Basel 2019: The Ultra-thin Watch Bvlgari Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ceramic Watch Which Is More Scratch-resistant But Also Harder To Make

Since 2014, BVLGARI Bulgari has relied on its ace Octo Finissimo to write down five ultra-thin watch records in succession, most of which are complex function models, only 2017 The Octo Finissimo automatic watch introduced in the year is a relatively basic three-pin hands (but this is the best men’s watch title of the Geneva Watch Awards of the year, don’t look down on it for simple functions), and in addition to these record-breaking ultra-thin Stars, in fact, the brand’s Octo Finissimo family also has other amazingly thin players. Looking at these styles, in the past, Bulgari used titanium or precious metals, and occasionally added DLC coating to black and cool. 2019 Bvlgari introduced ceramic materials to the Octo Finissimo family for the first time, and introduced two models of ultra-thin automatic small three-pin and ultra-thin manual hollow small three-pin in one fell swoop. Although they did not break the record, they also designed ultra-thin watches. Bring to another pinnacle.

Most of the Bulgari Octo Finissimo family used titanium or precious metal in the past. In 2019, the brand adopted ceramics for the first time, bringing the production level of ultra-thin technology to a higher level.

The reason why ‘the other state of the pinnacle’ is related to two factors, one is Octo case with circular bezel, and the case itself has a lot of layers. Therefore, its manufacturing process is originally more than ordinary The difficulty of styling the case is higher; the second reason is that although the ceramic material is advertised as scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, it also means that it is high in hardness and easy to crack, which is an unfavorable factor when making the case. Therefore, when Bulgari uses ‘ceramics’ to make the ‘Octo Finissimo watch’ case, it is a bit like challenging itself, making the watch even more difficult.

Including the case, face plate, chain strap and even the folding buckle are all made of ceramic material, which is black and pure.

The skeleton parts of the movement are also specially plated black. At the same time, according to its bracelet mechanism, Bvlgari also has a power reserve indicator to remind the watch owner to pay attention to the power status at any time.

The Octo Finissimo self-winding ceramic watch in the series is equipped with a BVL 138 movement with a thickness of only 2.23mm. It uses a micro-automatic plate to reduce the thickness of the movement. The automatic plate itself also uses platinum to improve the efficiency of winding. Not only is the case made of sandblasted black ceramic, in fact, including the face plate, chain strap, and even the folding buckle, they are also made of the same ceramic material, which makes the case show the ultimate All Black effect-all in one color. In addition to the black tone, its black color is still from the same material. Even the hands and time scales are also completely black. If the clarity of reading may not be its strong point, but on the ultra-thin, cool style, this The paragraph really played to its fullest. However, there will be some losses, because the new use of ceramic materials, so the thickness of the case slightly increased compared to other metal models, this case thickness is 5.50mm, in fact, it is still quite thin, just by wearing feel I can hardly feel where it has thickened.

BVL 138 self-winding movement, thickness is only 2.23mm, equipped with platinum micro-automatic disc, power reserve is 60 hours

The BVL 128 manual winding movement has a thickness of 2.35mm. It is actually thicker than the automatic winding movement, but it has a slightly more power reserve of 65 hours.

Another Octo Finissimo bracelet ceramic watch is equipped with a BVL 128 movement with a thickness of only 2.35mm. Due to the hollow relationship, its face plate cannot use the same ceramic material as the case and bracelet. On the contrary, Bvlgari is black-plated parts of the movement plate, bridge plate, and black scales on the scale ring, small second dial outer scale, etc., at least to make the entire watch also maintain a consistent sense of deep black visual unity . The function of the bracelet model is similar to the automatic small three-pin hand mentioned earlier, but its power reserve (65 hours) is 5 hours longer than the automatic model, and Bvlgari also adds a power reserve display at 9 o’clock in the face plate. , So that the wearer knows more about the dynamic growth of the watch. This watch is as beautiful as the front, and the matte black plated hollow substrate runs through the entire back like a spider’s web. Under the all-black background, it highlights the relatively dynamic movement of the golden balance wheel. However, it is more surprising that the thickness of this watch is set to 5.50mm like the automatic three-hand model (although its thickness is thicker than that of the BVL 138, but it also lacks the surface layer Thickness). Does this mean that the case sizes of the automatic and manual models are common? Or because of the different movements, the case must still be made separately, which are all issues that you can try to think about this ultra-thin watch.

Octo Finissimo self-winding ceramic watch

Ceramic material / BVL 138 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 40mm / reference price: about 109,000 RMB

Octo Finissimo manual winding ceramic watch

Ceramic material / BVL 128 self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 30 meters / diameter 40mm / reference price: about 172,000 RMB