Chopard Beijing Releases New Imperiale Jewellery Watch

Chopard, the top jewellery and watch brand, held a new product launch event for its new Imperiale series at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing on September 20th. . Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and fashion designer Ye Mingzi
    On the same day, Ye Mingzi, a famous fashion designer, and Jin Yimeng, the first female director with a billion-dollar Chinese box office, attended the event and shared their unique insights and preferences for the Imperiale series with the guests at the same time. In the Imperiale series of short films directed and starred by Yimeng, Ms. Ye Mingzi, a fashion designer, also showed a number of clothing inspired by the Imperiale series.
New Imperiale
    Imperiale was inspired by its tribute to the long history of the ancient empires of Byzantium, Greece, China, and Rome. The Imperiale watch was born in the 1990s and redesigned in 2010. Its style is more individual and modern. This time Chopard introduces the new Imperiale series, which combines unique style and noble temperament. It attracts attention with its perfect proportions and exquisite details.
New Imperiale Jewelry New Imperiale Jewellery
     The Imperiale jewellery is a perfect match for this collection of watches, with a sense of elegance. The new jewellery combines softness and resilience, and is made of rose gold or white gold with soft amethyst and pink quartz stones in the center. The edges of the petals are pure and natural, or they are set with diamonds. The series is divided into Imperiale by Day, Imperiale by Night, and Imperiale Forever to cater for the different needs of modern fashion women for the jewelry and watches they wear at work and social places during the day and night. Among them, Imperiale Forever is for ladies to attend any occasion A versatile all-time wearable.