Bulgari’s Geometric Design Leads The Trend Of Watches

In addition to the previous three black lacquered dial OCTO watches, BVLGARI has now launched a new model combining stainless steel and rose gold with a white lacquered dial . The combination of different tones of metal creates a clear and interlaced visual effect, making the timeless bold design of the OCTO series watches more strongly recognizable.

OCTO watch series was born in 2012. It has a unique octagonal case with a round bezel. It is simple and exquisite, and it can be called one of the most representative BVLGARI watch series.

OCTO watch is a symbol of ‘perfect geometry’: it breaks the traditional aesthetic sense and displays a unique and subtle personality style through a harmonious and balanced design. The OCTO series has long transcended the meaning of pure watches. It has been endowed with extraordinary temperament, eclectic personality and mature and restrained style connotation, which perfectly shows the unique charm of BVLGARI men’s watches.

The case of the new OCTO watch continues its design features. The case is composed of 110 facets, each of which is carefully polished and polished by hand, showing the overall refined style of the watch in the details, perfectly showing the BVLGARI Beautiful original Roman architecture inspired design. The case design of the OCTO watch is extremely contemporary in aesthetics, and with a low-key and classic dial layout, it will become a new model of luxury men’s watches in the future.

 BVLGARI OCTO series stainless steel rose gold technical parameters

壳 Case: 41.5mm stainless steel case, double-sided anti-reflective wear-resistant sapphire transparent case back, 18K rose gold screw-in crown with black ceramic plate

Dial: white lacquered dial, hand-set rose gold plated hour markers

Movement: BVL 193 one-way self-winding mechanical movement with double barrel

Function: Hour, minute, second hand display, calendar window at three o’clock

Power reserve: 50 hours

Gem: 28 gems

Waterproof: 100 meters

Bracelet: brown alligator leather with folding clasp

Lvmh: Revenue Growth Of 22% In The First Nine Months Of 2012

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading high-quality luxury goods manufacturing group, recorded revenues of 19.9 billion euros in the first nine months of 2012, an increase of 22% compared to the same period in 2011. Taking into account Bulgari’s integration to June 30, 2011, and the positive currency impact, endogenous revenue increased by 10%.

In the third quarter, the Group’s revenue increased by 15% and endogenous revenue increased by 6%. Compared with the ‘strong’ performance in the same period of 2011, this figure is good in the current economic environment. The US market continues to show strong momentum. The US market continues to show steady growth, while business conditions in Europe and Asia are mixed, and European and Asian third quarter results have improved. Louis Vuitton continues to gain more market share around the world.

In the first nine months of 2012, the watch and jewelry business group’s organic revenue increased by 7%. LVMH’s watch brands have made further progress driven by their iconic scope and innovation drive. TAG Heuer’s new Link Lady and Zenith Pilot series are the highlights of this quarter. In jewellery, the success of the Bulgari Serpenti and B.Zero1 series confirms that the brand continues to implement a selective distribution strategy. Both Chaumet and Fred’s specialty stores have performed well.
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Source: LVMH

Liu Haoran Tells You ‘handsome’ Is Not The Only Tag

‘Detective Chinatown 2’ is a popular movie for the Spring Festival. I believe many people have watched it. The plot is wonderful and the eye-catching style is true. The genius boy Qin Feng played by Liu Haoran contributed jokes in the movie, and bluntly stated that this drama is his lower limit, and there is no idol burden after the filming.
   The spicy eye shape is here:

   As soon as Wang Baoqiang appeared, Daikin chain with leopard pattern, Liu Haoran is still more responsible for playing handsome.

   The moment Liu Haoran came out, the whole theater took out his mobile phone. Netizens joked: left seller show, left buyer show. There are many more spicy eyes, please everyone to Baidu ~

   Of course, most of the time, Liu Haoran is pretty handsome, such as the army green trench coat with white T-shirt, jeans and white shoes, a proper genius for young people.

