Seiko’s New Generation Of Electronic Ink Hands

In 2005 Baselworld, SEIKO Seiko launched the world’s first ‘electronic ink’ watch, which showed a brand new ultra-thin, high-contrast, large viewing angle (about 180 degrees) Watch. In addition, it only requires a very low energy level and has an almost infinite display. This ‘E-Ink electronic ink’ or * EPD (Electrophoretic Display) watch has attracted great interest. The d’Horlogerie de Genève was awarded the Grand Prize at the Grand Prix of Geneva. Since then, this technology has been widely understood and appreciated by consumers, thanks to the increasing popularity of e-books.
   Today, SEIKO Seiko adopts this exciting new technology in a new era, with a new generation of watches featuring an active matrix display. This new display system retains all the original legibility, but the images and data displayed on the watch dial are richer. 80,000 pixels, each row has four different chromaticities and a resolution of 300. Seiko is the first and only company to be able to use active matrix EPD technology in watches. Its display is very clear, each information item is 3 times finer than traditional LCD watch technology, and text, graphics and charts are displayed on the dial in a very smooth and infinitely programmable manner. For example, the date display can be resized or redesigned and will be displayed in a fixed place based on the amount of information. In 2006, the ‘E-Ink Electronic Ink’ watch had an EPD electrophoretic display with hundreds of front sector gears. The black and white alone, the new model has 80,000 pixels and each line displays four gray colors.