Parmigiani Launches Stunning New Wooden Tourbillon Music Watch

Explain the beauty of music with inlays-this is the challenge that Parmigiani gave himself. This year, Parmigiani launched three stunning pieces: two Tonda Tourbillon watches. The dial evokes people’s imagination of the world of music and art, and since then has set a new standard of excellence.

 Tonda Woodstock (US Version)

In order to show the colorful and natural musical vitality, Parmigiani for the first time adopts exquisite and delicate inlay craftsmanship. This is a truly ancient craft, mainly trimming and assembling on wooden planes to create extremely fine decorative effects
 Various colors and inlaid mosaic mosaics make the musical temperament of each timepiece appear, which shows that this watchmaking brand with Fleurier as its origin has long supported the modern music culture. .

 Parmatron launches new wooden tourbillon music watch

The wooden inlaid timepieces not only demonstrate the excellence of watchmaking, but also the infinite creativity of Parmigiani. They express Parmigiani’s devotion to advancing this rare and ancient handicraft: protecting and inheriting traditional arts and crafts always has a place in the Swiss watchmaking industry.
 The iconic new Tonda Tourbillon tourbillon watch displays the inlay craftsmanship applied by Parmigiani for the first time ever on the dial. Two styles are available, both unique and stunning. Its creativity and boldness are breathtaking.

 Tonda Woodrock (UK Version)

The creators of Parmigiani’s designers aim to make the timepiece vivid and unconventionally depict a musical scene like a literary work.
The guitar is a musical instrument with a natural connection to wood inlays. The designers decided to use the British flag and American flag patterns as the background inspiration for timepiece design, in order to pay tribute to these two most influential countries in rock music history. The tourbillon device of the Tonda watch is like the speaker of a guitar. The effect of the complex vibration of the tourbillon complex device seems to give the guitar a life. The ingenious connection between the two makes the music and watchmaking art merge into this.

Each dial that has been crafted with inlaying craftsmanship contains more than 50 pieces of dyed wood, the result of 10 days of hard work. These woods are designed, cut, and assembled to the best of their ability to reach a smooth surface that appears to the naked eye.

Tonda Tourbillon’s two models are named Tonda Woodrock (UK version) and Tonda Woodstock (US version)-these two self-contained models are a perfect example of sound and sound, they use extraordinary watchmaking techniques Music without borders.

 Parmatron launches new wooden tourbillon music watch

Mosaic art
Mosaic work is a respectable ancient art that is no longer common in life.
The process of inlaying is mainly to cut out some inlays on the wooden plane and assemble them to create extremely delicate decorative effects. Inlay craftsmen are often trained as furniture technicians. They are hardworking and precise. From the initial sketches on paper to the creation of spectacular mosaics that can subvert the original design-the many high-tech processes of mosaic art are well known.
The work of mosaic craftsmen began with the original design of Lintong, and they used a special tool (Rotring drawing pen) to carefully draw each element. This copying work is the basis of the mosaic work, from which the size and contour of each design block can be determined.

玛 玛 Parmaqiang launches new wooden tourbillon music watch

Next, inlay craftsmen reprint ten or more design drawings on paper, and they will use these drawings to cut out different design blocks. In preparing for this critical cutting stage, the craftsman selects the wood, the selection criteria relate to the color and surface of the wood, and then piles the 10 carefully selected woods together. The wood is firmly nailed together with nails, and then the copy map to be processed is glued to the top of the pile of wood. Use a saw blade to carefully cut along the boundary of the copy image to obtain 10 wooden blocks with the same shape. Even if all that is needed is a wooden block, the inlay craftsman always cuts it with a pile of wood, and then only keeps the most successful cut of the 10 blocks. Every design block has to go through this process. Even if there is only a slight difference between each design block, each block must be cut according to this set of procedures. There are as many different woods as there are differences. Blocks and how many different colors.

玛 玛 Parmaqiang launches new wooden tourbillon music watch

Once the last block is cut, there seems to be no more complicated procedures. At this time, the craftsman will start to assemble the design block. However, even this last step is not easy, and often there are unexpected ‘surprises’. Although the entire process strictly follows the dimensions, when the block assembly stage is reached, the craftsman may still find very small errors or small eye-catching cracks, so the entire work is ruined. The craftsman must start from scratch and patiently copy and cut again as needed.

玛 玛 Parmaqiang launches new wooden tourbillon music watch

In the work of mosaic work, we must insist on and be precise. Even the smallest details must be carefully considered, and we must not forget to take the overall situation into consideration. Everything is revealed at the last minute because of the results of the mosaic work. At this time, each block is perfectly embedded in its own position and plays its role as part of the whole.

The Luxury Watch Generation Is More Expensive Than The First Generation, But The Price Of Mark Has Dropped

It is not too late to get to the topic. Before, many people complained that watches are becoming more expensive. No matter what the reason is (inflation, technology, cost, publicity, etc.), the luxury watch generation is more expensive than the new generation, and the new model is more expensive than the old one. This is a common phenomenon. Something I was most impressed about a while ago was that I went to try the new Vacheron Constantin’s new vertical and horizontal, and found that after the price adjustment, the public price of the big three-pin steel shell vertical and horizontal (that is, 4500V) has risen to more than 160,000, which has surpassed Royal Oak 15400 Less, the new style is chasing the nautilus rhythm. Like Omega, the price of the coaxial upgrade from 8500 to Zhizhen also increased. Rolex rose a lot from 5 to 6.
   However, there are some watches. Under the trend that luxury watches are becoming more expensive, the price of the new models is lower than the old models. For example, Rolex’s DJ using the new generation 3235 movement, 126334, 126300 is a little cheaper than the previous 116334, 116300. Omega’s 2017 version of the hippocampus AT is also cheaper than before. The price of the new Mark 18 of IWC is 1000 times cheaper than that of the previous generation Mark 17. In addition, it is now in the period of alternating 17 and 18 models, and I feel that it is time to buy a mark.