   White shirt and black tie, white headphones around his neck, a harmless look of humans and animals. The white watch on his hand is also very suitable for small fresh meat.
   At the beginning, I wanted to write a handsome Liu Haoran after watching ‘Lang Ye Bang 2’, but it has now dragged on to coincide with the release of ‘Chinatown Detective 2’ and the timing is just right. The real change to Liu Haoran’s road started from ‘Langyao List 2’. The previous episodes did not remember who Liu Haoran was. There are so many small meats now, and I ca n’t remember if my face is blind and I do n’t chase the stars. It’s normal. But Shuai Shuo Hao Ran has a little tiger tooth. When I laughed, I was circled …

   The male lead played by Liu Haoran has changed too much from front to back. In the first half, he is supported by his father and brother. In the second half, after experiencing life and death, he was forced to grow up and became stable and tenacious. He thought that Liu Haoran’s change was still very good.

   In the movie ‘Biography of the Demon Cat’, Bai Hao played by Liu Haoran blends innocence and paranoia, which is moving.
   In the choice of watches, Liu Haoran is also relatively low-key and simple, in line with his own style:

   Liu Haoran attended the press conference of ‘The Wind from the Langya List’ and wore the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface double-sided dual time zone flip watch. Wearing a black suit and wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, perfectly matched Liu Haoran’s sense of youth.

   Liu Haoran wears Chanel J12 series ceramic watch is also full of youthful vigor. Haoran seems to like this watch very much, and has worn it on many occasions, but it also really fits his style.

   A black and white suit with Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER series watch, a gentleman.

   From ‘Langya List 2’ to ‘Demon Cat Biography’ to ‘Detective Chinatown 2’, Haoran swept the screen all winter. Some people say that he is not handsome, who care? It is his label that is comfortable and durable, and there is a kind of calmness that emanates from the inside out. Liu Haoran said that he didn’t like buying people’s equipment, and defined himself as an actor. This calmness and low-key is why I like him. But isn’t the power of idols like this? It brings us something of positive energy, which is also the significance of chasing stars.

Creative Unlimited Tasting Rolex Cellini Moon Phase Watch

Rolex’s Cellini series has always shown its elegant and extraordinary temperament to the world in the classic style of traditional clocks and watches. At Baselworld in 2017, Cellini showed a moon phase to the fans. This watch became a big highlight at the exhibition, which can be said to be a big surprise. Rolex moon phase watch is quite rare, it has never appeared after entering modern watchmaking, so for Rolex, this is a relatively new design material, saying that ‘things are rare and precious’, the new cellini moon phase Watches have an extraordinary weight and significance for brands. (Watch model: m50535-0002)

Rolex Cellini Moon Phase Watch

Watch overall display

   This watch has a case diameter of 39 mm and is crafted in 18 ct Everose gold. The 18ct eternal rose gold created by the Rolex Foundry has been available since 2005. By adding a certain percentage of platinum to traditional rose gold materials, it is used to make all Rolex watches in pink gold styles, thereby ensuring that the case maintains a long and bright color And obtained a patent.

Triangle pitted bezel

   After the introduction of the new Cellini series, Rolex redesigned the bezel for it, combining the elements of the classic round bezel and the triangular pit pattern bezel, making the entire watch more rounded and regular without losing the Rolex characteristics.

White lacquered dial

   The dial of the new Cellini Moon Phase watch is white lacquered. At 6 o’clock on the dial, there is a blue enamel moon phase dial showing the full moon and crescent moon, and dozens of stars are also carved around it. The full moon is symbolized by a circular meteorite, and the new moon is represented by a silver ring. According to the moon’s profit and loss cycle, the moon phase is displayed under the inverted triangle mark at 12 o’clock on the moon phase disk.

Hidden moon phase adjustment button

   At seven o’clock on the side of the case, there is a moon phase adjustment button, which can be adjusted by a special adjustment needle.

Crescent blue central pointer

   The dagger-shaped hands are also cast in rose gold and polished. A slender blue central hand with a crescent-shaped end to indicate the date.

