Admiral Kunlun Watch: Metal Chain Strap

I like metal straps, especially all-steel chain straps. Many people are allergic to metals (commonly stainless steel), but fortunately I am not. Many people think that leather straps are softer and more comfortable to wear. My opinion is just the opposite. I think polished metal straps are the most comfortable to wear. I like the toughness of metal straps. At the same time, when metal straps come in contact with the skin, they generally do not produce the severe sweating that most leather straps have.

     I like metal straps because I like to wear sporty watches. I usually wear Rolex the most, so the ‘Oyster Strap’ is one of my most familiar and favorite designs. In addition, I like the Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Omega Constellation. But for some formal watches or watches with precious metal case, crocodile leather strap is a more suitable choice. Another reason I like metal straps is that metal bracelet links can generally “fine-tune” the length of the strap, making it more comfortable to wear.