IWC 18, although the picture shows the steel chain, but most people buy belts.
Let’s talk about the price before buying a watch. Whether it is Mark 18 or Mark 17, it is indeed lower now.

   I say that both Mark 18 and Mark 17 have fallen, which means two things. Mark 18 is when the public price is down; Mark 17 is when the secondary market is down. My wife doesn’t like Cartier recently, and she likes IWC. I want to buy a mark. I support it. Now IWC is selling Mark 18 with a public price of 31500, which is cheaper than the previous generation 17. Some people say that IWC is cheaper than before because the customs have adjusted the tax. Others think that this generation 18 is 40, 17 is 41, and less material is used. In short, in addition to the ceramic shell of the generation 18 of the IWC, other versions, including the blue prince of the blue prince, are a price. Before 17, the little prince was 39,000, which is more expensive than the regular version 17. The price of this generation of 18 is uniform, and the little prince of 18 is much cheaper. IWC was very good this time.

IWC 18
   Mark 18 is on the market and Mark 17 is discontinued, so many Mark 17s are now sold in the secondary market. There are many new, complete, unused, and used, and there are many situations, and brothers can choose. Because of the new model, 17 is the ‘old model’. Mark 17’s price is now thousands of dollars lower than before. Mark 17 has a large caliber. The 3-row calendar window with red arrows is very good-looking and highly recognizable. It is the best-looking generation of Mark I think. Now the old and the new are alternated, and the old models are lower. It is very suitable for buying.

IWC 17
Mark is a watch I like very much, on the one hand because of ‘feelings.’

   I like watches that have historical continuity, just like I like PP. A big reason for Lao is that PP and Lao have very consistent and clear model lineages. Mark is very similar to PP and Law. Mark is one of the most pure flight watches on the market today. From the Mark 9 on the eve of World War II to the current Mark 18 (there are no 13 and 14 in the middle, because these two numbers seem to jump in unlucky in East and West), Mark has a continuous and clear model continuation and equipment records (provided to the United Kingdom , Australia and other countries), unlike many watches are hard to come by. It is not easy for Mark to continue this model for so many years. Although these histories and stories have no practical significance for today’s watches, they satisfy people who like them. Not to mention flying watches, even the entire watch world, there are not many watches that can be compared with Mark in the historical context.

Mark 18 Little Prince
Mark is a good watch for everyday wear

   Some brothers say that there is something wrong with what you said. Watches are for wearing. Indeed, watches are worn. But some watches can be inconvenient in some cases. For example, it is inconvenient to go out and play, like some formal watches, ‘sheets’. Some watches, like the King of Ghosts, are thick and can cuff up cuffs, making it inconvenient to wear a shirt. I like this watch, I can wear it anytime. Mark itself is a sports watch, with a magnetically shielded inner case at the bottom, so there is no problem when moving. Then, because the Mark itself is thin and the size is not large, the dial of the Mark Flight Watch is very classic and well-organized. With the belt, it is also very suitable for formal wear. This watch is very convenient. No matter what clothes you wear, wear it when you pick it up.

Mark 17 The Little Prince
There are some fraternity issues with movement configuration.

   Because IWC and Omega overlap in the price of some watches, so the prices of some watches like Mark, Bai Tao, and Haima are close, there is a brotherhood tangled. Some brothers struggled with the movement, and felt that the same money was spent. I bought the universal movement with a universal movement, and the Omega was 8500. Now Mark 17, 18 uses 30110 movement, IWC version 2892, this movement is familiar to everyone, 25.6 mm, 3.6 mm thick, so although Mark added a magnetically shielded inner case, but the watch is not too thick, compared to The thickness of 116400 is much thicker. Mark’s movement has also been adjusted in 5 directions, reaching the observatory standard (just without certification), and has a power of 42 hours. At the mark and hippocampus levels, I don’t care too much about the movement. After all, I have not reached the level where the movement needs to be polished and decorated. If you reach the point of PP 5296 and VC 85810, you can take a look at it to see which decorative and polished style is more desirable.

Different versions of Mark 18, the black case on the far right is the ceramic case Mark 18, which has a higher public price.
Is it 17 or 18?

   Buy a mark. In this period, buy 17 or 18? For most players, I don’t think this is a problem, because I can only buy 18 at the counter. But I think there are some brothers who go to other ways to buy watches, so it may be the same as me. I think Mark 17 is very beautiful. The 3-row calendar has red arrows. The caliber is a bit bigger. Now the price is very good, and it can even be said to be very cheap. A TV show a while ago, Putin was interviewed, wearing Mark 17. If there are any ‘disadvantages’, it is nothing more than 18 now, buy new but not old, 17 is not new. In contrast, 18 I do n’t think 17 has the characteristics, 18 replaced the calendar with a single window, no red arrow, added a 9-point number to the dial, and the 12-point triangle moved below the scale, with a size of 40.18 The ‘benefits’ are new, whether they look good or not, after all, they are new models.

