Baoper And Fairmont Le Montreux Palace Host Michelin-starred Chef Danny Garcia’s Gourmet Feast

From September 26th to 27th, 2017, Dani García, the Andalusian chef who has been hailed as the most international prestige, at two Michelin star celebrity chefs’ night activities Zhongzhan exquisite cooking skills. During his stay in Switzerland, the Hispanic gourmet master and a close friend of the Blancpain brand also visited the Blancpain watchmaking workshop with joy.

Andalusian chef Danny Garcia poses with Alain Delamuraz, global vice president and marketing director of Blancpain (left), and Michael Smithuis, general manager of Fairmont Le Montreux Palace (right).

   While in Switzerland, Danny Garcia first visited Blancpain’s watchmaking workshop in the Vallée de Joux, accompanied by Blancpain’s global vice president and marketing director Alain Delamuraz. Taking this opportunity, Danny Garcia, a Michelin-starred chef, was fortunate to see the mystery of the Blancpain gene. He said with emotion: ‘I finally realized how sophisticated and complex the watchmaking process is. In the cooking process, I usually use four or five ingredients to make a gourmet meal and create a watch movement. But hundreds of parts are needed. ‘

On September 26-27, 2017, Michelin-starred chef Danny Garcia (Spain) hosted a gourmet feast at Blancpain in collaboration with the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace Hotel and Tourbillon Boutique.

   Blancpain has always been loyal to tradition and has innovated. The innumerable new complex timepieces introduced over the years are the best proof. The time-honored spirit of innovation continues to drive this watch giant forward. It is also this creative spirit that connects this family of celebrities with the art of food, and the two are perfectly natural. As Alain Delamuraz puts it: ‘Now the collaboration between the watchmaking industry and the gourmet industry is a trend, and Blancpain has been involved in the gourmet industry for 30 years.’ Highlights of this cooperation history are frequent . In 1986, Frédy Girardet was crowned ‘the world’s top chef’, and Blancpain presented a beautifully engraved watch.

One of the delicious dishes prepared by the two Michelin star chefs: roast duck with parsley puree and fresh herbs.

Danny Garcia’s cooking shows the perfect fusion of Andalusian traditional American cuisine with modern flavors, such as this pine nut risotto with creamy almonds, king crab and anchovies served with mint sauce.

   Three years later, Freddy Girardt, along with Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon, was praised by Gault et Millau, a gourmet magazine ‘Master Chef of the Century’; for this reason, Blancpain once again paid tribute to the three masters in the same way. These special watches celebrate the core values ​​of the two industries: the pursuit of excellence, passion, exquisite craftsmanship, precision, stability, and meticulousness. Since then, Blancpain has forged an indissoluble bond with the culinary giants. About 100 Michelin-starred chefs have become Blancpain’s best friends, including Joel · mentioned above. Lubson, and energetic Andalusian chef Danny Garcia.

Desserts consisting of orange, honey, Andalusian pistachios, and mint green tea ice cream bring the incredible gastronomic creativity of Spanish chefs to a climax.

At the two-night gourmet feast, the Spanish chef carefully prepared several dishes with Andalusian style. The picture shows the caviar broccoli and green bamboo shoot dill mousse.

Star Chef Night
   The friendship between Blancpain and chef Danny Garcia has been proven by the world on two ‘Star Chef Nights’, both of which were conducted by the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace And the hotel’s tourbillon boutique. That night, Alain Delamuraz, Global Vice President and Marketing Director of Blancpain, Antonio Lopez, Global Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Director of Personnel and Management of Blancpain, and Michael Smithuis, General Manager of Fairmont Le Montreux Palace Hospitality extended their hospitality to the best friends and Media representatives. The guests were fortunate to explore the gourmet world and experience six Andalusian-style dishes prepared by chef Danny Garcia: caviar broccoli, green bamboo dill mousse, Spanish anchovies, black truffle and aroma Flower. The six courses are carefully prepared in the hotel kitchen by Danny Garcia. At that time, he was wearing a Blancpain Flyback Chronograph watch from the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series.