Iwc 2017 Watchmaking Tour Starts In Hangzhou, Zhang Ruohuan Decodes The Beauty Of Time

November 3, 2017, Hangzhou—Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen enjoys a world-renowned reputation for innovation and original technology. For nearly 150 years, it has continued to make fine watchmaking art. Write a legend. Today, IWC’s 2017 watchmaking tour grandly debuted in Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center. Several classic timepieces were displayed together, demonstrating the timeless charm of IWC’s century-old watchmaking process. IWC watch’s best friend and famous actor Zhang Ruoji also appeared chicly and decoded the beauty of time with the majority of watch lovers.

Ruo Zhang wears IWC Large Pilot’s Watch “Little Prince” Special Edition (Model: IW500916)
   Because of the starring role of Zhang Ruohuan, who is well known to the public for various types of film and television dramas, in recent years, the works have been constantly changing, the style of the characters or brave wisdom, or chivalrous pride, showing the infinite possibilities that young actors can control. Speaking of watches, Zhang Ruochi shared: ‘Watches are more than accessories for men. The spiritual power they carry is unparalleled. As I wear today, IWC’s large pilot watch’ Little Prince ‘special edition, very It conveys the spirit of fearlessness and perseverance, giving me the courage to expand more unknowns. It is the company of every second and the witness of time. ‘

IWC’s best friend Zhang Ruohuan (left) and Mr. Li Baiqing, Managing Director of IWC China
   The several major series of watches presented this time are unique and classic; they are different and complement each other, and they complement each other in a carefully arranged display space, demonstrating the extraordinary charm of IWC’s century-old watchmaking technology. This tour will run from November 3 to November 12, and IWC looks forward to working with you to explore the good times together!

IWC Special Edition Pilot’s Watch “Little Prince” (Model: IW500916)
IWC IWC large pilot watch ‘Little Prince’ special edition is equipped with 51111-made homemade movement, with a unique night blue dial, dreamy and beautiful. The 46mm stainless steel case is wrapped in an antimagnetic soft iron inner case with a brown calfskin strap with stitching and studs. The oscillating weight and the Pellerton pawl winding system provide a seven-day power reserve, and a power reserve display window is provided at the ‘3 o’clock’ position.
Reference retail price: RMB 99,500

In 20 Years, What Watch Will You Wear?