Polished case with smooth and flat sides

   This Cellini moon phase watch is equipped with a 3195 self-winding movement developed by Rolex, and its patented moon phase component guarantees an accuracy of only one day in 122 years.

Brown alligator strap

   The watch is equipped with a brown alligator strap with 18ct eternal rose gold folding crown buckle, which is the first time this buckle has been used in the Cellini series.

Rolex moon phase watch certified by top observatory

   Like all Rolex watches, the Cellini Moon Phase Watch also received the top chronometer certification established by Rolex in 2015, which proves that the watch has successfully passed a series of tests by Rolex Labs in precision, power reserve, Top performance in every aspect, including water resistance. The Rolex top chronometer precision timepiece, which is tested after the movement is installed in the case, has an average error of less than two seconds per day, which is more than twice as accurate as the average chronometer certified precision timepiece.

Summary: Overall, the overall design of this Cellini Moonphase watch is very simple, it seems to imply that it has more potential waiting to be tapped. Human creativity is always unlimited. We have reason to believe that after The Cellini series will get more exciting. (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)

Tour Tourbillon With Complex Craft Six Tourbillon Watches Recommended

Tourbillon watches represent the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing technology. The entire escapement speed control system operates in a unique way, bringing the dynamic artistic beauty of clocks to the highest level, and has always been known as ‘the watch’ s King’. The same watch, with tourbillon, is ten times more expensive at once.

Tourbillon Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound IW544705 watch

Watch Series: Portugal
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 43.1 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 465.000
Watch details:
Comment: The cal.98900 self-winding movement, Breguet hairspring, 54-hour power reserve, 18K rose gold case, small seconds at 6 o’clock, and a limited edition of 500 watches , Has a certain collection value.

Lange RICHARDLANGETOURBILLON ‘Pourle Mérite’ watch series 760.003218K rose gold watch

Watch series: Richard Lange
Movement type: manual mechanical
Gender: Men
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 41.9 mm
Reference price: $ 185,300
Watch details:
Commentary: At a glance, you may notice that the RICHARDLANGETOURBILLON ‘Pourle Mérite’ series has a completely different design than the RICHARDLANGE watch series. Equipped with a three-dial sub-dial, it is inspired by a pocket watch made by Dresden’s master watchmaker John Heinrich Seifert. Seiffert is renowned for the precision with which pocket watches were made in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Combined with the sesame chain transmission, tourbillon and stop-second device, RICHARDLANGETOURBILLON ‘PourleMérite’ continues Seiffert’s pursuit of precision to the 21st century.

Breguet Classic Complex 5335BR / 42 / 9W6 watch

Watch Series: Classic Series
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 1,218,000
Watch details:
Comment: An eccentric dial at 12 o’clock, sapphire crystal inlaid with rose gold decoration. Hand-engraved skeletonized manual winding movement with tourbillon adjuster. The independent seconds hand is located at 6 o’clock on a tourbillon bridge fixed by two sapphire crystals. Sapphire crystal case back.

Glashütte PanoClassic 93-01-03-03-04 watch

Watch Series: PanoClassic
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 39.4 mm
Watch details:
Comment: The main design inspiration is inherited from the flying tourbillon technology made by Glashütte watchmaker Alfred Helwig. Unlike ordinary watches, the tourbillon device is located at 7 o’clock, with a one-minute tourbillon performance, 3 o’clock The direction is a large date window. The dial adopts an asymmetrical design that is off-center, with blue steel hands, and the internal delicate carvings are in sharp contrast with the 950 platinum hand-engraved buttonline dial.

Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterControl Q1652410 watch

Watch Series: Master Series
Movement Type: Automatic
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Domestic public price: ¥ 575.000
Watch details:
Comment: This new MasterTourbillon tourbillon watch reflects the innovative spirit of Jaeger-LeCoultre, as well as a meticulous professional attitude towards accuracy and reliability. Its tourbillon adjuster is paired with a high-precision movement equipped with a large balance wheel with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The watch is also equipped with a two-way adjustable date display, which can quickly jump from 15th to 16th without blocking the titanium tourbillon frame. MasterDateTourbillon 39 Tourbillon Calendar is equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre 978 automatic tourbillon movement with titanium frame and high inertia balance wheel. Available in rose gold only.

Athens Wonder Freak 28800V / h Tourbillon Series 020-88 Watch

Watch Series: Complex
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap material: leather
Table diameter: 44.5 mm
Watch details:
Comment: Freak is a Carrousel tourbillon watch with a 7-day chain, without hours, minutes, dials and crowns. In addition, the original patented Athens two-way escapement and oil-free features, It is the biggest difference of Freak. The newly added lock-type bezel design, while rotating the bezel, you will feel a period of advancement, thereby avoiding the artificial time error caused by adjusting the time. The creative design of the balance wheel shows the delicate work of the Athenian watch, as well as its original concept.

Summary: Modern tourbillons have been manufactured in large quantities, with more and more varieties and prices, and there are too many brands in production, but maintenance problems in the future are a headache, especially for watches with this tourbillon device. Almost all brands in Switzerland require returning to the original factory for repair. Technically speaking, returning to the original Swiss factory for maintenance is the most correct, because the watches with tourbillon devices are quite precise, and the technicians without sufficient and complete training are indeed incompetent. .

You Can’t Defeat A Real Man – Inspirational Legend Reappears, Oris Launches Second-generation Carl Brashear Limited Edition Bronze Watch In China

On January 9, 2018, the Swiss century-old independent watch brand Oris launched the second-generation Carl Brashear limited edition bronze watch in Shanghai, China. Continuing the story two years ago, this watch was inspired by Carl Brashear, the first African-American divemaster in the history of the United States Navy. He defeated racial discrimination and overcome physical disabilities, and is considered one of the most inspirational figures of the twentieth century. We can miss his tenacious life through the movie ‘Men of Honour’, or find his glorious medal from Oris’s latest bronze chronograph.

This is the second time Oris has introduced a commemorative watch for Carl Brashear. Unlike the simple three-pin function of the first generation, the new Carl Brashear Bronze Limited Edition is a chronograph. Its overall design style inherits Pridex’s classic 65-year replica diving watch. The case is mainly made of bronze, inspired by Carl Brashear’s bronze deep diving helmet. At the same time, Oris also paid tribute to Carl’s challenge of racial discrimination by using ‘non-ferrous metals’. Just like the story of a hero, bronze, a fascinating metal, will give birth to a distinctive pattern and imprint over time.
Carl Brashear was born in 1931 in Kentucky, USA, and joined the US Navy at the age of 17, at the time when racial discrimination was most severe in the military. Carl determined to become a deep submerged soldier. In 1954, he passed many tests and even made it difficult to obtain the qualification of a navy diver.

In 1966, he was unfortunately injured during the task of salvaging the hydrogen bomb and lost his left calf. When everyone persuaded him to retreat, Carl stood up firmly. He installed a prosthetic arm and conducted two years of arduous rehabilitation training. In 1968, he regained the deep diving qualification and became the first disabled person in the history of the US Navy The diver was promoted to the first African-American dive chief in 1970. Divemaster certification is extremely demanding and requires a series of extreme tests, including extreme 300-meter equipment diving, and for Carl, prosthetic climbing projects have been added.
In 1979, Carl ended his military career for more than thirty years and was honorably discharged. In 2006, at the age of 75, he died in the United States. His inspirational story was brought to the big Hollywood screen-‘Men of Honour’. Carl was played by the famous actor Cuban Gooding.

