Panerai Panerai Ball Clock Classic Face Plate Attack

Panerai presents two brand new clocks, equipped with a P.5000 manual-winding movement, with a power reserve of up to eight days, using crystal clear ore glass balls to see the Panerai classic clock dial , Showing the extraordinary history of the brand.

One of the clocks (PAM00641) is equipped with S.L.C. sandwich clock dial, which is the most mysterious and minimalist design in the history of Panerai. It was first created in the late 1930s, and it is marked with sticks and dots as hours. According to legend, the product was originally designed for the Italian Navy and is in the research and development stage, but the related product was not put into production. The abbreviation ‘S.L.C.’ stands for the legendary Siluri a Lenta Corsa torpedo, which is driven by commandos equipped with Panerai precision instruments to perform tasks. The magnifying effect of the curved mirror mask of the glass ball allows people to appreciate the details engraved on the black clock dial, including the words ‘8 days’ representing the eight-day power reserve.

Another spherical clock (PAM00651) is equipped with a California clock dial. The California faceplate is the first faceplate design in the history of the brand, which was used in 1936 for the first watch exclusively for the Navy. ‘California’ has a long history, originated in the 1980s, California’s particularly popular pasta design. This design uses a mixture of graphic time scales, Roman numerals and Arabic numerals. Its historical value and originality make it a favorite for collectors and brand lovers.

The clock is equipped with a P.5000 manual-winding movement and an eight-day power reserve, developed by Panerai Watch Factory. The movement is modeled after the Angelus movement used in some antique Panerai watches. The extra-long power reserve exerts the best performance on the clock, and the clockwork can run continuously for one week by transmitting power with a set of two barrels. The solid structure of the movement uses two splints to cover most of the gear components. Only a few details such as the balance wheel and the middle balance wheel are exposed, showing the delicate movement finishing process.

The oversized winding crown is set at 12 o’clock and is surrounded by a stirrup-shaped AISI 316L polished stainless steel bridge guard. Its original design is inspired by the sailing shackles used to connect and fix the rigging. It more subtly pays tribute to the brand’s deep roots in the marine and nautical world. The spherical table clock (65 mm in diameter) is fixed with a round matte stainless steel base, elegant in shape and engraved with the words ‘OFFICINE PANERAI’, revealing its unique personality.