Get Ready, 2016 ‘gentleman Ride’ Is About To Start!

‘Gentleman Riding’, founded by Mark Hawa, is one of the world’s largest motorcycle races. In 2015, the organizers recruited more than 40,000 well-dressed high-end riders in more than 400 cities. Pedestrians together raised $ 2.31 million. The goal in 2016 is to recruit more than 50,000 cyclists from more than 550 cities and raise $ 5 million for prostate cancer research and mental health programs. Funding and registration are scheduled to begin on August 1. Zenith launched a special Pilot Ton-up DGR (5 pieces) to help raise funds. Come join this sport and join the Zenith watch team!
   On Sunday, September 25, 2016, more than 50,000 high-ends in 550 cities will wear sophisticated clothing, ride the ‘Coffee Knight’, Bobber, Scrambler, and other outstanding classic custom motorcycles to promote prostate cancer knowledge And raise funds for prostate cancer treatment. Zenith has long announced a high-profile sponsorship of ‘Gentleman Riding’ to praise the industry’s immortal design and endless mechanics.

 Pilot Ton-Up DGR Special
   To celebrate this awesome sport and help raise money, Zenith has launched a special Pilot Ton-Up watch. Five watches honor the best fundraisers around the world. Pilot Ton-up was launched at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2016. It features a wide vintage stainless steel case with a diameter of 45 mm and a legendary movement. The same retro dial has perfect readability. It is reminiscent of distinctive personality, creativity, freedom and fashion, all of which fit perfectly with the spirit of ‘gentleman riding’.

 ‘Gentleman Ride’
   Founded by Mark Hawwa in 2012, it is one of the world’s largest motorcycle events. It’s inspired by a photo from Mad Men: the hero Don Draper is dressed extremely elegantly on an antique motorcycle. In the end, a ‘themed ride’ was decided, which would be very effective in overturning people’s inherent negative perceptions of motorcycle riders. The first ride enlisted more than 2,500 riders in 64 cities. The event was so successful that the organizers were encouraged to consider how to use the event to support a meaningful cause. The remaining question is-as they say-giving fashion a sense of history. In 2015, the organizers recruited more than 40,000 well-dressed high-end cyclists in more than 400 cities, and raised $ 2.31 million with us.
   The goal for 2016 is to collect more than 50,000 cyclists from more than 550 cities and raise $ 5 million for prostate cancer research and mental health programs.

 Come join the Zenith team!
   The Gentleman’s Ride website, which will open on August 1st (closed at the end of October), is the main organizational platform. Through it, antique and vintage motorcycle enthusiasts have the opportunity to organize or sign up for rides, support friends, and donate funds. Zenith has established the Zenith Watch Team. Join the Zenith Watch Team for a chance to receive a range of small giveaways, including armbands, stickers and berets, and the team’s best fundraiser can also win Pilot Ton-Up DGR special watches.

 Please remember the event schedule:
August 1 – Website launched, registration begins
September 25 – Races around the world
October 9 – Fundraising ends
Website: Sign up now and join the Zenith Watch Team!

 Pilot Ton-Up DGR Special
   Like ‘The Coffee Knight’, ‘Ton-up’ refers to a specific rider subculture that originated in Britain in the 1950s. ‘Ton-up’ cyclists aim to reach a speed of 100 miles per hour (160 km / h), or ‘the ton’ in English slang. ‘Ton-up’ at the time meant that the motorcycle had a speed of at least 100 miles per hour. The average motorcycle produced in the factory cannot reach 100 miles per hour. Zenith Pilot Ton-up refers to the performance of motorcycles (100 mph), the people who built it, and the last point-the spirit of freedom that encourages young rebels to reach it.
Zenith: Swiss watch brand from 1865
   For more than 150 years, Zenith has created wristwatches that reflect personality and style for watchmakers around the world. Zenith was founded in 1865 in Le Locle, Switzerland by the visionary master watchmaker Georges Favre-Jacot. Over the course of a century and a half, with 2,333 time-testing awards, the brand has rapidly risen in the field of precision timing, achieving an unquestionable industry record. The launch of the integrated column-wheel automatic movement El Primero in 1969 made the brand famous. The movement vibrates 36,000 times per hour to ensure accurate timing of 1/10 seconds. This is the Zenith’s more than 600 movements. Improved research results. As a member of the traditional luxury watch brand camp, Zenith has always insisted on making its own movement completely, which has become the ultimate proof of extraordinary quality. Zenith has fought for many years in many classic and traditional fields such as antique vintage cars, and now the brand is introducing unique and long-lasting timepieces for fashionistas. A long history, tradition, enthusiasm, and the pursuit of the ultimate are condensed into the soul language that has been inherited to this day-‘Legends live forever’.
About DGR:
   DGR stands for Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (‘Gentleman’s Ride’). It is a global philanthropic event designed to act as a philanthropic partner of the Movember Foundation to raise funds for prostate cancer research and various human mental health programs and disseminate relevant knowledge. . It’s a clever blend of men’s, women’s, antique and vintage motorcycles, and sophisticated clothing. On this day, the yas from all over the world ride antique motorcycles with unique style. On this day, people are full of joy and support the cause of human health together.