In The Name Of Time, Go To The Date Of Love Rado Swiss Radar Watch Brings A Variety Of ‘zhengxi’ Ritual ‘watches’ Qixi Rich Affection

(Linno, Switzerland-August 2018) Valentine’s Day is approaching. Behind this happy and sweet holiday is a story about promises and eternal love. The cowherd and the weaver girl cross the galaxy, only for the affection that flows when the four eyes are opposite, and the deep affection permeates the vast galaxy. On the occasion of this romantic honeymoon, RADO presents its sincere blessings to all steadfast lovers with eight classic watch pairs.

Retro personality, style charm, HyperChrome series

Hao Xing series 1616 watch Hao Xing series Captain Cook watch
   The RADO HyperChrome series is known for its superior quality and individual design. The HyperChrome 1616 men’s watch and Captain Cook’s women’s watch draw inspiration from the glorious 1960s and bring the best choices to the romantic lovers. The case of the HyperChrome 1616 watch has sharp edges and bold shapes. The watch is made of hardened titanium, which is extremely lightweight and extremely durable. It brings an extraordinary experience of new materials for adventure-loving gentlemen. The Captain Cook ladies’ watch of Hao Xing series has revived the retro trend with its extraordinary design. The slightly raised dial is embellished with eight silver glittering Weselton diamonds, white high-tech ceramic bezel and delicate The combination of the Milanese-woven metal bracelet makes this watch unique and elegant, and it is undoubtedly the perfect choice for fashionable women who love vintage style.
Ingenious Classic Master DiaMaster Series

Diamond Diamond 1314 Power Reserve Limited Edition New Diamond Diamond Diamond Watch
   The DiaMaster series, known for its simplicity and atmosphere, presents a new pair of watch combinations, the 1314 Power Reserve Limited Edition watch and the new Diamond Series Diamond Series watch. The classic design makes these two watches a variety of travel. The wild choice of occasions makes lovers easily meet the matching needs of different social occasions. The RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster 1314 power reserve limited edition watch is made of polished plasma high-tech ceramics. The dial is set with 12 sparkling diamonds and a luxurious leather strap. It has a masculine temperament and highlights the charm of a gentleman. Limited edition of 1314 watches means beautiful love for a lifetime; the new DiaMaster diamond series diamond watches inherit the classic characteristics of the diamond series, dazzling luxury diamonds and shiny polished plasma high-tech ceramics complement each other, with mother-of-pearl dial A leather strap adds a gorgeous touch to women.
Romantic style dazzling True True series Tanabata Valentine’s Day limited edition pair watch

True Tanabata Valentine’s Day Automatic Limited Edition Watch
Left: Plasma section Right: Black pottery section

True Series Tanabata Valentine Automatic Limited Edition Plasma
   The RADO True Real Series 2018 Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day special automatic mechanical watch is inspired by the legendary story of the bridge meeting, adding a new romantic work to the True Real family. This watch adopts the brand’s iconic high-tech ceramic monolithic case, which combines modern fashion and urban modernity, and incorporates many innovative pioneering elements. The dial is decorated with diamonds at eight o’clock and two o’clock. With the patterns of Aquila (Uranus) and Lyra (Vega), the bright stars can shine in the night sky, and the love that spans time and space is condensed on the wrist. Plasma high-tech ceramics adds an extraordinary metallic luster to this watch, the timeless tempering, pays tribute to the committed lovers and each and every loyal romantic love.
True Love, Choice, Shining Love, True Series Diamond Set

True series automatic mechanical diamond setting watch
Left: Male models Right: Female models
   The RADO True Series diamond watch is a time of praise for loyal love. Twelve brilliant diamonds surround the dial, sparkling charm, while the high-tech ceramic case and the metallic luster of the bracelet add extra beauty to the wrist. Both watches are adorned with rose gold elements and equipped with automatic mechanical movements, and their outstanding quality can bear the testimony of time like unwavering love.
Transparent charm, brilliant products, crystal series diamond-set watch


Crystal Extraction Series
Left: Male models Right: Female models
   As one of RADO’s best-selling series in China, the Centrix series is loved by Chinese consumers for its elegant appearance and simple style. The dial design of this watch is simple and atmospheric, and the sapphire glass mirror is transparent and transparent. Through the beauty. This series of watches are made of the brand’s iconic high-tech ceramics, which brings an excellent wearing experience that is light, wear-resistant, and hypoallergenic. With a stainless steel bracelet, it highlights the charm of low-key luxury. We offer exquisite and refined wrists.

Exquisite beauty, simple style

Jingcan series automatic mechanical diamond setting watch
Left: Male models Right: Female models
   The RADO crystal radar series draws inspiration from the design of the RADO Swiss radar in the 1960s, making the watch fully classic and stylish. This series of watches is mainly made of stainless steel with double-sided anti-dazzling curved sapphire glass. The dial is engraved with brilliant diamonds, and the rose gold-toned case with leather strap shows minimalist beauty, just like the purest love, simple and timeless; it is the perfect choice for lovers who love simple design.
   RADO presents this traditional romantic festival with eight outstanding timepieces, condensing the excitement and sweetness of this moment on your wrist, and sharing wonderful time with lovers all over the world.