Real man with luxury watch. Oris Carl Brashear limited edition chronograph, case, bezel, crown, chronograph buttons, all made of bronze rare in traditional watchmaking, this is also the first in Oris history following 2016 After the limited edition of Carl Brashear, a bronze watch was introduced for the second time. Over time, copper will chemically react with carbon dioxide and water vapor in the air to form an oxide layer. The effects of oxidation vary widely depending on humidity, pH and wearing habits. In the end, every watch will be unique.
The watch is driven by the Oris771 automatic mechanical movement, has a 48-hour power reserve, and presents two parallel chronograph dials on the dial. This movement was adapted from Sellita’s SW510 and was the first time Oris used it.
Throughout Carl Brashear’s deep diving career, he has been accidentally ‘stopped’ many times, but he can always overcome the difficulties and ‘restart’ his own pace. This is why Oris chose to pay tribute to him with the chronograph function. As he often said, ‘It’s not a sin to get knocked down, it’s a sin to stay down’!

The symmetrical dial layout and no-calendar design give the watch a nostalgic chronograph style. On the right side of the dial is a 30-minute counter and on the left is a small seconds dial. The dial is bright sea blue, which matches the bronze very well, and also echoes Carl Brashear’s deep dive status. The watch comes with an equally vintage brown leather strap.

The excitement behind it is also not to be missed. The stainless steel bottom cover is engraved with the traditional deep diving helmet pattern and Carl Brashear’s inspirational motto.
Ulrich W. Herzog, Oris Global President, said: ‘Oris is proud to once again pay tribute to Carl Brashear and his foundation. Mr. Brashear’s inspirational story brings countless newcomers the motivation and courage to move forward, and also inspires Hao Lease continues to advance the #ChangeForTheBetter branding route. ‘

Permanent Love Watch House 2016 Rolex New Products Appreciation

On the afternoon of May 28, 2016, the ‘House of Rolex Watches New Appreciation Fair 2016’ will arrive as scheduled. This event was co-organized by the Watch House and the brand Rolex, and came to the Rolex Experience in Shanghai on the Bund. Participating netizens were recruited by the Watch House Forum and WeChat public account. The brand Rolex shared with watch attendees the new watches released at the Baselworld 2016.

   Before the event, some table friends had dinner with the staff of the Watch House. During the table, watch friends exchanged their watch experiences and views with each other.

   Located on the Bund, ‘Rolex World · Jie’ covers an area of ​​about 800 square meters. It is a collection of Rolex brand history, sponsored event theme exhibitions, classic watch displays and watch sales. This exhibition brings annual new product explanations and comprehensive appreciation and try-on experience to netizens.

   In Shanghai on the 28th, the rain fell from early to late, but it is still difficult to stop everyone’s love for Rolex. Many activities have already arrived ahead of schedule.

   The event started on time at 2 o’clock, and Rolex lecturers introduced the new watches released by Rolex this year. The table friends who were present were deeply attracted by the Rolex’s new watch and were attentive.

   This year’s high-profile ceramic circle Daytona has attracted much attention since its launch. Equipped with a precise and stable Rolex Cal. 4130 movement, its appearance is reinterpreted. The carefully crafted, smooth and shiny high-tech black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring replaces the original metal outer ring, and the outer ring is also embedded with a black Plexiglas resin glass word ring.

   Do you think the most popular ceramic ring in this year is Daytona? wrong. Many watch friends who attended the show praised the new-color platinum ring yacht-master watch. Its gray dial and blue second hand are very exciting. Compared with Rolex’s ceramic Cerachrom bezel, the platinum bezel is more textured, which has shaped the unique image of the yacht’s masterpiece. Equipped with Rolex Cal. 3135 movement.

   The new Oyster Perpetual Airmaster watch continues the aviation roots of the original watch. 40 mm 904L steel forged case. The black dial has 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions with extra large Arabic numerals and a distinctive personality. The words ‘Air-King’ on the dial, the font used in the 1950s was designed for the original watch. Equipped with a Rolex Cal. 3131 movement.

