongman
Tissot Tengzhi Elite Edition Orange Tape All Steel Model 5750 Yuan
As sensitive as the moment the fencer touches the opponent, just tap the T-TOUCH Tengzhi Elite Edition watch to quickly provide weather forecast, altitude, countdown, compass, automatic demagnetization, dual alarm, thermometer, Two places time, backlight and perpetual calendar function. With the original high-tech touch screen mirror as the highlight, no matter what the extreme weather and altitude, temperature and distance, as long as you touch the mirror, you can control real-time information and forecast future weather trends.
Li Na
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 36 mm
This watch endorsed by Li Na can be called a classic Rolex. The Oyster Perpetual Diary gold-steel series has a history of more than 60 years. This latest 36 mm watch with 52 diamonds, On the basis of classics, a very feminine pink and flower surface are added. It is difficult to hide the noble and domineering in the colorful and soft beauty, and it is also very in line with the aesthetics of Chinese women. And Li Na’s endorsement also brought a win-win situation to Chinese tennis, Li Na, and Rolex.
Hoya Monaco Series White Women’s Watch 44200 yuan
After five years of cooperation with TAG Heuer, Sharapova and TAG Heuer jointly launched a new Monaco watch in which they personally participated in the design. The style of this watch is as calm and unique as Sharapova’s style of play. Style. The polished stainless steel case is set with 26 diamonds weighing 0.78 carats. The pure white mother-of-pearl dial is set with 13 diamonds representing the time scale. The white python skin strap and thick dial design have a strong Feminine. Agassi couple
Admiral Longines Admiral
腕表 This watch is specially made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Tiffany Graff and Andre Agassi at the French Open. What this watch wants to express is an upward movement realm, a sport attitude that pursues extreme perfection, precision and elegance. The black surface is decorated with 204 beautiful diamonds, and the black ’10’ is the honorary representative of the tenth anniversary of the two French Open. This watch is equipped with the L705 self-winding mechanical movement, which swings at 28,800 times per hour and has a 46-hour energy reserve.
Josean Bolt
Hublot to King Power Gold
This watch is inspired by Bolt’s position as the king in track and field history, and its design is full of mighty and avant-garde power. The case has sharp angles and straight edges, as well as embossed pogo pins and screws. On the edge of the case, the buttons are more prominent, and decorative small tubes are inserted into the black synthetic resin. The ceramic bezel is wrapped in rubber for a new feel. The chronograph and the femtosecond hands are also completely new, arranged on different levels and with different surface treatments. The spiral-shaped femtosecond hand adds a sense of dynamics, and the rubber strap uses a relief pattern to give people a sense of strength. Inviting Bolt to endorse also implied the best wishes that Hublot hopes to run ahead of time with one.
PlanPlanet Ocean series chronograph
Ocean Universe is an improved model of the 300-meter diving watch of the Seahorse series in 1957. This series uses a coaxial escapement movement, which exceeds the standard of professional diving watches. This watch is equipped with a vertical wheel chronograph, the hippocampus badge on the spiral caseback, the toothed bezel, the smooth steel strap and the contrasting colors, all present the classic characteristics of the hippocampus watch. Using the water dragon Phelps endorsement, he explained the underwater professionalism and high-end of this watch with his unshakable dominance in the water.

Saxony Precision Watch Brand Lange 2016 New Tour Exhibition Beijing Event

Since March 2016, Lange, a Saxony precision watchmaking brand, has begun a tour of the new 2016 masterpiece. In late June, all 7 new Lange masterpieces including DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL TOURBILLON, RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS, GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE ‘Lumen’, and SAXONIA MOON PHASE arrived in China, and were held in Shanghai through the theme event ‘Robot Master Touring the World’ (June 22 to June 27) and Beijing (June 29 to July 3) will debut in full. Today, China’s tour exhibition has been successfully concluded in Beijing SKP.

Beijing SKP

   Beijing SKP, a luxury department store positioning global high-end fashion and a destination of innovative fashion lifestyle, Beijing SKP will adhere to the eternal pursuit of a better life and create a real dream place for consumers.

Lange Machinery Master Touring the World 2016 SIHH New Works Exhibition

Lange German watchmaker David Weber explains live and new technology patents

   At the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon held in January, the Lange showroom summed up the basic features of the Saxony precision watchmaking brand and the characteristics of the new masterpieces with ‘MECHANICAL MASTERS’. These new watches all reflect Lange’s profound technical foundation, scientific mind, superb aesthetic cultivation and consistent enthusiasm for the mechanical world.

   The 1:50 large model standing in the center of the Lange showroom of the Haute Horlogerie Salon in Geneva this year is based on Saxony’s latest masterpiece-DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL TOURBILLON, limited to 100 pieces.

   Combining three complex devices and five additional functions, this unique Lange watch is not only technically superior, but also sophisticated in layout and clearly displays information. Three complex devices include: a chronograph equipped with a column wheel, a precision jumping-indicator, a flyback function and a classic Lange calendar display, a perpetual jump calendar with a moon phase display and a patented stop-second tourbillon. The L952.2 movement, composed of 729 parts, is of course a big watchmaking challenge, and the process of modification and assembly of the watch also requires professional skills. Only top watchmakers can overcome obstacles and make individual installations interact perfectly.
   Limited edition of 100 RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS cleverly integrates two major devices: one-second constant-power escapement brings extreme precision; the seconds jumping device ensures that the time display is clear and easy to read, and the large second hand moves forward 60 steps per minute in the slightest not bad. The watch also has a zero reset function: when the crown is pulled up, the second hand will jump to the zero position.

   RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS is precise and classic in shape, highlighting the functional aesthetics of the dial structure. The silver-gray chronograph dial features a large seconds ring on the top, giving the seconds hand a special status. On the dial, there is a triangular window at the intersection of the hour and minute circles. When the power reserve is exhausted ten hours before, a red indicator will appear there to remind the wearer to wind the watch. RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS is a well-deserved celebrity work that combines cutting-edge technology, fun and classic flavor.
   Lange launched the GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’ in 2013. The translucent sapphire crystal dial presents the clever structure of the Lange large calendar display. The GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE, which was released the following year, reproduces the moon by the moon phase display on the main dial, with an accuracy rate of 99.998%. Today, the GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE ‘Lumen’ combines these two extraordinary designs into one, creating a GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE ‘Lumen’ that combines a delicate moon phase display and a charming luminous large calendar display, limited to 200 pieces.


   The acclaimed SAXONIA MOON PHASE is the first time in the Lange SAXONIA series that two charming displays of the moon phase and the big calendar are displayed simultaneously. These two elements are particularly noticeable on the simple surface of SAXONIA: the large calendar display is set below the 12 o’clock position, and the small second dial with the moon phase display in the upper half is set at the 6 o’clock position, and the two are visually balanced , Making this watch the best combination of exquisite practical functions and excellent design.