The world is changing so fast that even if we are not paying attention, we have to be impressed by its rapid changes and being caught off guard. I have been engaged in print publishing for 30 years, and I truly appreciate its splendor, and I really appreciate its decline. But if you think about it, is it not just the traditional media industry that is affected by the changes? Who still watches TV and magazines now? Computers and mobile phones become everything in their lives. Who would have thought that the instant noodle market would experience a sharp decline due to the rise of online food delivery platforms. And when my generation gets older, I am afraid that no one will go to traditional large stores to buy. People are worried that robots will cause people in most industries to be laid off, but the most terrifying thing is that you are not replaced because you do not have good competitors, but you do not know who will take you! Watches and clocks have a history of 500 years and have also experienced many great changes and mutations. The watch industry first developed in the United Kingdom and France, and then gradually formed a monopoly in Switzerland, and then Germany and Japan could share a share. From table clocks, pocket watches to watches, from manual workshops to mechanical production to computer numerical control, from mechanical watches to quartz watches to today’s smart watches … those brands that can still be glorious for a hundred years are really not easy. In order to compete with competitors in a fiercely competitive market, we must also face the rapidly changing external environment and have the forward-looking thinking of seeking innovation and change. With so many watch brands, consumers must be willing to pay, in addition to having their own characteristics, they must also keep pace with the times. Otherwise, who knows if the brand is prosperous today, 10 or 20 years later, whether they can continue to lead the way. On July 10, 2012, as a member of Cartier’s Fine Watch Club, I came to the brand’s headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, to participate in the ID Two concept table conference, and 3 years ago, the brand has released the ID one concept table. At the time, I wrote an article asking a question: What kind of watch would be worn on our wrists 20 years later? Imagine what a mechanical watch would look like 20 years from now? Is it possible that there is no longer any need to adjust the balance spring, no longer need to add lubricant and follow-up maintenance? For several main issues that affect the accuracy of the watch’s travel time-temperature difference, impact, magnetic field, wear, gravity, aging of lubricants, etc., Cartier tried to come up with answers through changes in materials and structures-that is the ID One concept table. ID One ID One can be said to be shocked when SIHH was launched in 2009. After 3 years, at the ID Two conference, a mass production model using ID One technology met with you. The brand is responsible for the manufacture and service of watch product development Director Edouard Mignon said, “Technology continues to advance. Look at today’s cars and trains that are very different from half a century ago, but why is the watchmaking industry still using the thinking of the 1960s?”. The abbreviation ID, Innovation and Development represents an attempt to innovate and develop the watchmaking industry in the future. The highlight of ID One is “no need to adjust and lubricate”, and ID Two emphasizes “increased energy storage and reduced energy consumption”. To store energy, start by changing the material and structure of the mainspring. To reduce energy consumption, start by changing the material and structure of the transmission gear system and speed control oscillation system. The final killer is ‘vacuum’, which is removed from the case. 99.8% air allows the balance spring to run with almost zero air friction. Finally, without increasing the case size, the watch’s power reserve reached an amazing 32 days. ID Two also has a set of ideas for extending the power reserve of the watch. In SIHH 2016, in order to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary, the Senfine concept movement was launched. It also cuts the friction between the balance spring system and air as the starting point. The amplitude of this balance is 16 degrees, instead of the traditional 300 degrees of balance wheel; its hairspring is two cross but non-contact flexible springs, instead of the traditional concentric winding spring. Its vibration frequency reaches 16 Hz, which is 115,200 vibrations per hour, instead of the traditional 2.5-5 Hz. In this way, the ultimate goal is to break the tradition, and the ultimate goal is to achieve a 90-day power reserve. The movement is named Senfine, which means ‘eternal’ in Esperanto. The Senfine concept movement has many watch fans and Panerai also has exclusive black technology. Pick two breaking points here. The first is the LAB-ID ™ watch. This 49mm 3-day power reserve carbon fiber watch has a case made of Carbotech. This composite material uses ultra-thin carbon fiber sheets as raw materials and is pressed and bonded by heat. It is light, non-allergenic and corrosion-resistant. The dial is coated with carbon nanotubes, which are specially arranged to absorb light and produce a black effect. The movement uses different materials and carbon-based coatings to reduce the friction of the components. The entire movement has only 4 ruby ​​bearings and requires no lubricant. The after-sales service guarantee provided by the brand for the watch is 50 years. LAB-ID ™ watches use 3D printing technology to make high-end watches? This sounds like a joke. But the Lo Scienziato 47mm Tourbillon Titanium Timepiece really did. The watch is super light and weighs less than 100 grams! The highlight is the use of ‘direct metal laser sintering’ technology, fiber laser 3D printing, titanium metal powder layer by layer into the case, each layer of material is only 0.02 mm thick. The movement is also made of titanium and hollowed out. If you take a closer look at this tourbillon-made movement, it is quite new. The balance wheel frame and the pivoting escapement are not parallel to the balance wheel axis, but perpendicular to it. And one rotation every 30 seconds instead of the traditional one rotation per minute. This individual tourbillon was nicknamed the ‘roasted chicken’ tourbillon by watch fans. Lo Scienziato watch-please pay attention to the left-hand roasted chicken tourbillon in the picture-these days, there is an exhibition of ‘Panerhai Tour’ at Huaihai Middle Road International Trade IAPM. At the opening ceremony, Huo Jianhua, the spokesperson for the brand Greater China, came to the site to cut the ribbon and was interviewed, attracting many fans to watch. The exhibition period is Sunday, November 4, Japan. Interested friends can take the time to take a look. In addition to admiring Panerai’s latest models and several heavyweight works, you can also watch the watchmaker’s demonstration of the assembly process of the movement on Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai. The text of the IAPM ‘Panorama Journey’ exhibition contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the Internet. No one may use them without permission. Please contact us for reprinting for authorization.

Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of Singapore’s Independence Montblanc Launches The Star Classic Collection Singapore Special Limited Watch

On August 9, 2015, Singapore will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Montblanc celebrates with the launch of the Star Classique Singapore Special Edition-a fusion of sincere and passion Superb craftsmanship, a tribute to Singapore’s beauty, spirit and history, can be described as a lifelong companion.
   This star classic Singapore special watch is limited to 50 pieces. The pure white dial is made of mother-of-pearl, and it is decorated with red gold-plated Arabic numerals and minute hands for excellent readability. The small seconds and the red small seconds hand are set at 6 o’clock on the face of the dial, which are decorated with a lion head pattern (a traditional symbol of Singapore, launched in 1986, Singapore also known as the Lion City) and ‘SG 50’ engraving. The diameter of the red gold case is 39 mm, which is unique in its streamlined beauty. The slender vertical convex curve of the lugs makes it perfectly fit the wearer’s wrist. The onion-shaped crown is also inlaid with Montblanc’s Montblanc emblem.
   The watch has a translucent design and the Singapore skyline is printed on sapphire crystal glass, including the most iconic buildings such as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Ferris wheel and the Gardens by the Bay. Montblanc Star Classic Singapore Special Watch has a black alligator strap with red gold pin buckle. Montblanc promised to take part of the sales revenue of this watch and donate it to the Shin Kong School Poverty Fund to provide necessary services for children with special needs and help them develop their potential.

Watch Animal Shape Micro-carving Process

Perpetual calendar and tourbillon are indeed technologies that show the watch brand technology, but the craft of the watch is not limited to this. The aesthetic design, micro-engraving process, and inlaying methods all show superb skills.

Vacheron Constantin
The ‘Master of Art’ series launched the ‘Maki-e’ series of watches with oriental temperament in 2010, combining watch decoration art with lacquer craftsmanship. A set of three, carp, frog, and turtle. Price: 2.793 million yuan.

Takashi Reverso
The high-quality jewelry watch adopts Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most famous snowflake paving technique. The application of a large number of diamonds has made the watch a high-quality jewelry.

Metal micro-engraving process
In the past two years, he has been committed to metal micro-carving, a high-end watchmaking technique on the verge of being lost. In a small space of only a few square centimeters, it is difficult to imagine exquisite painting. The price of Blancpain VILLERET intricate gold engraved watch: 430,000 yuan; The price of Blancpain Chinese Dragon limited edition Carrousel watch: 1.139 million yuan.

Explore The Story Behind ‘glasutti Original’

The road to the town of Glashütte is long, winding and beautiful-just like this watchmaking brand, Glashütte is original. So, what is the internal connection between Glashütte Original and German watchmaking history? From the four founders of the Glashütte watchmaking industry in the early 19th century, to the German Democratic Republic (GDR East Germany) after World War II, to the revival of modern watchmaking technology we are witnessing today, Glashütte watchmaking has never stopped. Join the editor on a trip to a small German town to learn the true meaning of ‘Original’ in Glashütte’s original name.
Glashütte town sign, meaning ‘Stop time in Sri Lanka, I wish you a pleasant journey’


Glashütte Watch Museum

   There is no better place to learn about the history of German watchmaking than the German Glashütte Watch Museum. Located in the center of the town, the museum now includes a variety of exhibits, a restoration workshop, and the Alfred Hevig Watchmaking School.

Original letter from F.A. Lange to the Saxony government

   The legend of watchmaking in Glashütte began in 1843. Master watchmaker F.A. Lange wrote a petition to the Saxony government, hoping to create a watchmaking factory in Glashütte and teach watchmaking apprentices. The detailed plan is set out in the letter, and what sets it apart is that it teaches apprentices to specialize in work, thus laying a solid foundation for the watchmaking industry in Glashütte. F.A. Lange had just returned from Switzerland at that time, where he witnessed the excellent operation of this model. This model is different from traditional German watchmaking, but it finally won the support of the Saxony government, which provided F.A. Lange with a large loan to start his plan. Then, Moritz Grossman, Julius Assmann, and Adolf Schneider (along with F.A. Lange as the four founders) also began to act, and the watchmaking industry in Glashütte began to flourish.