   The new Oyster Perpetual Explorer-type watch with full luminous display ensures a clear view at a glance. This model’s unique numbers 3, 6, and 9 are coated with luminous material, which emits a persistent blue light like the hour markers and hands. No matter what the environmental conditions, this unique Chromalight display ensures clear reading. The pointer is wider and longer to make the display clearer. Equipped with a Rolex Cal. 3132 movement.

   The new color of gold Daytona, the green dial is very beautiful, I have to say that Rolex’s use of gray and green is amazing.

   After the Rolex staff explained, the most anticipated moment has come, watch friends began to try on the new Rolex watches, and appreciate the new Rolex watches in all directions. Since there are more table friends this time, we can only try them in batches.

Summary: This ‘2016 Rolex New Product Appreciation Watch House Special Session’ was successfully held, which not only let watch friends have an understanding of Rolex’s new products this year, but also promoted exchanges between watch friends and gave them a try Everyone has more opportunities to experience the new Rolex watches. Shanghai in the rainy season is still difficult to stop the enthusiasm of table friends, we can see everyone’s love for Rolex. The successful holding of the watch house special event cannot be separated from the support and attention of the watch friends in the forum. Here, the watch house would like to express its sincere gratitude to everyone, as well as the brand Rolex for providing this rare Appreciation meeting, pay attention to watch home and pay attention to more exciting activities in the future.

2017 Highlights The Moment In Just 1/10 Second-certina Ds Podium Championship Series Chronograph

For everyone in the world, the New Year will be full of joy and expectation. The beauty of every minute and every second must not be missed. A reliable time companion is essential. At the beginning of the new year, the Certina Championship Chronograph locks every moment for you.

Since Certina’s founding in 1888, accurate timekeeping has been one of the most important watchmaking principles, passed down from generation to generation. The Certina DS Podium Championship Chronograph takes the precision of the watch to a higher level with the high-precision PrecidriveTM quartz movement. The year-round error is only about +/- 10 seconds, which improves the accuracy of the traditional quartz movement. The degree is increased by 8 to 10 times. In addition, the high-precision (+/- 10 seconds / year) quartz chronograph movement also provides 60-second, 30-minute, and 1 / 10-second chronograph (real-time display within the first minute) function, standard hour hand, minute hand, Small seconds and date, anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

With a strong heart, face value must also play a role. The dynamic dial design has always been the hallmark of Certina DS Podium. The new chronograph continues the strong design fusion between the black surface, the snail-shaped chronograph dial, and the PVD rose gold-plated hands, hour markers, and large-size numbers. The light brown leather strap and smoky grey stitching are reminiscent of the way the pioneers wore their watches. The black PVD-plated buttons and clasps adjacent to it make the contrast even richer. Hour and minute hands use a large amount of luminous material, along the dial chamfered outer edge is also marked with twelve dots coated with luminous material to mark the hour, no matter day and night, to ensure easy reading under various sports conditions.

The acronym ‘DS’ (double insurance) at the top of the protective crown proves that the DS Podium chronograph is designed and manufactured based on the famous double insurance technology; the beautiful CERTINA turtle logo is printed on the back of the crown.

Technical data

Movement: Swiss-made ETA G10.212 AA Precidrive ™ quartz chronograph movement
1/10 second (real-time display in the first minute), 30 minutes and 60 seconds
Hour, minute, small second, date
Case: 316L stainless steel case, black PVD coating
Frosted case, polished bezel
41 mm diameter
CERTINA turtle logo printed on the back of the watch
Dial: Black dial
PVD rose gold-plated hands and hour markers
Luminescent materials are applied to the 12 markers on the hour, minute and dial outer edges
Water resistance: Water resistance up to 10 bar (100 meters)
Mirror: Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
Crown: Acronym ‘DS’ (double insurance technology) on top of crown
Strap: light brown leather strap with two-button black PVD plated buckle
Features: DS (Double Insurance Technology)
Reference number: C034.417.36.057.00
Suggested retail price: 3950.- RMB

