[Look At The New Watch] How Interesting Is A Good Watch?

Remember when I wrote about how girls spend money on jewelry and watches to be considered financially free, someone privately told me, ‘Sister Rabbit has insight into people’s hearts. Every time I say something is good-looking, I get degraded by her husband.’ ‘It’s worthless, and then you have to introduce me to a bunch of movements that I can’t remember.’ When collating the information last night, I also thought about it for a long time, and then wrote a sentence: ‘It may be only when wealth reaches a certain level that we can generously comment on whether a product is really good-looking.’ Face value, regardless of cost performance, not dragged down by the wallet. So today Rabbit has picked 3 brands, and it doesn’t emphasize the price. Let’s just return to the origin of design. — Bvlgari — I remember many years ago, someone showed me a Bvlgari women’s watch, full of gems, and expensive, I muttered in my heart, ‘Why not buy some more cost-effective?’ Later, the cruel reality Let me understand that only ‘poor’ thinks about cost performance, which is limited by disposable wealth. Therefore, I want to look at these watches with pure appreciation. I remember when I entered the Bvlgari showroom, the first reaction was to quickly roll up my sleeves, and I could n’t wait to try them on. I’m afraid that at that moment, it represented a lot of women’s instincts when facing pearls a feeling of. Bvlgari has always been very active in Basel, bringing Wu Yifan last year and Shu Qi this year. Especially when she appeared wearing the latest LVCEA TUBOGAS halo watch, the rabbit guessed that this must be the main model of this year. This is the first time the Bulgari classic Tubogas bracelet is used in the LVCEA series. I believe everyone is no stranger to this bracelet, which was previously used on Serpenti watches, and the shape of the snake is very harmonious. The Tubogas process is named after a bent metal gas pipe. This technology has been applied to the field of jewelry making since the late 1940s. In the decorative arts period, large-scale crafts were often miniaturized and created. Tubogas crafts were inspired by industry and became a well-known technology. In the 1940s, Bvlgari combined the dial with the Tubogas bracelet to launch the Serpenti watch. In the 1970s, this process was used by Bulgari in many design fields, such as rings and necklaces, and Tubogas chains were used to match ancient coins and colored gems. This year Lvcea Tubogas halo watch has a total of 5 models, with diameters of 28 mm and 33 mm. Of course, there are diamond-set and diamond-free versions of the bezel, and the movement also has quartz and mechanical points. As for the price, it is between 40,000 and 200,000. These watches are estimated to make men look tight in their wallets. To appease your nervousness, look at a male watch that I personally like. OCTO FINISSIMO, which was stunning in Basel in 2014 when it appeared, and is known for its ultra-thin. The first piece of the year was the tourbillon. After that, Bulgari released three questions and automatic winding models in 2016 and 2017. This year, the minute repeater and the automatic winding are combined into one, and the thickness of the watch is only 3.95 mm, which is another record. In order to achieve ultra-thin effects, Bvlgari made Calibre BVL 288 movement based on this tourbillon in 2014. The movement is mainly self-winding by installing an outer edge pendulum on the back. The round pendulum is made of platinum and aluminum, with a very dense metal material. In addition, the flying tourbillon is also selected, with a ball bearing system, which can reduce the thickness. The tourbillon is expensive, but there are other models that can be implemented. Such as OCTO FINISSIMO AUTOMATIC automatic winding watch, as well as skeleton sandblasting watch. In fact, there are also girls interested in this watch, very thin and light, show everyone the rabbit’s hands-on photos. In fact, many men’s watches have begun to break through the gender limit, which is precisely the performance of market opening. — Jacques Dro — A brand that I was very impressed with this year, and faintly saw that it was working quietly. A few days ago, I chatted with my cousin and made a prediction: In the future, explosive prices similar to Green Water Ghost will gradually enter the consumer’s sight of third- and fifth-tier cities, and high-end consumers under the consumption upgrade will compete for similar rainbow di Such hard goods (it is said that some people are willing to increase the price by 200,000 to buy the new Rainbow Di). Similarly, Patek Philippe 5131P is close to a million watches, the queue is difficult, many people are ready to increase the price of the second-hand market (discontinued 5131J , The increase to more than 800,000, some people still grab). Therefore, the high-end market’s interest in good products is far beyond our previous