Note that Putin’s watch is Mark 17.
   To be honest, I don’t know which one to buy. Two days ago, a friend who bought and sold a watch produced an 18-year-old prince. It was a single watch. The price was really good, because the price was good, it was instantly seconds. I thought about it now. I think the 18 little prince is good. Although the 18 little prince does not have the little star on the second hand, the blue plate is more beautiful. As for how you guys choose, I can’t help everyone, but there is a practical situation, you need to pay attention. Although the public price of 18 is cheaper than 17, but in the secondary market, 18 is more expensive than 17, please choose according to your own situation.
Now that I have written Mark, I will mention Da Fei by the way.


   Some years ago, there was a big flight, especially the color label. At that time, no matter what it was, ceramic, steel, and color-coded labels all moved higher. A few years have passed, and now the market price of Dafei has also fallen. It can be at least 10,000 cheaper than before. I saw that some Da Fei are not bad, I thought I would also change to Da Fei Dai Dai, I tried it later, my wrist was thin, 46 Da Fei was too big, and I had tossed two IWC before, even if I thought about it Already. However, other brothers who are interested in Dafei can pay attention to it. Now some Dafeis have good prices. After all, the price of Dafei is about 100,000 (steel shell). I think the current price is the same, and it has basically bottomed It wo n’t be cheap anymore. I can’t wear this watch, other brothers will look at you.

   PS. Many players on the Watch House often ask questions related to the second watch, because our website advocates the formal way to buy watches, I will not respond to these questions on the website.

Baoper And Fairmont Le Montreux Palace Host Michelin-starred Chef Danny Garcia’s Gourmet Feast

From September 26th to 27th, 2017, Dani García, the Andalusian chef who has been hailed as the most international prestige, at two Michelin star celebrity chefs’ night activities Zhongzhan exquisite cooking skills. During his stay in Switzerland, the Hispanic gourmet master and a close friend of the Blancpain brand also visited the Blancpain watchmaking workshop with joy.

Andalusian chef Danny Garcia poses with Alain Delamuraz, global vice president and marketing director of Blancpain (left), and Michael Smithuis, general manager of Fairmont Le Montreux Palace (right).

   While in Switzerland, Danny Garcia first visited Blancpain’s watchmaking workshop in the Vallée de Joux, accompanied by Blancpain’s global vice president and marketing director Alain Delamuraz. Taking this opportunity, Danny Garcia, a Michelin-starred chef, was fortunate to see the mystery of the Blancpain gene. He said with emotion: ‘I finally realized how sophisticated and complex the watchmaking process is. In the cooking process, I usually use four or five ingredients to make a gourmet meal and create a watch movement. But hundreds of parts are needed. ‘

On September 26-27, 2017, Michelin-starred chef Danny Garcia (Spain) hosted a gourmet feast at Blancpain in collaboration with the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace Hotel and Tourbillon Boutique.

   Blancpain has always been loyal to tradition and has innovated. The innumerable new complex timepieces introduced over the years are the best proof. The time-honored spirit of innovation continues to drive this watch giant forward. It is also this creative spirit that connects this family of celebrities with the art of food, and the two are perfectly natural. As Alain Delamuraz puts it: ‘Now the collaboration between the watchmaking industry and the gourmet industry is a trend, and Blancpain has been involved in the gourmet industry for 30 years.’ Highlights of this cooperation history are frequent . In 1986, Frédy Girardet was crowned ‘the world’s top chef’, and Blancpain presented a beautifully engraved watch.

One of the delicious dishes prepared by the two Michelin star chefs: roast duck with parsley puree and fresh herbs.

Danny Garcia’s cooking shows the perfect fusion of Andalusian traditional American cuisine with modern flavors, such as this pine nut risotto with creamy almonds, king crab and anchovies served with mint sauce.

   Three years later, Freddy Girardt, along with Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon, was praised by Gault et Millau, a gourmet magazine ‘Master Chef of the Century’; for this reason, Blancpain once again paid tribute to the three masters in the same way. These special watches celebrate the core values ​​of the two industries: the pursuit of excellence, passion, exquisite craftsmanship, precision, stability, and meticulousness. Since then, Blancpain has forged an indissoluble bond with the culinary giants. About 100 Michelin-starred chefs have become Blancpain’s best friends, including Joel · mentioned above. Lubson, and energetic Andalusian chef Danny Garcia.

Desserts consisting of orange, honey, Andalusian pistachios, and mint green tea ice cream bring the incredible gastronomic creativity of Spanish chefs to a climax.

At the two-night gourmet feast, the Spanish chef carefully prepared several dishes with Andalusian style. The picture shows the caviar broccoli and green bamboo shoot dill mousse.

Star Chef Night
   The friendship between Blancpain and chef Danny Garcia has been proven by the world on two ‘Star Chef Nights’, both of which were conducted by the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace And the hotel’s tourbillon boutique. That night, Alain Delamuraz, Global Vice President and Marketing Director of Blancpain, Antonio Lopez, Global Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Director of Personnel and Management of Blancpain, and Michael Smithuis, General Manager of Fairmont Le Montreux Palace Hospitality extended their hospitality to the best friends and Media representatives. The guests were fortunate to explore the gourmet world and experience six Andalusian-style dishes prepared by chef Danny Garcia: caviar broccoli, green bamboo dill mousse, Spanish anchovies, black truffle and aroma Flower. The six courses are carefully prepared in the hotel kitchen by Danny Garcia. At that time, he was wearing a Blancpain Flyback Chronograph watch from the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series.

