Fighting On The Wrist Handmade Mosaic To Create Luxurious Art

In this era of pursuing low-key introversion, we seem to never find the glorious and domineering style of ‘the golden labor is on the wrist, envy everyone’. We are proud of the great hand-inlaying technique to create another more ‘arrogant’ diamond watch. It can be said that the revival and prosperity of the diamond watch has made the gentlemen who have been suppressed for many years once again found the so-called ‘show off fun’.
Drill and table
 Watches and diamonds are actually born as a pair. From the history of watch development, the earliest collaboration between watchmakers and jewellery craftsmen gave birth to the beginning of the present watch industry. Since the 20th century, diamond and jewellery watches have become increasingly popular. For diamond setting, each brand has its own ‘housekeeping skills’. Xiao Bian today selected a few classic diamond watches in recent years.
The artistic and fresh Jaeger-LeCoultre Dendez-Vous dating series
Literary and refreshing Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous dating women’s watch
 ‘Small freshness in a diamond watch’ can be said to be the best summary of the external image of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous dating series women’s watch. Its soft breath penetrates into every detail of the outline. The case perfectly matches the dial, creating a stage for the mechanical movement to show its rhythm. The self-winding movement is completely designed, manufactured and assembled by the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory, using a guilloché pattern hand-crafted with the purest fine watchmaking traditional craftsmanship, and incorporating day / night display. The diamond-set bezel reflects every moment it has experienced, and time flows quietly under its aura.
Luxurious, high-profile Hublot $ 5 million luxury diamond watch
Hublot $ 5 million luxury diamond watch
 If Jaeger-LeCoultre’s practice of setting fine diamonds on the bezel for a week is an appetizer, then this Hublot $ 5 million full-diamond watch is a luxury dish. The world’s first timeless products, unique stunning works and unprecedented creativity! Its high-profile ‘arrogant’ beauty has led the way in diamond watch making this year. The whole body is composed of 1,282 square diamonds with a total weight of more than 100 carats, only one in the world.
Elegant and quiet Piaget Altiplano watch
Piaget Altiplano Diamond Watch
 The Piaget Altiplano watch stands out for its pavé diamond dial, paved with 735 diamonds. The watch is produced and set by Piaget, with a ring-shaped gemstone pattern, which must be carefully crafted by top gemmologists. The dolphin hands move on 12 gold hour markers, which are not only easy to read, but also retain the elegant Piaget aesthetics.
Smart Cartier Cheetah Watch
Cartier Cheetah Watch
 This is an ingenious and whimsical watch. Cartier perfectly combines the functionality of the automatic oscillating weight with the decorative nature of the cheetah: the lifelike three-dimensional cheetah quietly connected to the movement, making this big cat look in ink The mother-of-pearl dial wanders and sneaks, wandering with time.
Simple and elegant Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce watch
Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce Watch
 The Aquanaut series is a familiar entry model among Patek Philippe’s many models. That said, for an office worker like me, I still have to work hard to buy it. Launched in 2005, the Aquanaut Luce watch collection adds a fresh touch of casual style. This unique watch uncompromisingly shows its casual and elegant personality. Its comprehensive taste and a bold avant-garde are the perfect portrayal of modern leisure lifestyle. With carefully selected unique colors, each Aquanaut Luce has its own style.
Chrysanthemum Chopard Happy 8
Chopard ‘Happy 8’
 The perfect curve, abundance and strength of the number 8 became Chopin’s source of inspiration, which gave birth to this series: extremely pure lines and pure materials complement each other, and diamonds and platinum are cleverly combined. These watches, pendants, rings, and earrings, as always, embody the essence of Happy Diamonds through the free play of diamonds, while the line of number 8 forms the style and beauty in the circle of interlaced circles.
 Although these arrogant diamond-set watches may be some distance from our lives, they are part of our lives as appreciated works of art.