Swiss movement with ‘System Glashütte’ engraved on the bridge

   Glashütte watchmaking was so prosperous that products began to be copied. Watchmaking companies in some other countries are interested in engraving ‘System Glashütte’ on their own watches and using illegal methods to increase sales. In response, Glashütte watches used the word ‘Original’ to prove that the watch was indeed made in the town, which is why it is now named ‘Glashütte Original’.

   Fast forward to the end of the Second World War, the town of Glashütte went through fire and suffered heavy damage. To make matters worse, after the war, the Soviet army asked Glashütte to pay compensation in the form of tools and machines. Although the Glashütte watchmaking industry is in a bad situation, it has never stopped watchmaking. In fact, Glashütte watchmaking can reach today’s heights, thanks to the direct help of that time.

Glashütte Gem Production

GUB (VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe) Gem Screening Machine

   The difficult post-war period forced Glashütte watchmakers to develop their own manufacturing processes, and they could no longer rely on hairspring, precious stones or even machinery from external suppliers. Today we use the term ‘in-house’ to describe watchmaking brands producing all mechanical components independently. For the Glashütte watchmaking industry, ‘in-house’ is not only a marketing point, but also a way of survival and development.

Watches from the GUB period
GUB period pocket watch dial

Scale model of calibre 67, produced in the GUB period from 1960 to 1967

   Soon, the East German government decided to integrate all local watchmaking companies into a state-owned watchmaking factory, VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (GUB). Today, the legal successor of GUB is Glashütte Original.

Glashütte Original Watchmaking Lathe

Gear correction

Finished plywood

   During the GUB period, a large factory building was built, where all watchmaking activities were concentrated. Today, after a major renovation, the building bears Glashütte’s original watchmaking legend. The first floor of the building specializes in the production of tools and parts, which has great practical significance. Those large lathes, milling and etching machines are heavy industry equipment and difficult to place on higher floors.

Finished oscillating weight

Engraving balance wheel processing

Inside the finishing department

   The second floor of the building is the component assembly department, where technicians perform rivet fixing, gear correction, balance wheel installation, and so on. In addition, the watchmaking department is also located on the second floor. The third floor of the building is dedicated to the finishing department.
Dial & Case

Dial manufacturing workshop

   Glashütte’s original dials and cases are made in Germany, but they are not located in this small town. For a time, Pforzheim was the traditional source of German dials and cases, and to this day, it is still an important dial and case manufacturing center. Pforzheim is about 600 km from the town of Glashütte. The former is located in western Germany, near the French Alsace region; the latter is located in eastern Germany, just a few steps from the border with the Czech Republic.

Moon phase profit and loss display

   Pforzheim’s history is not as well-known as the history of the town of Glashütte, but in fact, the former has a deeper connection with watchmaking and even jewelry making. As early as the mid-eighteenth century, watchmaking became popular in Pforzheim, and the city even won the reputation of ‘Goldstadt’ for its thriving watch and jewelry trade.

Dials with varying degrees of completion

   During World War II, Pforzheim was also severely damaged-one third of the city’s population was killed in the 1945 Allied bombing, and as many as 80% of the buildings were destroyed. As a result, the city today is mostly modern, but the traditional watch and jewellery industry still exists.

A vintage dial that inspired modern creations

   The dial and case manufacturing plant is a two-story building located in the city’s industrial park with guide signs. The first and second floors are used for dial and case manufacturing, respectively. It should be reminded that the dial manufacturer is entirely owned by Glashütte Original, but the case manufacturer is not. Having said that, in fact, the products of the case manufacturer are also exclusively for Glashütte originals.

Past & now

   Here, the original metal material goes through a complete manufacturing process and is ultimately transformed into a Glashütte original finished dial. There are no short cuts to the manufacture of the dial. The focus is on quality, not quantity. The different manufacturing steps are completed in separate workshops, including machining, finishing, chemical processes, quality inspections and plating decoration.

