Introduction To The Zenith Zero Gravity Tourbillon Watch

Christophe Colomb Zero G tourbillon

In the 15th century, the brave and fearless nautical explorer Columbus braved the world and wrote an important chapter in human history. After five years of hard research and development, the Zenith watch factory has successfully developed a new watch technology without gravity tourbillon. ZENITH Global President Jean-Frederic Dufour visited the Taipei 101 Gordon Watch and witnessed the glorious moment when the world’s first Christophe Colomb Zero G tourbillon arrived in Taiwan!

利 Christophe Colomb Zero G tourbillon

The accuracy of the watch changes with its prescribed position, because the gravity will cause the escapement parts to operate in the direction of the suction source, the friction between the parts will be different, and the swing of the balance will also be disturbed. There is a deviation (positive or negative) in the accuracy of the vertical system. The escapement system is ideally in a horizontal state, because the swing of the balance wheel is the most ideal, and the direction of the center of gravity is at right angles to the parts, which will not affect the operation of the entire structure.

利 Christophe Colomb Zero G tourbillon
‘ZENITH CHRISTOPHE COLOMB’s patented Zero G technology is the ultimate solution to keep the escapement always horizontal!’ Jean-Frederic Dufour, ZENITH Global President, emphasized, ‘ZENITH’s patented Zero G technology allows the balance The accuracy of the hands is controlled by the escapement structure in the frame; the change in the orientation of the watch triggers a slight rotation of the frame, but regardless of the direction and speed of the frame rotation, the coordination mechanism will immediately start to maintain the horizontal state of the frame, so that The escapement structure maintains optimal operation, and the punctuality of the pointer is not affected. ‘
ENZENITH CHRISTOPHE COLOMB is the best proof of the ambition of ZENITH watchmakers and movement engineers. They worked tirelessly and finally successfully developed a new breakthrough in contemporary watchmaking technology, bringing innovation to time art! This model is limited to 25 pieces worldwide and will be delivered in three years.