Radar Rado’s New Ad Released Brand Spokesperson Liu Ruoying Qingqing Interpretation

Linnault, Switzerland – In August 2013, RADO’s new advertising film for the Swiss radar watch was released. This set of exclusive photos was made by Miss Liu Ruoying, a amphibious star in the film industry and the spokesperson for the global brand of Swiss radar, in Taipei. Deduction. Since 2010, Liu Ruoying has been the global brand spokesperson for Swiss Rado. These eye-catching images showcase a range of new Swiss Rado watches, including the landmark HyperChrome series.

 The filming locations for this series of advertisements were specially selected in Liu Ruoying’s hometown of Taipei. The filming in the recording studio restored Liu Ruoying’s image as a singer well-known and loved by the public, and demonstrated his unique musical talent. However, the shooting of the hotel scene made people who admired her see an unusual Liu Ruoying, showing her busy life traveling around the world through the relaxed advertising picture.
  Mr. Matthias Breschan, President of the Rado Global Brand, said: ‘Miss Liu Ruoying has been a very good spokesperson for the global brand of Swiss Rado for three years, and we are very honored to see Miss Liu Ruoying perfectly perform the new Swiss Rado ad Film. Miss Liu Ruoying is talented, strong and independent, she interprets the connotation of the Swiss Radar brand very well. ‘