The ‘security’ In ‘yanxi Strategy’ Wears Rolex And Audemars Piguet …

To say that the most popular online drama in this summer vacation, the first thing many people think of is ‘Yanxi Raiders’ produced by ‘Yu Ma’. The distressed love between Wei Ye and Fucha Fu Heng, who ‘opens’ at any time in the play, and ‘this person should only exist in the sky,’ ‘deceived’ many audience’s tears. Xu Kai, who plays Fu Heng in the play, is also known and liked by more and more friends. And when we look at the photos he posted on his personal social platform, we found that he not only has a handsome face, but also a hidden watch fan?

Xu Kai as Fuca Fuheng in Yanxi Raiders

 In 2013, Xu Kai, who was only 18 years old, won the model contest and officially debuted as a model. In 16 years, he starred in his first TV series, Chaoge. This year, it became popular with the starring ‘Yanxi Raiders’. Although this 23-year-old boy was initially negatively questioned by ‘domestic violence’ and so on, fortunately, ‘sane’ fans have said that focusing on roles OK, don’t go up to the role. However, Fu Heng in this drama is so perfect that Xu Kai, who plays the role, escaped the fate of ‘red man disaster’.

The crown tale of Hyranta Casio G-SHOCK DW-5600E-1V

 The relationship between the cast of ‘Yanxi Raiders’ is also very good in private. In the private photos released by Xu Kai, we found that Wang Guanyi, who played Hailancha in the play, wore a Casio ‘Little Black’, but it was a young fan Full.

Xu Kai at the Celebration Party of Yanxi Raiders

 In the end, as of the day when the author wrote this article, the online play volume of Yanxi Raiders reached 13.5 billion. On the day the finale was aired, the main creator also held a celebration party to celebrate the success of ‘Yanxi Raiders’. On the same day, Xu Kai wore a casual suit, but the watch he wore successfully caught my attention.

Xu Kai wears Chopard L.U.C watch

 Xu Kai is wearing a Chopard L.U.C series watch. The simple small three-pin design is very suitable for matching casual suits, and it is also suitable for occasions that require a little formality. This white-faced Chopard small three-pin is very much in line with Xu Kai’s clean appearance.

Xu Kai wears Rolex Daytona

 Wearing different types of watches according to different occasions is the most basic practice for a ‘watch fan’. For the celebrities, because of the income level and the needs of the job, they need to choose a watch according to the occasion and the role they play. In private, Xu Kai is only a teenager in his early twenties. He prefers watches that can show his personality and wear his own style.

Xu Kai, dressed in street style, chose a steel watch to match her dress

 So we saw photos of him wearing different watches, most of them steel watches and diving watches. Looking at people from the watch, Xu Kai’s personality seems to be more open-minded and lively.

Xukai Airport Map

 Star street shooting in the airport is generally based on comfort. Simple denim jeans with white T-shirts are actually the most comfortable match. A pair of yezzy at the foot, a LV chess backpack in his hand. The watch Xu Kai chose that day was a Rolex Submariner. However, the sharpness of the picture is not high, and it is impossible to distinguish between history and history.

Xu Kai wears a Rolex Submariner 114060-97200 black dial watch (Black Water Ghost)

 In another picture we can see that he is also dressed in a Rolex Submariner series 114060-97200 black dial watch (black water ghost), without history black water ghost.

Xu Kai wears Rolex Black Water Ghost

 Xu Kai really likes this black water ghost, and he can see this watch many times in the earlier photos. But in addition to this black water ghost, his favorite recently is a Rolex Gindy.

Xu Kai wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona m116508-0014 watch

 Xu Kai wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona m116508-0014 watch

 In Xu Kai’s recent private photos, this Rolex Gindy figure is really a bit conspicuous. After watching so many people Daikindi, everyone has many ways to match. Wearing a suit, casual clothes and even a T-shirt, but as long as the temperament and proper behavior, there is no sense of ‘upstart’ in the eyes of the world.

Xu Kai private photos

Xu Kai wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona m116508-0014 watch

 In addition to Rolex and Chopard, as a rising ‘new watch fan’ in the entertainment industry, he has already earned Audemars Piguet, Roger Dubuis …

Xu Kai wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 15400ST.OO.1220ST.02 watch

Xu Kai wears Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR (king series) RDDBEX0249 watch (similar models)

 This Roger Dubuis series watch (similar model), which was worn by Xu Kai, was not found on the official website and database. After looking at so many watches worn by Xu Kai, we found that he particularly loved classic, classic watches. The Black Water Ghost, the Royal Oak series, and the King series are all classic models that we are very familiar with, but they are very commensurate with his temperament.

 Xu Kai, who has just become popular, still has a lot to learn. Whether it is the discipline of acting or how to become a better idol, it takes time to polish.