Ephj-epmt-smt Trade Show Announcement Schedule

The EPHJ-EPMT-SMT trade exhibition is about to be held at the Palexpo Exhibition Center in Geneva from June 5th to 8th, 2012. Today, the exhibition organizer announced the wonderful schedule of this year’s exhibition. The 11th EPHJ EPMT-SMT show reached a record number of 650 exhibitors, and will collaborate with federal and regional agencies to host high-profile roundtable discussions.
2012 EPHJ (Professional Environment for Watchmaking)-EPMT (Professional Environment for Microtechnology)-SMT (Swiss Medical Technology) International Trade Show will be held for the first time this year at the Palexpo Centre in Geneva.
The organizer has announced an unprecedented lineup of exhibitors for this unique show, reaching a record 650 exhibitors signing up for the show, an increase of 14% from the number of exhibitors last year, which also proves that the transfer of the venue of the show to Geneva is fully consistent The real needs of the Swiss market have broadened the horizons even more. It is expected that this year’s exhibition will attract about 130,000 professional visitors from Switzerland and around the world.
‘We are pleased to see that our trade show enjoys a very high reputation. We have worked tirelessly for the past ten years. Now, as the show is relocated to Geneva, the show has renewed vitality. Warmth and providing our exhibitors with more exciting business opportunities in a friendly atmosphere, ‘said Olivier Saenger, co-founder of the show.
The main partners of this year’s exhibition include OSEC, Swiss Office for Commercial Expansion, Geneva Service for Economic Promotion, and they actively participated in the schedule of the conference schedule. The show is also included in the fifth Actes’Industries-Geneva’s Service for Economic Promotion joint event, CCIG (Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Office for the Promotion of Industry, and Geneva Industrial Union (UIG ) Co-organization-will discuss some key topics and their direct impact on economic growth in French-speaking regions.
 ‘This positive synergy reflects not only industrial technology in our canton, but also industrial technology in Switzerland as a whole. The subcontracting of watchmaking, microtechnology and medical technology is an important aspect of our economy. The best way to show visitors from Switzerland and around the world our expertise and strength, as well as our ability to innovate continuously, ’emphasized Pierre-François Unger, President of the Geneva Council of States.
Innovation and future production experience are a major issue, and the organizer chose this issue as a topic for discussion at the 2012 exhibition, especially the Grand Prix des Exposants. All exhibitors will be invited to select a company that has recently performed well in innovation, growth, expertise, and the originality of the microtechnology subcontracting industry. The final day of the show will announce the list of Grand Prix winners.
For detailed schedule and exhibitor list, please visit www.ephj.ch .

Meidu Belem Celli Watch For You To Count Those Elapsed Hours

In the summer afternoon, a lazy sunshine, quietly sprinkled the street corner, the branches floating in the breeze, and knew the singing, bringing a relaxed and happy mood. Busy office workers on weekdays also slow down, by the street, in the cafe, in the park, quietly enjoy this rare and pleasant time. The hour hand tick ticks slowly on your wrist, lingering in the ocean of time, from the Rennes Opera House in France to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Mido Watch is always with you, let time follow your heart in this pleasant time Here quietly began a journey of soul. Take a leisurely book, enjoy a cup of fragrant and fragrant tea, and enjoy a fresh and pleasant green plant. The Swiss Mido Watch will count those delicate and soft times for you, and accompany you to spend a leisurely and comfortable summer.