Alfred Hevig flying tourbillon model

   The multi-axis CNC milling machine of the watch case manufacturing factory is constantly running, and it is exciting to see this scene. The CNC milling machine is responsible for giving the basic contour of the case, and the finishing process is all done manually. At the rows of workstations, the craftsmen are concentrating, using various tools to paint the final retouching color for the newly processed case.

Dresden Glashütte Original Boutique

Repair workshop

Jurgen Franke at work

   Back to the Glashütte Museum in Germany, Glashütte Original has a restoration workshop here, with watchmaker Jurgen Franke as the head. All timepieces that meet two simple conditions can be returned to the workshop for repair: one, the timepiece must originate from the town of Glashütte, and the other, the timepiece must be produced before 1990 (German Unification).

Repair workshop

   Just before leaving the workshop, he noticed that Jurgen Franke was repairing a Lange pocket watch at the end of the 19th century, which fully explained the watchmaking concept of Glashütte. The restoration workshops and museums are all run by Glashütte, paying the bills, but their mission goes beyond their own business. Glashütte original, and even all watchmaking brands in Glashütte, inherit and carry forward the German watchmaking tradition in this way, which deserves the respect and respect of the entire industry.

Details Of Vacheron Constantin’s Painting Process

‘Maki-e’ is a decorative technique based on Japanese traditional lacquer ware craftsmanship. It is a unique lacquered gold craftwork developed in Japan during the Nara era. The artisans first painted patterns on the paint surface, then sprayed with metal powder (usually gold, silver or copper powder) before the paint was dry, and then applied a few coats of lacquer. Finally, the pattern was polished to reveal the gorgeous metal. luster. The Maki-e craft developed to 794 AD when Emperor Wu Wu moved the capital to Ping’an (Kyoto) and set up a painter’s workshop under the direct jurisdiction of the court. It gradually became a nationally representative craft, and Kyoto became the center of this craft.

 Vacheron Constantin, who has always insisted on being able to cross cultural barriers, has long been thinking of introducing Maki into watchmaking technology. It has been established in 1661 in the autumn of 2007. It has been used for several emperors to build thrones in Kyoto. ‘Zôhiko’ took the initiative to consult Vacheron Constantin for cooperation, so that the combination of these two techniques became possible, and the art master La Symbolique des Laques set watch is also the first perfect combination of Swiss watchmaking and oriental traditional decorative arts.

 Métiers d’Art-La Symbolique Des Laques 「Carp and waterfall」
 Cal.1003SQ hand-finished movement ∕ 18K white material ∕ hour and minute indication 分 Geneva mark ∕ sapphire crystal mirror and bottom cover ∕ 30 meters waterproof ∕ Limited to 20 sets
 The combination of carp and waterfall symbolizes strength and will. In order to show the carp’s movement in the deep and quiet water, iro-katame technique was used to draw the three-dimensional effect of the carp. The waterfall flowing slowly on the back is a dynamic effect using the golden ink maki bokashi’s blooming technique.

 Metaphor for Oriental Zen in Western Machinery
 Vacheron Constantin launched three sets of dill painting sets in three years starting in 2010. Whether it is the first year with the theme of ‘Saikan no sanyû’ with longevity, pine, bamboo, plum theme, or The theme of turtle, frog, and carp, which was introduced in the second year to mean longevity, good luck, and strength, is an auspicious symbol in traditional oriental culture. The masters of ‘Ikikohiko’ Shiraki use hundreds of years of secret transmission techniques and exquisite craftsmanship to upload blessings from ancient east on a small and delicate dial.