Introduction To Iwc Portofino Chronograph

Portofino CHRONOGRAPH chronograph

 In 2007, IWC launched the first chronograph watch. Although it is a chronograph, it still adheres to Portofino’s consistent low-key and restrained style. The hundreds of thousands of standards newly launched on SIHH in 2011 are more balanced in design and the lines are more solid and restrained. Accompanied by the smooth lugs are horn-shaped timing buttons.
 The accumulative chronograph display is designed in a vertical arrangement, with a 30-minute lap at 12 o’clock, a 12-hour lap at 6 o’clock, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, and a date and day display at 3 o’clock. Equipped with 79320 self-winding movement, 44-hour power reserve, 30 meters waterproof. The dial is available in silver or black. In addition to the classic crocodile leather strap, there is also a Milanese mesh bracelet.

Beautiful And Fashionable Avatar Tissot Flamingo Black Dial Watch

Since the brand was founded, Tissot has never stopped designing ladies watches. Initially, they were just a piece of jewelry. Later, the Tissot brand first produced women’s watches in 1911. Today, the Tissot T-Lady women’s watch series introduces a variety of women’s exclusive watches to women. The Tissot Flamenco watch incorporates the perfect simple design concept with clean lines, making it beautiful, pure and fashionable. Today’s Watch House brings you a beautiful and stylish Tissot Flamingo watch, the official model: T094.


   This watch is a typical lady’s watch. The watch is slender and beautiful, luxurious and elegant. The watch uses an elegant and soft round case. The shiny silver is stylish and contrasts with the black parts of other parts. The thin and flexible watch strap is perfect for women’s wrists. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters.


   The watch uses a round crown, which is decorated with tooth patterns on the side of the crown to make it easy to grasp the adjustment time; and the Tissot logo letter ‘T’ on the top of the crown is beautiful and distinguished. The crown of the watch is recessed into the case, which protects the crown to a certain extent.


   The watch strap is a black lacquered leather strap, which is soft and tough, with reasonable cuts and bright colors; the edges of the strap are stitched with black stitching, and the middle is punched, which can be adjusted as needed.


   This watch uses 316L stainless steel to create a round case. The bezel is specially designed to make the case more three-dimensional. The case is polished and smooth. The overall design of the case is round, showing the feminine look of women’s watches.


   The black dial inside the case indicates the time with the traditional large central three hands, and there is a date display window at 6 o’clock; the black dial uses silver bar-shaped hour markers, and the silver circle makes the dial more layered.


   The lugs of the watch are linear lugs, and the connection with the case is specially shaped to form an asymmetrical aesthetic.


   The black strap is linked by a folding butterfly clasp, which is easy to open and close and easy to wear but not easy to fall off.

Summary: This Tissot Flamingo watch adheres to the consistent design of the watch, integrating clean lines into the perfect simple design concept, making the watch both beautiful and pure. Elegant as jewellery, this watch exudes a natural sense of fashion, with a timeless style. It is a classic that appeals to people.

Dance Of The Universe: Girard Perregaux Planetarium Tri-axial Tourbillon Watch Planetarium Tri-axial

The prestigious Girard-Perregaux (GP, Girard Perregaux) high-speed three-axis tourbillon has ushered in two attractive and sophisticated parts, which are carefully drawn with miniature painting technology: display day / night Rotating globe and precise moon phase display. This watch inherits the representative technology and aesthetics of GP Girard-Perregaux watches, presenting its complex structure in the iconic classic design.

   For more than 150 years, Girard-Perregaux has been dedicated to challenging gravity, and today it has once again demonstrated its ability to control high-precision movements. This three-dimensional ‘horoscope’ watch combines a three-axis tourbillon, a sphere that rotates for 24 hours and a astronomical moon phase. It cleverly combines professional watchmaking technology, iconic design and traditional craftsmanship, drawing on the essence of Girard Perregaux’s DNA: an arrow-shaped golden bridge, a lyre-shaped tourbillon frame, and a sapphire arch lens. The side holes allow light to fully penetrate This extraordinary and delicate mechanism.

Girard Perregaux Planetarium Tri-Axial tourbillon watch with rose gold case, diameter 48 mm, thickness 18.66 mm (including convex lens 21.52 mm), hour, minute, moon phase and day / night display, three Axis Tourbillon (the frame completes a full revolution every two minutes), GP09310-0001 hand-wound movement, power reserve of more than 70 hours, sapphire crystal glass, two convex lenses at the position of the tourbillon and globe, waterproof 30 meters , Alligator strap with rose gold tri-fold buckle.
Stellar trio
   The delicate device of the tourbillon can offset the influence of gravity on the watch. Girard-Perregaux watches are the leading manufacturers of tourbillons. In addition to the wonderful interpretations of the previous two-axis tourbillon, a more-developed 2014 A sophisticated and sophisticated version-a three-axis tourbillon. As the name suggests, this high-speed tourbillon is equipped with a speed-regulating mechanism that acts on three rotating axes. This movement is lightweight and weighs only 1.24 grams. It consists of 140 parts. Its inner frame adopts GP Girard Perregaux’s iconic lyre shape since 1880. It rotates once a minute and perfectly fits the second frame that rotates around the second axis and rotates every 30 seconds. Finally, the two are integrated into a third frame that rotates in two minutes. The three-axis rotation rotates like a dreamlike dance performance, only to present the most accurate timing.

