Liu Haoran Tells You ‘handsome’ Is Not The Only Tag

‘Detective Chinatown 2’ is a popular movie for the Spring Festival. I believe many people have watched it. The plot is wonderful and the eye-catching style is true. The genius boy Qin Feng played by Liu Haoran contributed jokes in the movie, and bluntly stated that this drama is his lower limit, and there is no idol burden after the filming.
   The spicy eye shape is here:

   As soon as Wang Baoqiang appeared, Daikin chain with leopard pattern, Liu Haoran is still more responsible for playing handsome.

   The moment Liu Haoran came out, the whole theater took out his mobile phone. Netizens joked: left seller show, left buyer show. There are many more spicy eyes, please everyone to Baidu ~

   Of course, most of the time, Liu Haoran is pretty handsome, such as the army green trench coat with white T-shirt, jeans and white shoes, a proper genius for young people.

   White shirt and black tie, white headphones around his neck, a harmless look of humans and animals. The white watch on his hand is also very suitable for small fresh meat.
   At the beginning, I wanted to write a handsome Liu Haoran after watching ‘Lang Ye Bang 2’, but it has now dragged on to coincide with the release of ‘Chinatown Detective 2’ and the timing is just right. The real change to Liu Haoran’s road started from ‘Langyao List 2’. The previous episodes did not remember who Liu Haoran was. There are so many small meats now, and I ca n’t remember if my face is blind and I do n’t chase the stars. It’s normal. But Shuai Shuo Hao Ran has a little tiger tooth. When I laughed, I was circled …

   The male lead played by Liu Haoran has changed too much from front to back. In the first half, he is supported by his father and brother. In the second half, after experiencing life and death, he was forced to grow up and became stable and tenacious. He thought that Liu Haoran’s change was still very good.

   In the movie ‘Biography of the Demon Cat’, Bai Hao played by Liu Haoran blends innocence and paranoia, which is moving.
   In the choice of watches, Liu Haoran is also relatively low-key and simple, in line with his own style:

   Liu Haoran attended the press conference of ‘The Wind from the Langya List’ and wore the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface double-sided dual time zone flip watch. Wearing a black suit and wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, perfectly matched Liu Haoran’s sense of youth.

   Liu Haoran wears Chanel J12 series ceramic watch is also full of youthful vigor. Haoran seems to like this watch very much, and has worn it on many occasions, but it also really fits his style.

   A black and white suit with Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER series watch, a gentleman.

   From ‘Langya List 2’ to ‘Demon Cat Biography’ to ‘Detective Chinatown 2’, Haoran swept the screen all winter. Some people say that he is not handsome, who care? It is his label that is comfortable and durable, and there is a kind of calmness that emanates from the inside out. Liu Haoran said that he didn’t like buying people’s equipment, and defined himself as an actor. This calmness and low-key is why I like him. But isn’t the power of idols like this? It brings us something of positive energy, which is also the significance of chasing stars.