Rolex Formula One Gorgeous Combination

ROLEX announced that in the second season of 2014, ROLEX will still be the global partner and race timepiece of the Formula 1®, which undoubtedly shows Rolex’s huge investment in motorsport. , And full support for the world’s top sports events.

 As the title sponsor of the 2014 Formula 1 Championship ROLEX Australian Grand Prix, ROLEX is here to celebrate the official start of the season and wish the 2014 FIA Formula One (2014 FIA Formula One) World ChampionshipTM). This event is very popular with racing fans around the world, and this is also the first time that ROLEX has appeared on the ‘screen’ of this event. Rolex’s crown logo will appear on television broadcasts of all 19 Grand Prix races around the world, further strengthening the partnership between ROLEX and this globally-renowned sporting event.

 The first three grand prix races of the 2014 FIA World Formula One Championship were wonderful and exciting, all because the Formula One Championship has undergone the most significant technological change in recent years. The introduction of new hybrid technology, which is in line with ROLEX constantly strives to push the boundaries of technology. When the Formula One Championship moved to Shanghai and kicked off the magnificent prelude to the 2014 Formula One UBS China Grand Prix, ROLEX, participating teams, racers and motorsport fans from all over the world were all excited and looking forward to the experience A wonderful and exciting ‘FIA Formula One World Championship’.

 Mr. Arnaud Boetsch, ROLEX Brand Communications and Image Director, said: ‘We are delighted to continue to be the global partner of the Formula One Championship in the second season, which fully demonstrates our dedication to supporting the world’s top motorsport. This long-term relationship undoubtedly brings together the giants in the two fields to join hands, and both parties have the enthusiasm for the continuous pursuit of outstanding performance, excellent technology and innovative engineering, which makes this cooperation more natural. ‘

 ‘The technical rules of the Formula One Championship are undergoing the biggest change in more than a decade. As a global partner of the Formula One Championship, we are pleased to witness this top motorsport lead the world by integrating the latest technology The trend of motorsport. We will look forward to it and pay close attention, because this racing season will bring us a wonderful race. ‘

 ROLEX is precisely the global partner and race timepiece that has been announced as the ‘Formula One Championship’

 The cooperation between “ Formula 1 Championship ” and ROLEX has become the most gorgeous combination of sports events and watch industry