imagination. So, which brands have the opportunity to take over the market? I think Jacques Dro is one of them, especially crafts. First give the girls a few good-looking ones. For example, the elegant 8-series Petite ladies watch, the Chinese like the number ‘8’, but the premise is still to pass. There are also two-circle strap styles, Jacques Dro also started to keep up with the times. The large second hand cut out of red gold One watch, cutout and classic ‘8’ shape, men will like it. Then, please sit up straight, there are hard goods in front. Jacques de Roux produced a three-question parrot timepiece pocket watch. After all, the technology of the automatic doll is amazing, and the luck at the scene is good. Seeing the real thing, it is said that some dealers have stated that they want to order it. Seeing this watch, I have not yet been willing to sell it, and the price is more than 8.97 million yuan. There is also a tropical wind intelligence bird three questions watch, a live demo video was shot on the spot, but the picture quality is too scum and I ca n’t bear to share with you, let’s come to an official video. This watch has more than 5.65 million yuan, with 8 red and platinum models each, of which the red and gold models have been sold out, and a small amount of platinum. — Blancpain — It’s true that fifty years old is a big focus this year. I still remember a few years ago that Blancpain’s key recommendation in China was still the most classic Villeret. At that time, not many people knew about fifty. But in the past two years, I was very pleased to see that there were hundreds of stores in full bloom. The classic models were still the cornerstone of sales, but Fifty Yuan began to be chased by a group of people. This year Blancpain was bold and made new attempts in the 50s, such as adding full-calendar moon phases, annual calendars, retro-styled date and week watches to the deep diving vehicle Bathyscaphe. Let’s first experience the two phases of the full-calendar moon phase and the 70’s date and day of the week watch (I only started the second one, I think it’s not bad). Of course, I personally think that the least controversial should be the following calendar, because it is relatively simple and is the consistent style of deep submersibles. In fact, when it comes to the value of the face, today I want to talk about Blancpain. I was touched by Blancpain’s women’s watch on Valentine’s Day, or when I already had After the so-called ‘high cost-effective women’s watch with complicated functions’, sometimes I really want to indulge, purely beautiful. Blancpain’s Villeret classic series this year launched a women’s moon phase calendar watch with a diameter of 33 mm. Villeret’s classic elements are all there. Willow-shaped hands, Roman numerals, and dial layout are also typical Blancpain styles. The most interesting It is still the beauty mole on the corner of the moon’s face, and it will still be moved after seeing its enchanting countless times (embarrassingly, your face did not show up when you started, you are free). This watch’s 913QL.P automatic winding movement is specially developed for women’s watches (many brands no longer use men’s or men’s watch movements to change things at will). Even though girls are not so sensitive to technology, antimagnetic silicon hairsprings and special safety systems (to prevent accidental operation from damaging the date indicator movement) protect the watch. I guess you read High and don’t understand why I mentioned ‘funny soul’ in the title. So let’s talk about how rabbits feel today. When we judge people or things, we always have the appearance and the inside to make a comprehensive judgment. For people, we always think that ‘inside’ is more valuable than ‘outside’, and of course it is right. But similar to watches, I just think that in this era, at least in terms of mass consumption, ‘the value is supreme.’ So ‘interesting inspiration’ refers to the inner part of the watch, the polishing of the movement and so on. Why do I encourage everyone to pursue pure beauty on the basis of improving aesthetics, because this is the most basic enjoyment. In fact, we do n’t have to worry too much about “besides the golden jade, but the bad ones”, because these big brands want to survive in the market and cherish their wings more than anyone else (fool people in the invisible places, sooner or later). Of course, if your wallet is shy for a while, ‘cost-effectiveness’ is still an insurance path. Everyone has different life stages and different pursuits. They do not have to be consistent. In the end, everyone is welcome to talk about the watches that I have experienced that “I feel good-looking, but have been denied by others”, and are you ultimately forced by public opinion or follow your heart? Written in the comment section, the most liked rabbit will send a notebook customized by a well-known watch brand ~ gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to forward!