I Found Ingenuity In Schaffhausen: Zhang Ruoyu, A Friend Of The Brand, Visited Iwc’s Home

The right bank of the Rhine, west of Lake Constance, the quiet Swiss town of Schaffhausen is one of the most prestigious cultural labels in the world of fine watchmaking. In 1868, IWC Schaffhausen was born here, and in the following century and a half, it continued to create classic timepieces and create legends in watchmaking. IWC’s best friend Zhang Ruoyong visited Schaffhausen, following the mark of light and shadow, looking for ingenuity with pure originality.

   Stoppage time | ‘I found my ingenuity in Schaffhausen’
   The Brand Museum was opened 125 years after IWC launched. In this historic building that is now protected by the Swiss state, it not only contains IWC’s masterpieces of clocks and watches that have been circulating for more than a hundred years, but also a period of precious history. Zhang Ruojin’s tour of Schaffhausen also began here.

Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan visited the IWC Museum
   Strolling in a museum building with both elegance and futurism, lingering in the hall where classics and innovations blend, ‘Every piece of collection, every detail is like a fragment of time, converging and joining together.’ Time is here to stand and witness With the ups and downs of IWC in the history of watches and clocks, the watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary ingenuity are even more evident.

Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan visited the IWC Museum
   Beyond Time | ‘I feel the beauty of art in every inch’
   On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of IWC, the new watchmaking center was inaugurated in the suburb of Schaffhausen. This pleasing building is built both inside and out. The coexistence of simple modernity and precision engineering style perfectly condenses the brand spirit of IWC. It combines traditional watchmaking skills with cutting-edge craftsmanship and technology. Based on its heavy historical heritage, it goes beyond time and faces Bright future.

Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan visits the new watchmaking center of IWC
   At the IWC Watchmaking Center, Zhang Ruohuan put on the watchmaker’s signature white coat for the first time, and experienced first-hand the production process of the brand’s own movement and the complex processing of different material case. ‘The charm of a mechanical watch is fascinating. It’s not just a timepiece, it’s a work of art!’

Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan visits the new watchmaking center of IWC
   In the turn of the sand and the tower, each small component is transformed into a full-fledged one-inch world in a subtle combination. Like the infinite creativity and excellence of artwork creation, every day is staged in the new watchmaking center of IWC.