Girard Perregaux Planetarium Tri-Axial tourbillon watch is equipped with a light weight triaxial tourbillon, weighing only 1.24 grams and composed of 140 parts. Its inner frame adopts GP Girard Perregaux’s iconic lyre shape since 1880. It rotates once a minute and perfectly fits the second frame that rotates around the second axis and rotates every 30 seconds. Finally, the two are integrated into a third frame that rotates in two minutes.
Nine days on the moon
   Two astronomical instruments also joined the dance. A globe with a 24-hour rotation reads the time around the world instantly. The arrow indicator at the bottom of the 13mm-diameter aluminum sphere points to 12 noon, which is used to display day and night. The front of the dial shows where it is during the day and the back shows where it is at night. The globe is drawn by hand using miniature painting techniques. The map shows the world in 1791, which is the year when the brand was established. The moon phase disk, which is also drawn in miniature, shows the moon phase map when the telescope was invented in the 17th century. It intersects with the rotating blue globe and reproduces the moon in our eyes. With a high-precision mechanism, this astronomical moon phase indicator only needs to be calibrated once every 122 years and can be adjusted by a dedicated corrector at 2 o’clock.

Girard Perregaux’s three-axis tourbillon watch is equipped with a globe that rotates once every 24 hours to read the time around the world in real time. The arrow indicator at the bottom of the 13mm-diameter aluminum sphere points to 12 noon, which is used to display day and night. The front of the dial shows where it is during the day and the back shows where it is at night. The globe is drawn by hand using miniature painting techniques. The map shows the world in 1791, which is the year when the brand was established.

The Girard-Perregaux planetarium three-axis tourbillon watch is also drawn with micro-drawing technology. It shows the moon phase diagram when the telescope was invented in the 17th century. It intersects with the rotating blue globe and reproduces the moon in our eyes.
Fantastic dial
   GP Girard Perregaux gives all of its watchmaking qualities to this 48-mm-diameter rose gold case: an atmospheric curved case, beveled bezels, and arched lugs. This watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, and the sapphire crystal cover includes two convex lenses, which provides ample space for the rotation of the three-axis tourbillon and the globe. Light enters through the transparent case back and side holes, and the wearer can intuitively appreciate its complex structure. The manual-winding movement GP09310-0001 guarantees a power reserve of 70 hours. A ‘horoscope’ equipped with a three-axis tourbillon is responsible for displaying the hours, minutes, moon phases and day / night. These functions are displayed on the silver guilloché dial. The pattern in the dial outlines the earth’s meridians. It is decorated with rose gold digits and hour markers. The princess-style indicator rotates rhythmically. Through the transparent case-back structure, the movement is clearly visible. It has been carefully hand-finished and decorated with GP Girard-Perregaux’s signature characteristics: the arrow-shaped bridge, and the engraved eagle pattern with the brand’s logo. The back chassis is sandblasted and black PVD treated, highlighting the ‘night’ side of the day / night display, in contrast to the silver guilloché dial. This planetarium three-axis tourbillon watch comes with a black alligator strap and a rose gold triple-fold buckle.

The hour, minute, moon phase and day / night display of the Planetarium Tri-Axial tourbillon watch are presented on a silver guilloché dial. The pattern in the dial outlines the earth’s meridian, and the digital The time scale is dotted, and the princess-style indicator rotates rhythmically.

Romantic Season Allows You To Make A Sweet Promise Glashütte Original Wedding Season Wrist Room Collection

Sincere emotions have no fear of the passing of time, the seconds on the wrist witness the good times that lovers have traveled together. Condensation time, flowing language, nothing is more touching than the promise of giving love to lovers. Hold your hand forever. One period and one session, the longest time record of companionship. In this romantic season, Glashütte originally selects two couple watch pairs, letting love and companion linger on the wrist.

Elegant elegance, giving you partial favor

For him (left): PanoMatic Lunar Eccentric Moon Phase Watch
For her (right): PanoMatic Luna Eccentric Moon Phase Ladies Watch

On the right side of the dial of the PanoMatic Lunar eccentric moon phase watch, a quiet and bright moon hangs in the night sky, showing the overcast and sunny; the calendar window below counts the days and nights of the long stream of water, which are beautiful when they are together. The classic design of the typical large calendar eccentric series, the hours, minutes and small seconds are all off-center. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the exquisite Calibre 90-02 automatic mechanical movement. The internal design and external design are harmoniously matched, which is suitable for you who are both internal and external in your eyes.

The PanoMaticLuna Eccentric Moon Phase Ladies watch is like a beautiful woman. The intellectual beauty between her hands and feet is countless. The delicate rainbow mother-of-pearl sparkles with her innocent smile. The time display also shifts to the left of the dial, and to the right of the dial, the exquisite frost-like silver sky rises a silver moon. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 39.4 mm is equipped with a self-made Calibre 90-12 automatic movement, which embellishes the beauty of Glashütte watchmaking art. Even as time goes by, love is eternal.

Beautiful moonlight, join hands for a lifetime

For him (left): PanoMatic Lunar men’s eccentric moon phase watch

For her (right): PanoMatic Luna Women’s Eccentric Moon Phase Watch

The PanoMatic Lunar eccentric moon phase watch also displays Glashütte’s original and exquisite craftsmanship and ingenious design. The dark blue dial is more rigid, simple and atmospheric, and complements the moon-like women’s watch. Sweet and touching.

The latest model of the PanoMatic Luna Eccentric Moon Phase Lady’s Watch presents unparalleled views of the sky for fine watchmaking: a curved silver moon on a pale blue mother-of-pearl dial hangs in the sky, and diamonds are like Star bright. The unique off-centre hour / minute display, the small second hand, and the Glashütte Original’s large calendar all make it fun to read the time. Extreme craftsmanship, happiness testimony.