 In addition to the theme setting, the design of the watch is also quite ingenious. In order to allow the decorative art and watchmaking technology of Maki to equalize the design of the watch, the Maki surface is marked with ‘璧’ ─ The patterned painted noodles are specially presented with a round hole in the center. This allows the wearer to appreciate the unique pattern of dill drawing on the enamel dial, and also to watch the 1003 model carefully hidden in the watch. It is worth mentioning that this 1003 hand-made refining movement also has a long history. This is a classic ultra-thin movement introduced by Vacheron Constantin in 1955 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the brand. It was about the size of a 20-cent Swiss franc coin, and it was also the slim mechanical movement in the world at that time. In order to be carried in this dill-painted watch, the ruthenium-plated treatment is specially used to make the movement exude an elegant dark gray tone. It echoes the dark dill-painted faceplate, so that the rich meaning and the passage of time are subtly integrated into one. .

 The turtle symbolizes longevity. In order to present the regular beauty of the geometric pattern on the turtle shell, the momidasi technique is used to polish it, so that the reflection effect of light and shadow is more accurate and perfect. The green eyes are inlaid with raden technology. The lotus floating above the microwave on the back uses a taka-maki painting technique like a three-dimensional relief, showing a three-dimensional beauty.
 Métiers d’Art-La Symbolique × Des Laques ‘Turtle and Lotus’ Cal. 1003SQ hand-finished movement ∕ 18K rose gold material ∕ hour and minute indication ∕ Geneva mark ∕ sapphire crystal mirror, bottom cover ∕ waterproof 30 meters ∕ limited 20 set
 Enamelling × Chagall & l’Opéra de Paris Since the era of pocket watches, clocks and watches incorporating enamel painting have always been regarded as masterpieces of top art masters. Among them, micro-enamel painting is the most difficult. In addition to the enamel painter must have Quite a high level of artistic accomplishment and skilled painting skills can be used to paint on a tiny case or faceplate that is many times smaller than the canvas. At the same time, the enamel must be layered and fired. Not only is the complicated process, the firing process also The fire must be controlled precisely and the failure rate is quite high. However, if the enamel-painted work is properly preserved after completion, it can maintain the original vivid color tone even after hundreds of years, so it is regarded as a very precious watch decoration art. Vacheron Constantin, which has been established in Geneva for more than 250 years, has also launched many pocket watch works with exquisite enamel paintings in the past, and this process has also been perfectly inherited by Vacheron Constantin, such as this one with the theme of Chagall’s dome wall The set of watches is the perfect masterpiece to pay tribute to contemporary art masters through this precious craftsmanship.

 Vacheron Constantin’s Chagall & l’Opéra de Paris series is specially cooperated with the most prestigious enamel painting master Anita Porchet. From 2010, Marc Chagall (July 7, 1887-March 28, 1985) ) An enamel-painted watch with a dome-painting theme for the Charles Garnier Opera Hall in 1964 pays tribute to Chagall and 14 great composers in history through the ultimate in watchmaking. In order to reproduce the vivid tones and shapes of the classic dome paintings drawn by Chagall on a detailed watch, the master’s paintings are particularly miniature on the faceplate using the extremely difficult micro-painting enamel technique. Among them, the first work launched in 2010 presents a full picture of a 200-square-meter dome painting in the Garnier Opera Hall. The baroque decoration on the edge of the dome painting is also interpreted by the technique of gold carving. The opera heroes, romances, or legends of the great composers, including Gee, are reappearing on the detailed surface.

 Métiers d’Art-Chagall & l’Opéra de Paris ‘A tribute to well-known composers’ Cal. 2460 automatic winding machine ∕ 18K gold material ∕ hour, minute and second indication ∕ Geneva mark ∕ sapphire crystal mirror, inner case back ∕ Water-resistant to 30 meters
 The enamel master first applied a layer of white enamel on the dial and fired it at a high temperature of about 900 ° C to make a substrate as a ‘background canvas.’ Then, using a brush made of two or three mink hairs, the outlines of various patterns and gradually The progressive color of the layer is finally formed after 20 high-temperature firings.

 The tribute to well-known composers uses a long-lasting high-temperature open flame enamel process to truly reproduce Chagall’s creations, minimizing every detail of the dome mural of the Garnier Opera Hall on the delicate faceplate, even the edges The Baroque-style decoration is also presented with gold carving techniques, like the exquisite miniature of the entire dome mural.

Audemars Piguet Presents Sun Xun’s Work Time Spy At The West Coast Art & Design Expo 2018

From November 8th to 11th, 2018, the Fifth West Coast Art and Design Fair was held at Shanghai West Coast Art Center. Swiss fine watchmaking brand Audemars Piguet is the exclusive fine jewelry and watch sponsor of this artistic event for the first time this year. The West Coast Art & Design Fair has always been presented with the highest-spec lineup of exhibits, becoming one of China’s most watched art events. This year, the West Coast Art and Design Fair brings together 112 internationally important galleries from 41 cities in Asia, Europe and North America, presenting collectors and audiences with high-quality contemporary art works not to be missed. During the West Coast Art and Design Expo, Audemars Piguet presented the ten-minute 3D freeze-frame animation work ‘TimeSpy’ created by Chinese artist Sun Xun for the 2016 ‘Audemars Piguet Art Creation Commission’ in the exhibition hall.

Audemars Piguet Art and Design Expo 2018

The 3D freeze-frame animation work ‘TimeSpy’ unveiled in the Audemars Piguet showroom at the West Coast Art & Design Expo 2018 comes from the large-scale immersive multimedia installation artwork ‘Reconstruction of the Universe’ by artist Sun Xun, in 2016 The first exhibition at the Basel Art Fair in Miami. Reconstruction of the Universe uses immersive creative concepts, combining 2D and 3D animation, and the combination of traditional scroll paintings, ink paintings, sound installations, different architectural and design elements, presented in a giant exhibition hall made of bent bamboo To create an extraordinary sensory experience for the audience. This ten-minute animated work consists of 10,000 hand-made woodcuts, telling stories about cosmology, philosophy of time, and personal history.

Audemars Piguet Art and Design Expo 2018

TimeSpy is a grand art work with the theme of time. With the help of 2D and 3D imaging technology, animated images are projected on a plane. The image contains 10,000 woodcut works, showing the animal and human Mixed images, quirky mobile installations and fantastic scenes, from scenes in outer space, to the artist’s memory of his hometown of China, and the perception of Vallée de Joux, the birthplace of Audemars Piguet. This ten-minute animated film shows the artist Sun Xun’s contemplation of time, universe and personal history in a surreal way. TimeSpy was presented in Times Square, New York in July 2017, and is shown three minutes before midnight every day.

Sun Xun’s work ‘TimeSpy’

Artist Sun Xun’s expressionist style works combine ancient art heritage and cutting-edge innovative technology, combining meticulous production technology with experimental style. He is good at creating with various media such as sketch, painting, animation and installation art. He uses painting, woodcut, traditional Chinese ink painting, and charcoal to create expressive stop motion animation images. Realism style and mythological imagery create shocking audiovisual effects. His cross-border talent and experimental creative approach perfectly fit Audemars Piguet’s forward-thinking and technological pursuits.

Sun Xun, Artist of Audemars Piguet Art Creation Commission

Sun Xun’s video installation artwork ‘Reinventing the Universe’: Art Basel Miami 2016

‘To break the rules, you must first master them.’

Vacheron Constantin Miniature Mask On The Wrist

Vacheron Constantin has recently become obsessed with ‘miniaturization’-miniature original primitive tribal masks in the Barbier-Mueller Museum into watches, launched a new mask watch.
The masks of Minjiang Shidangden concentrated on the watch only need a glance to have a feeling of being stared deeply. When Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’Ar “t Les Masques” master series debuted in 2007, the brand has again challenged the “miniaturization” process and launched a new mask watch, which is also a replica of the four original masks, drawn from materials From Mexico, Japan, Gabon and Papua New Guinea-this ‘miniaturization’ reduces the size, and perfectly reproduces the original poetic and spirit of the mask. Even because it is concentrated in the small dial, the mask The kind of mysterious gas field is more vivid.
1. Japanese mask

Japanese mask
的 The watch with the Japanese religious Buddha mask as the dial exudes a gentle and detailed light like Haoyue. The mask seems to represent Amitabha, and it contains the meaning of ‘magnitudeless light’ or ‘magnitude of life’. It is said that this Buddha is one of the five wise Buddhas, and is responsible for drawing followers who have died out of life to another world.
2. Papua New Guinea Mask