Light of Rennes Opera House

Mido Belem Celli Small Three-Hand Men’s Watch
 The cicadas in the summer should be accompanied by the French Rennes Opera House under the quiet night sky. This ancient theater with neoclassical shapes, harmonious lines and rounded curves has become a landmark in the history of human architecture. Mido designers perfectly restored the classic style with inspirational design. Adhering to the brand concept of “inspiration confirms eternity”, with its timeless design and extreme precision craftsmanship, the beauty is solidified on the flowing time.
 Swiss Mido Berencelli series small three-pin men’s watch, PVD rose gold-plated case with a diameter of 38 mm, and a silver dial with blue Roman scales, perfectly interpreting the retro and elegance of the Rennes Opera House, It feels like walking in the romantic and delicate summer time of France. The blue scale brings coolness to the hot summer days, and the unique sun light pattern in the center of the dial is like a melodious melody reverberating in the night sky. The small bezel at 6 o’clock is exquisite and chic, which perfectly matches the perfect arc of the golden case. PVD rose gold-plated diamond bevel-cut hands, quietly flow on the dial, leaving unlimited imagination and imagination. Double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror, 50 meters water resistance, bring you a solid companion to any environment. Through the transparent back, you can clearly see the automatic oscillating weight printed with the MIDO logo. With blue steel screws, the perfect movement of the movement is at a glance. This watch is equipped with a black leather strap, providing you with a sophisticated combination of work, entertainment and leisure in summer.

Mido Belem Celli Series Men’s Watch
Movement: ETA2825-2 mechanical movement, 11½’’’, diameter 26mm, thickness 6.60mm. Hours, minutes, seconds, date display. Tested for accuracy at three different positions with a power reserve of more than 38 hours
Case: 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold plating, case diameter 38mm, 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, transparent back cover with beautifully decorated movement, engraved serial number, 50 meters waterproof
Strap: Black calf leather strap with crocodile pattern and PVD rose gold folding buckle
Dial: The silver dial is decorated with sunray patterns in the center, blue Roman numerals, small seconds at 6 o’clock, and the date window at 3 o’clock
Hands: Diamond bevel cut and polished

Summer at Sydney Harbour Bridge

Mido Helmsman White Lady Diamond Watch
 In the summer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, accompanied by the humid airflow of the South Pacific, bathed in the glorious baptism of decades. This feat of the industrial revolution of the 1930s, its majestic cross-strait outlines a peak in the development of human science and technology, and completed a grand performance in which steel power paid tribute to art and aesthetics. The Swiss Mido Helmsman series, which came out almost at the same time as the Harbour Bridge, adhering to the essence of the Harbour Bridge design, has realized the meticulous craftsmanship and the ultimate pursuit of performance. The new helmsman series white ladies diamond watches return to the original design, with simple color matching and exquisite details, bring you a different kind of heart. The 11 natural diamond time scales are inlaid on the white mother-of-pearl dial, which is alive and well between hands and feet, and blooms the unique charm of women. The ingenious white bezel is engraved with the Mido brand logo, and it is integrated with the white rubber strap, which releases the exuberant movement in the simple and soft beauty. It is worth mentioning that the strap of this watch is made of high-quality rubber and feel It is delicate and can be cleaned with a simple treatment, eliminating many troubles in the hot summer. The satin-polished stainless steel PVD-plated white case with soft PVD rose gold crown and lugs brings a fresh and distinctive experience. Double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, Super-LumiNova® hands and scales are clearly visible even at night. The window design at the 3 o’clock position indicates the day and date attentively. The precision movement, adorned with blue steel screws and an automatic oscillating weight, is dazzled by the transparent caseback. The helmsman series’ new white ladies diamond watch has a smart design, with a cool and simple white, which brings you a refreshing and comfortable mood in summer leisure time.

Mido Helmsman White Lady Diamond Technical Information
Movement: ETA 2836-2 mechanical movement, 11½’’ ”, diameter 25.60mm, thickness 5.05mm, hour, minute and date display. Tested at three different locations to verify accuracy, over 38 hours of power reserve
Case: Mercerized polished 316L stainless steel PVD-plated white case, diameter 38mm, white rubber bezel with MIDO logo, 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, spiral crown, transparent back with beautifully decorated movement , Engraved serial number, 100 meters waterproof
Strap: white rubber strap with stainless steel rose gold-plated PVD folding clasp
Dial: White mother-of-pearl dial decorated with 11 natural diamonds for a total of 0.0506 carats. The scale is white Super-LumiNova®, the date window and day window are at 3 o’clock
Hands: White Super-LumiNova® hour and minute hands for easy night readings