Women’s PanoMatic Luna Eccentric Moon Phase Watch

Both pairs are equipped with the Calibre 90-12 self-winding movement independently created by the brand. Through the sapphire crystal case back, this exquisitely modified core mechanism and its rare double gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism are at a glance. Such as three-quarters of splints, blue steel screws and various original decorations unique to Glashütte, the classic German traditional watchmaking elements are memorable.

As the pointer moves, love is also flowing, a little bit of companionship, bringing together a moving sweetness. In the romantic wedding season, Glashütte’s original selection couple watches will give you eternal love and record your exquisite beauty.

Inheritance Of Classics And Continuous Breakthrough Omega Classic Elegant Disc Flying Series

In the previous article, I introduced the long and glorious history of Omega, as well as the constellation series, hippocampus series and Super Speed ​​series of the brand’s four series. This article will focus on introducing you to the most elegant Omega A series-the disc flying series. The disco series began in 1960 and was born under a thin trend in the watch industry. With the evolution of the times, the disco series has always maintained the elegant temperament of gentlemen and ladies, and has continuously expanded and expanded. Today, it is already an important and elegant product line of Omega.

   There are many small series in the dish flying series, which were born in different times and have different development processes. Among them, the most familiar is the elegant series. This series includes the disco elegant men’s watch series and the disco elegant women’s watch series. They have high sales worldwide and are one of the brand’s most popular watch series. One.
Disc Flying Elegant Series

   This series has been upgraded and refined, with a timeless and elegant design, and offers a wide range of sizes and materials. Every consumer can find a watch that suits them. The watch design is naturally simple, timeless and timeless, and it goes well with any outfit. These outstanding qualities give a bright future to this true classic.

Elegant 39.5mm Coaxial Power Reserve Watch
   With its classic and elegant design, the Omega Saucer Elegant Collection has attracted many loyal supporters. This series of watches is simple in style, elegant and gorgeous in appearance, highlighting the striking timeless beauty. This watch features a silver concentric dial with 18K gold Roman numerals on the dial, a calendar window, a power reserve display and a small seconds dial. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this dazzling dial. The watch uses a 39.5mm 18K red gold case with a brown leather strap, and is equipped with an Omega 2627 coaxial movement inside.

Elegant 32.7 mm coaxial watch
   This watch features a silver concentric dial with diamond hour markers and gold Roman numeral hour markers at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. The calendar window is set at 3 o’clock. Wear-resistant sapphire crystals provide comprehensive protection for this dazzling dial. The watch features a 32.7 mm stainless steel case with 18K yellow gold diamond bezel, an 18K yellow gold steel bracelet, and an Omega 2500 coaxial movement inside.

   The Disci Ladymati series is a series of watches designed for women by Omega, and is endorsed by the world-renowned movie star Nicole Kidman. The Ladymatic watch series was first introduced in 1955 and was one of the first self-winding watches designed for women. Half a century later, Omega redesigned the collection and made Ladymatic shine again.

   The new Ladymatic women’s watch series inherits some of the design styles of the original models, perfectly integrating timeless and elegant design with Omega’s breakthrough watchmaking technology. Equipped with coaxial escapement technology and highlighting the unique fashion charm of the new Ladymatic women’s watch series, draws on the essence of the 1950s, and after a new tempering upgrade, it is perfectly presented to the new century women who are highly appreciated in the new century.

   The Ladymatic with a 34 mm case is available in a range of eye-catching materials, including 18K red gold or gold, stainless steel or an alloy of two shiny metals. The 18K gold body is made of titanium, while the stainless steel body is made of steel. Ladymatic watches come with polished or snowflake-set diamond bezels. These watches complement the timeless case, based on the color of their charming dial, paired with the same material bracelet or Lassa polished belt. The front of each Ladymatic watch is adorned with charming rays of black, white, brown, mother-of-pearl, purple, pink, blue, or dark gray. The dial has a calendar window at 3 o’clock and is equipped with 11 diamonds. Hour scale.
Disc Flying Series HOUR VISION

   In 2007, the launch of the Omega Dish Hour Vision series opened a new era for Omega. This watch is equipped with the 8500/8501 coaxial movement for the first time. Each of these parts is developed by Omega Factory with its own technology, which redefines the manufacture of 21st century mechanical watch movements.

   The 8500/8501 coaxial escapement self-made movement launched by Omega that year, consisting of 202 parts of this coaxial escapement movement, were all developed and produced by Omega. It was the first coaxial machine developed by the brand. Core, sensation throughout the Swiss watch altar. The movement is more stable for a long time, and the time adjustment is simpler, because the hour hand can be adjusted independently without affecting the operation of the minute and second hands. It is an accurate timepiece for travelers traveling in different time zones, regardless of appearance and mechanical performance. All provide a solid foundation for the development of Omega.

   With a diameter of 41mm, the new Hour Vision watch continues the trend of large dials. The design of the details of the case and dial is unique, demonstrating Omega’s leading position as a watch manufacturer. The design of the watch is uniquely innovative and blends seamlessly with the elegant and classic temperament of the Omega Flying Series; four sapphire crystal windows are set on the sides of the crown, the 9 o’clock side and the classic round shape of the Flying Disc Above the opening of the case, it presents a unique modern beauty, highlighting the charm of science and technology from the inside out, and expressing technological breakthroughs. The entire sapphire crystal inner case is embedded in a stainless steel or 18K red gold case, ensuring that the case is water-resistant to 100 meters and can withstand impacts up to 5000G.
   The Hour Vision watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal back. There are four sapphire crystal windows on the side of the case, which can see from different angles the perfectly polished rhodium 8500 movement or rhodium material and the 8501 red gold movement. The Disci Hour Vision series sets a new milestone for Omega, and at the same time marks the return to the origin of the brand. Omega was the first company to manufacture movements industrially; in fact, the name of Omega was taken from one of the movements produced by the Omega Watch Factory in the 19th century!

Hour Vision Blue
   This watch is a special watch launched by Omega to support International Orbis and fight against blindness. Omega is proud to support the work of International Orbis and its Ophthalmic Aircraft Hospital in treating preventable blindness around the world. The brand hereby launches the Disci Hour Vision Blue watch, deepening the public’s understanding of this outstanding organization and understanding their life-changing work.

   The watch uses a classic 41 mm stainless steel case and is equipped with Omega’s unique 8500 coaxial movement, which represents a revolutionary breakthrough in mechanical watchmaking technology. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the perfect operation of the Omega 8500 coaxial movement is clearly visible.
Disc Flying Series

   The Disciflex coaxial watch combines classic watch design with innovative mechanical watchmaking.

   The Omega Co-Axial Co-Axial is a classic example of men’s classic watches: the traditional 41mm case is made of 18K red gold or stainless steel, and the elegant dial has elegant Roman numerals on the inside of the watch. The most outstanding mechanical movement in history.

   The disco coaxial women’s chronograph uses ingenious ingenuity, combining a number of practical functions and superb technology, while showing the elegant temperament of women. The watch is not only equipped with an original chocolate brown surface and a dazzling diamond bezel, but also retains the unique design features of the disco series.

   The rich and soft surface is complemented by three oval pearl shell dials that display the chronograph function and continuously run the small second hand. The unique brown surface is complemented by a pearly pink dial and a bezel set with 42 brilliant diamonds (1.61 carats), making this watch more elegant and luxurious. Another feature of the disc fly coaxial escapement is its large calendar window. This ‘cut-fan’ calendar window is located between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock. It can quickly read the calendar and watch two days before and after. Date. The diamond facetted smooth hands are subtly matched with the appliqué faceted hour markers to read the minute scale in quarters of a second. The arc-shaped anti-reflective and wear-resistant sapphire crystal makes the surface exude beautiful beauty from inside to outside in any light.
Discivision CHRONOSCOPE watch

   The Omega Chronoscope Co-Axial Chronograph series models are unique with a unique small dial layout. This new collection of watches includes a 44mm GMT watch, a low-profile 41mm coaxial chronograph, and an excellent disc-four quad dial coaxial chronograph-as the name suggests, this model has a charming dial. Four small dial designs.
Sauvignon Tourbillon Watch

   Tourbillon technology has been at the forefront of watchmaking technology since more than 200 years ago. Omega has been producing tourbillon watches since 1947. In 2007, it combined the tourbillon with the coaxial escapement system to comprehensively improve the long-term movement of the movement. Stability and accuracy; put the tourbillon in the center of the movement, clearly see the operation of the tourbillon and the coaxial escapement system through the watch glass; the tourbillon frame made of titanium and the chocolate-colored base plate, highlighting the innovative material Compact design. The birth of the central tourbillon has promoted the development of watchmaking in the 21st century, which is an important technological breakthrough in 250 years.

   The disco series tourbillon watch in the center shows the ultimate interpretation of watchmaking technology. Hand-crafted by a select group of watchmakers in the Omega Tourbillon workshop in Bill, Switzerland, it is the only watch in the world with a central tourbillon. The tourbillon frame completes one full revolution per minute, effectively offsetting the effect of gravity on the performance of the watch. This watch is equipped with Omega’s unique 2636 coaxial movement, equipped with an advanced escapement leading the future technological development of mechanical movements, providing excellent precision timing functions. Each watchmaker engraved his initials on the tourbillon floor. When the center tourbillon watch is sent to the original Omega factory for maintenance, it will be handled by the original watchmaker. The Omega Sauvignon Tourbillon Watch has been carefully crafted to be the pinnacle of the legendary watch brand Omega.
   The above is an overview of the Omega Dish Flying Series. At this point, the entire Omega brand has been introduced. Since 1848, while continuing to create the most accurate timekeeping record, it has also redefined the most advanced brand of mechanical watchmaking. It is worthy of everyone’s Love and trust.

Richemont Group Releases Fy2015/16 Report Net Profit Increases 67% Yoy

From April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016, Richemont Group’s sales achieved double-digit growth in the first half of the fiscal year, and declined in the second half of the fiscal year.

