Nostalgic Retro Style 2015 Sihh Panerai Booth Style At A Glance

The annual Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair officially kicked off today. It is now the 25th. The report team in front of the Watch House has arrived in Geneva, bringing us the latest and fastest comprehensive watch fair. Report. Let’s follow in the footsteps of the House of Watches and admire the new look of Panerai in the Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair.

   Panerai was founded in 1860 and is known for its precision machinery and superior quality. Originally made precision instruments and watches for the Italian Royal Navy, now Panerai has become a world-renowned fashion watch brand, loved by watch lovers. When we stopped at the Panerai exhibition table, a strong sense of retro nostalgia sprang up, and the taste of the ocean permeated everywhere in the exhibition hall, as if boarded a long-distance warship. Panerai has always embraced the love of the sea, and has been committed to the development of classical sailing in recent years. The layout of the exhibition hall is also showing us this concept of the brand.

   The Panerai Pavilion is a perfect blend of classic elements and modern fashion. There is a historical display area in the form of a photo wall, which tells us the journey of the brand along the way. The watch display area uses Modern style with retro taste, for exhibitors to stop and rest.

Summary: 2015 SIHH will present us a unique visual feast. Panerai will also bring us many new products at this exhibition. Let us look forward to the report group in front of the watch home. More exciting content of it. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva: