Perfect Man City State Vacheron Constantin Overseas Two Time Watch

To be honest, for the first time in my life, I saw a bunch of successful men in their 40-50s dressed in fashion, sitting in the breakfast cafe on the first floor of the Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou, showing and talking to each other Watch. This is a scene that makes teenage girls feel fear, and women in their twenties yearn for challenges, this is a life-oriented perfect man city. Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch
    What kind of man on Vanity Fair is the perfect man in China? Close your eyes, you think of Chen Daoming, Tan Dun, Wang Shi and so on. They are not shocked, calmly respond, and the wise are invincible; their career is vigorous, or they have achieved little, and the most important thing is to share responsibilities and obligations; they love their wives and children at home and honor their parents. Chen Daoming once said: ‘I’m a diving athlete, you can go out when you enter the water. You belong to a man who can get in and out.’ He Zeng not, keep a low-key life during the glorious period of life; keep a gentle mind when life is frustrated . What I like is his calm temperament like water. It’s hard to find a man with such a balance, it’s perfect.
Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch
    The Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch is perfect for this perfect man who can both be born and enter the world. In 2010, Vacheron Constantin launched this watch. The solid gray tone created by the stainless steel case, titanium bezel and dark blue dial gives her a timeless low-key beauty.
     Simple and smooth lines, a large 42 mm case diameter, a titanium bezel inspired by the Maltese cross design, a water resistance of 150 meters, and the caseback engraved with the classic Overseas sailboat pattern, all show elegance and resilience Contemporary style. In addition to the classic hour, minute and second display functions, the date sub-dial and the two places are placed at 3 and 6 o’clock, respectively. The 1222 self-winding mechanical movement is equipped with an anti-magnetic soft iron isolation plate, which makes the watch not affected by the daily magnetic field and causes the travel time deviation to ensure the accuracy of the time. The design of the adjustment knob and the screw-locked crown ensure that the watch is fully protected.
    A light gray strap made of crocodile leather is suitable for men with large silver face and large and tall negotiations, while a black rubber strap is more suitable for men with dark wrists and sweaty hands.