 Financial Highlights
· Sales increased by 6% year-on-year to 11.076 billion euros; at constant exchange rates, sales decreased by 1% year-on-year.
· Weakness in Asia Pacific offsets sales growth in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.
Operating profit decreased by 23% year-on-year, mainly due to non-recurring earnings last year (234 million euros) and restructuring and write-down expenses this year (97 million euros).
Net profit rose by 67% year-on-year to 2.227 billion euros, mainly due to the merger of Net-a-Porter and Yoox Group (non-cash after-tax income of 639 million euros). In addition, the Group avoided exchange rate losses due to the appreciation of the Swiss franc last year .
Operating cash flow of 2.419 billion euros and net cash position of 5.339 billion euros, roughly the same as last year.
Proposed dividend of 1.70 Swiss francs per share, a year-on-year increase of 6%.
Financial report overview
   Group sales achieved double-digit growth in the first half of the fiscal year and declined in the second half of the fiscal year. Concerns about geopolitical risks and their impact on consumer spending behavior are justified. The European region turned negative in the middle of the year, and the trade situation in Hong Kong and Macao remained difficult. Only mainland China had good sales. Overall, thanks to favorable exchange rate changes, the Group’s sales for the year increased by 6%.
   Facing the difficult trading environment, the Group has been working hard to respond to changing market demands. Popular product series, favorable currency situation, jewellery department sales increase, profit margins are also more flexible. However, for professional watchmaking brands and Cartier watches, the stronger Swiss franc has raised the cost of watchmaking, coupled with lower capacity utilization, which has depressed the gross profit margin. Montblanc, Chloé and Peter Millar sales have maintained good growth, while other fashion brands face sluggish retail environments throughout the year.
   In this environment, the group division adjusts its fixed cost base. Accordingly, the corresponding € 97 million restructuring and one-time expenses were recorded in the operating profit account for the current fiscal year. Excluding these expenses and comparing annual profits from investment real estate sales, operating profit fell by 11% year-on-year.
   On October 5, 2015, Richemont announced the completion of the merger of Net-a-Porter and Yoox Group (a one-time non-cash after-tax income of 639 million euros). The combined company will be called Yoox Net-a-Porter, and Richemont will own 50% of the shares and 25% of the voting rights. Richemont Group now holds 49% of its shares and 25% of its voting rights after completing a rights issue of 100 million euros.
   In the comparative year, Richemont Group made profits from the sale of investment real estate, but also suffered non-cash losses due to the appreciation of the Swiss franc. Including the profit and loss of the two one-off items, Richemont’s net profit increased by 67% compared with the previous fiscal year.
   For the board of directors and shareholders, what is important are operating cash flow and net cash position, both of which remained solid and stable during the 2015/16 fiscal year. At the end of March 2016, the group’s net cash position was 5.339 billion euros, and shareholders’ equity accounted for 75% of total liabilities and equity, showing a good financial position.
   Based on the results of this fiscal year and the long-term goal of steadily increasing dividends, the board of directors intends to increase the dividend from 1.60 Swiss francs per share to 1.70 Swiss francs per share in the previous fiscal year.
   The Group’s sales in April fell by 18% and 15% at real and constant exchange rates, respectively. All market regions were not spared. At constant exchange rates, only the Middle East and Africa achieved growth. This performance was largely expected. The retail situation in Hong Kong and Macau has not improved. Only in Mainland China, sales are good (26% growth at constant exchange rate), so the Asia-Pacific region as a whole remains weak. The Group’s retail business performed well and was significantly better than the wholesale business. This challenging situation will continue until September this year.
   The Group expects that there will not be any meaningful improvement in the trading environment in the short term. It is mainly to meet the challenges faced by the watchmaking industry, and cash flow is the top priority. The Group will continue to strictly control costs, demand for operating capital, and allocate resources to higher standards; continue to maintain investment to ensure long-term value creation; consolidate and improve the global retail network, especially in mainland China; and further invest in the jewelry business.
   In the long run, the global demand for high-quality products remains strong, and the Group is confident of this. The Group will continue to support its brands in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling beautiful and unique high-quality products. Richemont Group will uphold these enduring value concepts, make accurate strategic positioning, and benefit from a market that will resume prosperity in the future.

Iwc 2017 Watchmaking Tour Starts In Hangzhou, Zhang Ruohuan Decodes The Beauty Of Time

November 3, 2017, Hangzhou—Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen enjoys a world-renowned reputation for innovation and original technology. For nearly 150 years, it has continued to make fine watchmaking art. Write a legend. Today, IWC’s 2017 watchmaking tour grandly debuted in Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center. Several classic timepieces were displayed together, demonstrating the timeless charm of IWC’s century-old watchmaking process. IWC watch’s best friend and famous actor Zhang Ruoji also appeared chicly and decoded the beauty of time with the majority of watch lovers.

Ruo Zhang wears IWC Large Pilot’s Watch “Little Prince” Special Edition (Model: IW500916)
   Because of the starring role of Zhang Ruohuan, who is well known to the public for various types of film and television dramas, in recent years, the works have been constantly changing, the style of the characters or brave wisdom, or chivalrous pride, showing the infinite possibilities that young actors can control. Speaking of watches, Zhang Ruochi shared: ‘Watches are more than accessories for men. The spiritual power they carry is unparalleled. As I wear today, IWC’s large pilot watch’ Little Prince ‘special edition, very It conveys the spirit of fearlessness and perseverance, giving me the courage to expand more unknowns. It is the company of every second and the witness of time. ‘

IWC’s best friend Zhang Ruohuan (left) and Mr. Li Baiqing, Managing Director of IWC China
   The several major series of watches presented this time are unique and classic; they are different and complement each other, and they complement each other in a carefully arranged display space, demonstrating the extraordinary charm of IWC’s century-old watchmaking technology. This tour will run from November 3 to November 12, and IWC looks forward to working with you to explore the good times together!

IWC Special Edition Pilot’s Watch “Little Prince” (Model: IW500916)
IWC IWC large pilot watch ‘Little Prince’ special edition is equipped with 51111-made homemade movement, with a unique night blue dial, dreamy and beautiful. The 46mm stainless steel case is wrapped in an antimagnetic soft iron inner case with a brown calfskin strap with stitching and studs. The oscillating weight and the Pellerton pawl winding system provide a seven-day power reserve, and a power reserve display window is provided at the ‘3 o’clock’ position.
Reference retail price: RMB 99,500