Papua New Guinea Mask
面具 This mask is a collection of animal-shaped and anthropomorphic features. It comes from the Sepik Estuary and has a variety of shapes, but it has a long hook nose that looks like a hawk and an animal straw. In order to realistically reproduce the masculine atmosphere of the mask, Vacheron Constantin’s production team specially used red gold to paint the wooden mask.
3. Mexican mask

Mexican mask
Because the original mask is made of clay as the main material, Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking team perfectly reproduced the texture of the pottery on the surface and decided to use Matt pumice powder with different thicknesses as raw materials. When blended and smeared, it really recreates the original texture of the pottery, and the effect is more natural and real.

Low-key And Elegant Vacheron Constantin Heritage 14th Chain Tourbillon Watch

The latest model of Vacheron Constantin is equipped with an unparalleled 14-day tourbillon movement in an elegant low-key round case. This latest model of the Patrimony Traditionnelle line is also the brand’s first watch to meet Poinçon de Genève’s (Geneva hallmark) new standard for the Geneva mark.

 The new Calibre 2260 movement was developed by Vacheron Constantin’s design engineers and watchmakers. The movement perfectly matches the design of the case. Its manual winding movement continuously outputs high-quality kinetic energy for the watch for up to 14 days. . Two sets of barrels are used in parallel, each of which is made of two barrels in series, so a total of four barrels are used, which means that they relax at the same time, but are four times slower than a single barrel.

 The new Calibre 2260 movement consists of 231 components and two large bridges (instead of the three bridges of the previous Vacheron Constantin tourbillon). The tourbillon bridge is inspired by the brand’s iconic Maltese cross and showcases the excellent craftsmanship of each part of the movement, including a large number of internal corners, bevels that are completely handmade. It is completely handmade according to the ancient method. It is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to polish. It only takes more than 11 hours to polish the upper bracket of the tourbillon to achieve the best results.

 The positions of the hour and minute hands driven by the Calibre 2260 are slightly off-center, while the 14-day power reserve is displayed in a 280-degree arc for improved readability. The 12 o’clock display and minute scale bezel on the silver opal dial are inspired by Vacheron Constantin’s rich cultural heritage.

 Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon is the first watch officially produced by Vacheron Constantin under the new rules of the Geneva Seal. The new standard is to certify the entire watch, rather than just the movement as before. On the 125th anniversary of the birth of the Geneva Seal, this world-renowned seal has further improved its standards in response to the vigorous development of the watchmaking industry, the rapid development of watchmaking technology and the continuous innovation of materials. The new standard requires regular sample testing of all manufacturers applying for certification and a rigorous seven-day precision test.

Oris Launched Raid 2013 Limited Edition Chronograph

The well-known Swiss watch brand Oris has recently become the official timing partner of the RAID car rally, and has also launched a RAID 2013 limited edition chronograph watch.

 RAID was originally tested by French automakers in Africa for quality, but in the 1990s, RAID classic car rallying was gradually formed, and it was also famous for its beautiful racing circuit. The 600-mile race stretched from Basel to romantic Paris.

 Closer to home, this RAID 2013 limited edition chronograph watch introduced by Oris uses a 44 mm stainless steel case with a water resistance of 50 meters, a white Arabic numerals on the black dial, and 9 o’clock It is a small seconds dial. The scale and hands on the dial are covered with a white compound with a fluorescent coating to ensure accurate reading when the light is dim. Of course, the attentive person can feel that the design of the dial is borrowed from the design elements of the dashboard of the car.

 Of course, the bottom of the table is also engraved with a special RAID Switzerland-Paris logo. Such a logo is also a very meaningful symbol.

 The new RAID 2013 limited edition chronograph is equipped with the Oris 775 self-winding movement, which oscillates at 28,800 times per hour and provides a 40-hour power reserve. At the same time, the watch is equipped with a black leather strap and stainless steel folding buckle. It is limited to 500 pieces, and the price of each piece is about 3500 enamels.