Athens Watch Launches ‘whimsical Transcendence Watch-coral Reef Limited Edition’

Two unique Freak Vision watches were born in the nautical world unique to Athens watches. Named after the famous snorkeling reef in Coral Bay, Western Australia, the two Whimsical Coral Reef Watches show exciting new decorative pressure welding technology and the micro-painting process that Athens Watch has been proud of for so long.

   Freak Vision was launched at the SIHH 2018 in Geneva, encompassing a range of innovations in fine timepieces: an ultra-light silicon balance with a combination of nickel parts and micro-flakes, and a curved shape Ultra-thin case made of domed crystal glass. Now, the aesthetic skills of the coral reef perfectly complement this masterpiece.

Electronic Technology Achieves Master Craftsmanship
   Swiss watchmakers are known for their continuous expansion of new technologies in other areas. The best example is the exclusive use of silicon obtained from the electronics industry. Now using another electronic technology-pressure welding, thousands of 24K gold wires are used to make fine patterns. Computer chip makers use this technology to conduct electricity; Athens watches use this technology because it can create unparalleled designs.
   The crimping machine crimps gold wires on each side, one after the other, and draws a coral reef pattern on the spring box bridge of the watch movement. Each thread has a different size, and all threads are joined only at the top and bottom, not the middle.
   To create blue and gold coral reef patterns, watchmakers used blue chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to color components and coral reefs. Except for the start and end of the gold thread, which was cleaned with a laser, the entire surface was painted. Then, the gold wire is pressure-welded to the component.

Micropainted coral masterpiece
   The most unique feature of Whimsical Transcendence Reef Watch is the micro-painting process: red and white acrylic paintings are painted on the spring box bridge, and the surface is treated with chemical vapor deposition (CVD) blue. The master craftsman uses the color of the paint to directly apply and mix on the dial: after applying a layer of color, the dial is fired in a 90 ° C stove; the color quickly dries and does not fade. The smallest details are hand-painted under a magnifying glass using a super-fine brush. Complex patterns take about 20 hours to paint.
   A true masterpiece of craftsmanship, tailor-made on demand, unique, the double seams on the strap are equipped with gold or coral red to match the blue or coral red gear transmission splint and escapement. Other colors are available on request.