China Resources Arc De Triomphe King Released And Five Top Jewelry Watch Exhibitions

The Arc de Triomphe of China Resources and the release of the No. 9 building king who had been in the snow for three years on the morning of July 26. Five top jewelry watches debuted in Hefei. The event invited the chief brand lecturer of Beijing Yaolai Group to explain the brand history to the guests. . Sina Leju reporter arrived at the China Resources Arc de Triomphe Marketing Center at the northwest corner of the intersection of Xiyou Road and Qianshan Road at 8:30 in the morning. Guests arrived one after another, and final arrangements for the event were underway.

 China Resources Arc de Triomphe Event Signs Everywhere

At 9:40 am, the event officially started. The host took the stage to introduce the highlight of the event is the launch of the heavyweight of China Resources Arc de Triomphe-Building No. 9 and at the same time will bring a visual feast to the guests. China Resources Arc de Triomphe has seen five top luxury jewellery watches from Boucheron, Dewitt, Parmigiani, RichardMille, and Royal Asscher.

 Beijing Yaolai Group Brand Lecturer

 Model presents luxury watch on catwalk

Next, the chief lecturer of Beijing Yaolai Group explained the concept of luxury to the guests. Counting the development of the five major brands, and then the models displayed the most representative works of the brand. The first introduction is the Parmigiani, the king of Swiss clocks, followed by the custom made by RichardMille Jackie Chan, Dewitt’s blue royal lineage, Boucheron, Royal Asscher’s 74 diamond-cut Asscher cutting technology .

 Dai Shixiang, head of marketing management department of China Resources Arc de Triomphe

With the ultimate courtesy, the top luxury with the China Resources Arc de Triomphe No. 9 building king, Dai Shixiang, the head of the marketing management department of China Resources Land Hefei Co., Ltd. came to the stage to introduce LOONG products to the guests. Symbol of the noble temperament of Building 9. At the same time, he introduced to the guests some of the luxury projects in China and CR Land’s luxury projects in Shanghai and Shenzhen. And explained in detail why building 9 is called the king of the building. The high-rise building is 150 meters high, with a distance of more than 200 meters from the front building 20, and the lighting conditions are excellent. The apartment area is between 320-800 meters. This is a project in Hefei that has no history before.

 Mr. Dai Shixiang and Ms. Dong Xiaohui unveiled the ‘Zodiac Dragon Head’

In the guest’s expectation, LOONG9 product was officially unveiled. Mr. Dai Shixiang and Ms. Dong Xiaohui, the manager of customer relationship department, jointly unveiled the ‘Zodiac Dragon Head’ props gift box.

 Furnishings in the showroom on the second floor

The opening of the curtain of the dragon’s head marked the official launch of the first exhibition of Hefei Arc de Triomphe 9 and the world’s top five top-level jewelry watches in Hefei.

 High-quality watches in the showcase on the second floor

Guests walked on the second floor to visit the jewelry and watch exhibits, and saw the gorgeous model of building 9 in the VIP reception room at LOONG on the second floor.