Beautiful And Fashionable Avatar Tissot Flamingo Black Dial Watch

Since the brand was founded, Tissot has never stopped designing ladies watches. Initially, they were just a piece of jewelry. Later, the Tissot brand first produced women’s watches in 1911. Today, the Tissot T-Lady women’s watch series introduces a variety of women’s exclusive watches to women. The Tissot Flamenco watch incorporates the perfect simple design concept with clean lines, making it beautiful, pure and fashionable. Today’s Watch House brings you a beautiful and stylish Tissot Flamingo watch, the official model: T094.


   This watch is a typical lady’s watch. The watch is slender and beautiful, luxurious and elegant. The watch uses an elegant and soft round case. The shiny silver is stylish and contrasts with the black parts of other parts. The thin and flexible watch strap is perfect for women’s wrists. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters.


   The watch uses a round crown, which is decorated with tooth patterns on the side of the crown to make it easy to grasp the adjustment time; and the Tissot logo letter ‘T’ on the top of the crown is beautiful and distinguished. The crown of the watch is recessed into the case, which protects the crown to a certain extent.


   The watch strap is a black lacquered leather strap, which is soft and tough, with reasonable cuts and bright colors; the edges of the strap are stitched with black stitching, and the middle is punched, which can be adjusted as needed.


   This watch uses 316L stainless steel to create a round case. The bezel is specially designed to make the case more three-dimensional. The case is polished and smooth. The overall design of the case is round, showing the feminine look of women’s watches.


   The black dial inside the case indicates the time with the traditional large central three hands, and there is a date display window at 6 o’clock; the black dial uses silver bar-shaped hour markers, and the silver circle makes the dial more layered.


   The lugs of the watch are linear lugs, and the connection with the case is specially shaped to form an asymmetrical aesthetic.


   The black strap is linked by a folding butterfly clasp, which is easy to open and close and easy to wear but not easy to fall off.

Summary: This Tissot Flamingo watch adheres to the consistent design of the watch, integrating clean lines into the perfect simple design concept, making the watch both beautiful and pure. Elegant as jewellery, this watch exudes a natural sense of fashion, with a timeless style. It is a classic that appeals to people.