Choose A Watch For My Father ‘quickly And Accurately’ – Blancpain’s Timepiece For Father’s Day

Maybe becoming a father can make a man truly grow into a man. Being competent in this big or small role always means giving, responsibility and generosity. For fathers of different ages, this ‘title’ shows a different meaning. Another Father’s Day, Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watch brand, carefully selected the most suitable wrist gifts for fathers of different ages. We believe that this gift can be a child’s filial piety, it can also come from the wife’s approval, and it can also be an affirmation and motivation to yourself.
Dad’s future tense-looking forward to their first father’s day
   The joy of being a father makes these young people especially look forward to a significant holiday, Father’s Day. This is a very memorable and inherited moment. A limited edition watch that can be passed on to children is bound to make this special day even more icing on the cake.
   Blancpain’s Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph ‘Heart is the Ocean’ Limited Edition is dynamic and eye-catching, full of youth and vitality, it is the choice of many 80 and 90 boys. It fully inherits the classic elements of the Fifty Fathoms family and is a fully functional diving chronograph. This watch is equipped with Blancpain’s latest flyback chronograph movement F385. Its movement has a built-in column wheel timing device with a vibration frequency of up to 5 Hz (36,000 times / hour) and a flyback interval of only one tenth of a second, making it an ideal choice for flyback timing. In addition, the F385 movement also uses anti-magnetic silicon hairsprings, while achieving the same excellent anti-magnetic performance, but also allows the movement to get rid of the limitations of the soft iron case. Like all Blancpain’s 35 new movements launched after 2006, the F385 movement is equipped with a cardless hairspring and is equipped with gold fine-tuning screws to achieve precise inertial adjustment of the watch, bringing more time to the watch. Robust performance and more precise adjustment operations. The watch also adds two major diving features, equipped with a sealed chronograph button, which can guarantee 300 meters of water resistance, ensuring the safety of underwater operations. In addition, the watch also has a flyback function, which is particularly useful for divers to achieve rapid decompression timing underwater. The ‘Limited Edition’ label adds a sparkling halo to this watch that will be passed down from generation to generation as a ‘family token’.
Sportsman Daddy-Growing Up with Children
   The young and frivolous big boy was promoted to be a father, bid farewell to the unbridled time, and began to completely change the little ‘childishness’ left over for the little babies in the family.
   The Blancpain Blancpain Villeret series of modern retro hidden hidden full-calendar moon phase half hunting watches is full of light retro atmosphere, which is very suitable for young fashion trend dads. Known as the ‘Moon Phase Revival’ and Blancpain, which has the richest and most complete moon phase family in the industry, it is very handy to create such a watch. This watch is equipped with a safe and reliable date protection system (so that it can be adjusted at any time without damaging the movement) and Blancpain’s original hidden adjustment system. Full-calendar moon phase function is always the best expression of the Villeret series characteristic process. Blancpain’s built-in automatic movement (balance wheel vibration frequency: 28800 times / hour) has 2 barrels, ensuring a 72-hour power reserve. Blancpain’s new patented adjustment device-located below the lugs, is not only very easy to adjust, but also makes the watch more simple and refreshing on both sides. At the same time, the wearer does not need professional tools, and only needs to lightly touch the fingertip to complete the adjustment process.
Acquaintance father in both hands of business family——Relieve stress and get back passion
   Career and family are the two most important aspects for people to middle age. For fathers of this age, the children have reached the age when they need the most care and companionship, and the career has also developed to the stage of being alone. Despite the pressure of life, the fathers still yearn for passion. An elegant and stable watch, which will help them to find the delicate and taste when they are young, is right to their heart.
   The Blancpain Villeret series large calendar window watch displays the elegant and practical large calendar window complex functions through two side-by-side wide windows with large numbers to make the date reading at a glance. Blancpain introduced the concept of ‘schedule’ into a purely famous junior model with a sense of proportion, breaking the ‘increasing by one point’ principle, not only retaining the essence of simple aesthetics, but also satisfying daily life. The most basic functional requirements of life on the watch-vividly reflects the brand’s style when dealing with complex mechanical skills. The watch is equipped with the new Caliber 6950 movement, equipped with two main barrels, and the exquisite large calendar display mechanism is also equipped with anti-shock device. In addition, it is also equipped with a silicon-free balance with hairspring and gold trim screw, which brings excellent performance. The new large calendar window watch continues the simple and elegant design style, which captures this series of traditional supreme eternal pursuits and elegant and exquisite long-lasting style, and the large calendar window more subtly expresses the father’s day and night to the children. Care and love.
Middle-aged, loving father-sharing ethics with increasingly sensible children
   Fathers who are not confused have spent half their lives for their children and families. As the children can gradually live independently, the fathers have also reached the age at which they should enjoy life. Low-key and practical are their requirements for watches.
   Blancpain Villeret 8-day power reserve manual winding watch with a calm and mysterious black enamel burned dial, showing stunning low-key luxury. The 8-day power reserve provides great convenience to the aging father. This watch offers two intimate choices of platinum and red gold for fathers with different color preferences.
A mature and experienced father——waiting for the child’s achievements and enjoying the indifference of life
   At this moment, carrying a father with most of his life experience and experience, he is no longer obsessed with success and failure. He just wants to hold his wife’s hand, watch the flowers bloom in front of the court, and enjoy the calmness and calmness of life together. Many years of love and companionship deserve the most precious and refined feedback from the children.
   Blancpain’s world’s first Chinese calendar has both practical value and far-reaching significance. It has reached the peak of the fine watchmaking industry and is a sincere respect and best praise for the hard work of an elderly father. The watch uses the chronological principle that has been ingrained in China for thousands of years, highlighting the mysterious beauty of traditional Chinese timing. The layout of the chronograph dial is exquisite, and the hour, minute and standard calendars are jumping on the dial. It also integrates important timing elements in the traditional Chinese calendar, such as twelve hours (24 hours), the lunar date, the lunar month (in combination with the leap month display), The zodiac year even includes five elements and ten heavenly stems. The twelve zodiac signs correspond to the twelve Earthly Branches, which are matched in sequence with the Ten Heavenly Stems to form sixty basic units or sixty stems, commonly known as ‘sixty Jiazi’, which constitute the core content of Chinese seasonal culture- Traditional Chinese, this watch provides “relevant data” at any time on the wrist, without having to bother turning the old yellow calendar. The Chinese calendar is equipped with a new automatic movement of 3638. The movement consists of 434 parts set with 39 gems and a power reserve of 7 days. The watch is complex in craftsmanship and exquisite in technology. It perfectly presents many time elements without periodic patterns on the dial. The watch uses a 45 mm diameter platinum case, the crown is decorated with a convex round cut ruby, and 5 hidden adjustment buttons under the Blancpain patented design under the lugs, while adjusting to ensure that the side of the watch is simple and smooth. Line beauty.