Preheating Basel Watch Show Chanel Chanel New Products First Look


  In 1987, Chanel launched PREMIÈRE, the first classic watch specially made for women. Its octagonal dial design is inspired by the shape of the N ° 5 perfume bottle cap and the iconic silhouette of Paris’s Fontaine Place. For 30 years, it has become a classic in the field of fine watchmaking. ??

  The new limited edition PREMIÈRE watch features a diamond carbon film (ADLC) coated strap, a case, and a black lacquered dial. Show off a more rock-solid style with the ultimate deep black.

PREMIÈREROCK black limited edition

Limited edition of 55 pieces?
Stainless steel case with black diamond carbon film (ADLC) coating?
Black lacquered dial?
Stainless steel crown set with 1 brilliant-cut diamond (~ 0.05 ct)
? Three-circle black leather strap stainless steel bracelet
? Black diamond carbon film (DLC) coating? High accuracy
Quartz movement? Water resistance: 30 meters?
Function: hour and minute display?
Dimensions: 23.6×15.8×6.2 mm?
Diamond: 1 brilliant-cut diamond (about 0.05 carats)


  Outline: octagonal. The octagonal dial design is reminiscent of the iconic PREMIÈRE watch, and it also pays tribute to the classic and legendary N ° 5 perfume and Paris Fontaine Square. This watch’s simple and exquisite design, strong line sense, and iconic contours perfectly reflect the iconic design vocabulary of Chanel watchmaking. The design blends modern and classic, with each corner polished or satin-finished.

?? Inspiration: The beauty of rashness. Chanel brings the brand’s first PREMIÈRE watch exclusively for women into a new realm of radiant beauty. The BOY ∙ FRIEND series watches subtly incorporate the elements of men’s clothing that Chanel loves. Its unique name undoubtedly subverts the design principles of classic women’s watches.

  ?? This year, the BOY ∙ FRIEND series watches add new works, presenting the watch with big flame enamel craftsmanship decorated with soft twill pattern, as well as an all black watch equipped with Chanel’s self-made high-calibre skeletonized movement Calibre3.

BOY · FRIEND skeleton watch black limited edition

Limited edition of 55 pieces?
L number?
Gloss Black Ceramic Case
? Black skeleton movement
? Calibre3: skeleton movement, manual winding?
Bright Black Alligator Strap
Stainless steel buckle
? Size: 37×28.6×8.4 mm


Manually wound mechanical movement with hours, minutes and seconds displayed?
Power reserve: 55 hours?
Number of parts: 114?
Ruby bearings: 21?
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)?
Power unit: single fixed barrel
Skeleton movement?
Bronze bridge and splint, diamond carbon black (ADLC) black trim
? BEIGE (beige) gold plating trim?
Anti-shock system
? Adjustable weight balance

L number
Limited edition of 20 pieces
? BEIGE (beige) 18K gold case, bezel
? Twill soft pattern, big fire enamel dial?
BEIGE (beige) 18K gold crown with convex onyx?
Satin strap
? BEIGE (Beige) 18K Gold Buckle Pin
? Manual winding mechanical movement
? Waterproof depth: 30 meters?
Function: hour and minute display
? Size: 37×28.6×7.75 mm



  In 2016, Chanel presented the MONSIEUR series, a watch for men. It all starts with an aspiration, a vision, and a design. This watch is unprecedented, unique and born for dreams. ? Its movement is a unique new creation, created to give it life. ? Its case is also a masterpiece of innovation, with a mission to carry it. ??

  This is how Chanel created immortal masterpieces with infinite desire. A piece of perfection bred by desire. The MONSIEUR watch is equipped with Chanel’s first self-made fine watch movement CALIBER1, which is equipped with two functions of instantaneous hour jumping and flyback minute hand.
?? In 2019, the new MONSIEUR watch with a black ceramic case, showing the ultimate deep black charm.

MONSIEUR series watch? Black limited edition

Limited edition of 55 pieces
Matte black ceramic case
? Matte black dial?
CALIBRE1: Mechanical movement with manual winding, equipped with two complex functions: instantaneous hour jump and 240-degree flyback minute hand function?
Small seconds chronograph?
Power reserve: 3 days
Black alligator leather strap
? Stainless steel folding clasp?
Diameter: 42 mm

Hour jump and fly-back minute hand
CALIBER1. Mechanical movement with manual winding, equipped with two complex functions: instantaneous hour jump and 240-degree flyback minute hand function?
Number of parts: 170?
Ruby bearings: 30?
28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz)?
2 fixed hoop tandem barrels
? Spring torque: about
? Basket shockproof system?
Movement diameter: 32 mm
? Movement thickness: 5.5 mm