The Value Of Heaven Entering The Sea Is Explosive! Omega 2019 New Watches Listed

Astronauts Neil Amst and Buzz Aldrin successfully landed on the moon in 1969 fifty years ago, the Speedmaster watch became the world’s first to land on the moon Watch. Fifty years later, in 2019, the Omega UltraDeep professional diving watch successfully dived to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, setting a new world record. Since then, Omega has unlocked the omnipotent achievements of heaven and the sea, not only the world’s only watch brand on the moon, but also the holder of the diving watch’s deep diving record. Omega has the deepest roots in space missions. In 1969, Apollo 11 flew to the moon and humans successfully landed on the moon. The Omega Speedmaster watch made history with two astronauts. In the Apollo 13 mission, when the spacecraft was damaged and the computer could not be used at all times, the Speedmaster watch became an important tool for astronauts to accurately calculate the ignition time and return home safely. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the landing on the moon, Omega released two Speedmaster series ‘Apollo 11’ commemorative limited edition watches. ‘Apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Moonshine 18K Gold The first model is the Speedmaster ‘Apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Moonshine 18K Gold. The prototype of this watch was a 1969 specially designed 18K yellow gold case with a Burgundy red circle Speedmaster watch, in order to celebrate the successful landing on the moon in 1969. No. 3 to 28 of this year’s watch were donated. NASA astronauts. This new work introduced this year has made great innovations in materials. It uses Moonshine 18K gold, which is a new alloy material. As the name implies, it has a lustrous color like moonlight, and compared with traditional gold materials, It can maintain more lasting color and gloss. The Burgundy red bezel is made of zirconia ceramic. By the way, Omega’s bezel technology is also quite good. On his bezel, you can see the combination of various materials. And the details of this watch on the case back are also exquisite. The decorative inner ring also made of Moonshine 18K gold is decorated with a true proportion of the moon and the earth. The moon pattern is inlaid with meteorite, and the earth pattern is A combination of blue ocean and golden continents. The decorative inner ring and back of the chronograph movement are exquisite. 50th Anniversary Edition of the Speedmaster “Apollo 11” Limited Edition Moonshine 18K Gold 50th Anniversary Edition of the “Apollo 11” Limited Edition Stainless Steel 50th Anniversary of the Second Speedmaster “Apollo 11” Commemorative limited edition watch in stainless steel, limited to 6,969 pieces. On this watch, the moon landing element is ubiquitous. The first is the 11-hour digital hour scale made of Moonshine 18K gold to pay tribute to the Apollo 11 mission. Followed by a small dial at 9 o’clock, laser engraving technology is used to print the real image of astronaut Aldrin when he set foot on the moon. On the case back, you can see the footprints of Armstrong on the surface of the moon, and the classic saying that surrounds the footprints, ‘THAT’S ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND’. Both watches use Omega’s new 3861 Zhizhen Observatory movement on the movement, coaxial escapement system, with stop-seconds function. In addition to the 50th anniversary of the Speedmaster ‘Apollo 11’ limited edition stainless steel watch, in addition to the Speedmaster series of works to commemorate the moon landing, this year’s hippocampus series also launched several heavyweight models. Seamaster Series Aqua Terra World Time Watch Omega Seamaster Series Aqua Terra World Time Watch Previously popular Omega Seahorse Series Aqua Terra World Time watch has made a new upgrade on the dial this year, the world map in the center of the dial by the laser at five Made of high-grade titanium, the color and texture are very delicate. Around the central world map is a 24-hour graduated outer circle made of two-colored glass to distinguish day and night time. The first feeling that this watch is actually worn is very expensive. It looks good and has exquisite workmanship. I believe his popularity will continue to rise. Omega Seamaster Series 300m Diving Chronometer Sedna® 18K Gold Black Ceramic Model Omega Seamaster Series 300m Diving Chronometer Sedna® 18K Gold Black Ceramic Model 300M Diving Chronometer This year’s model with black ceramic buttons is in this series China is particularly striking. The case of this watch is made of Sedna® 18K gold, and the black ceramic bezel is polished by laser ablation. The matte ceramic bezel is extremely shiny. The wavy pattern of the dial is also different from the past. The laser-engraved dial makes the wavy pattern of this watch convex instead of concave in the past, which has a more three-dimensional effect. Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600 Meter Chronograph Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600 Meter Chronograph The next two Ocean Universe 600 Meter watches, if you like bright colors, then you will definitely have the idea of ​​having it at first sight . The color matching of these two watches is really beautiful. The orange ceramic outer ring is matched with the white scale, and the pure white and gray dials overflow the summer atmosphere of the screen. Combined with the classic shape of the hippocampus, with the same orange, white and gray NATO belt, it is full of vitality. With such a watch on the beach, you are the brightest star in the crowd. Compared with the bold color of the hippocampus, the Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600 meters watch is the route of returning to trueness this year. Precision is synonymous with the constellation series. The following two new constellation series are equipped with the chronometer movement. The first Zunba watch adopted the style of ‘pie’, also known as the gossip plate, and returned to the design of the first constellation series watch. The stainless steel case and the polished black dial made of tungsten carbide are decorated with white gold hour markers and constellation signs, as classic as ever. The Omega Constellation series Zunba calendar watch and the new Manhattan ladies watch are particularly dazzling because of the use of dial gold diamonds, like the starry sky with a thinner bezel and more delicate supporting claws, elegant upgrade. The above models of the Omega Constellation Series Manhattan ladies watch are just a part of Omega’s new work this year. Omega will launch many new models every year. Below is a big wave of real shots coming. You will definitely find your favorite Omega 2019 new watch! Some of Omega’s new 2019 real shots are this year’s fiftieth anniversary of the success of human landing on the moon. The world is celebrating this special day. For the first watch brand to accompany a human landing on the moon, it was also a very memorable year for Omega. Omega’s huge golden astronaut sculpture can be seen in the core business districts of Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Chongqing and other cities. Omega astronaut Daikin Omega, located in Jing’an Temple and Xintiandi, Shanghai also hosted a ‘Golden Hour’ dinner in Shanghai. The model of the Apollo plan ‘Eagle’ lunar module specially presented at the dinner scene became the focus of the people. This behemoth with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters and a significant 1.2 tons made the guests feel as if they were there and passed through together. At the moon landing, Jean-François Clewa, the former astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA space shuttle mission, also came to the dinner site. Omega held the ‘Golden Hour’ grand celebration event in Shanghai. The atmosphere was full and the huge lunar module was particularly eye-catching. Yang Wei, Vice President of Omega China, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA Aerospace Former astronaut Jean-François Clervoy and Jean-Claude Monachon, vice president of product development and customer service for the mission, before the ‘Golden Hour’ dinner, watch travel to European aerospace Interview with Jean-François Clewa, former astronaut of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (ESA) and NASA space shuttle mission. He shared many dry goods and interesting experiences in space, and also solved many of our doubts. The most important question: What role can watches play in today’s highly informationized space stations and spacecraft? Jean-François Clewa replied that when the astronaut is in his cockpit, there is actually a screen to read the time, and when you leave the cockpit or away from the cockpit, you can only rely on a piece of time to obtain time. Precision watch. For example, for his third mission, repairing the Hubble Telescope, he needed to operate a robotic arm to work. Since there is no way to look at the screen, the only tool to understand the time is the watch on his wrist. In addition, many settings are required for space work. The bell reminds the time of the mission, and you need to know the time anytime, anywhere when making a log record. These all need the help of a watch, so the watch worn by astronauts is not just a ‘vase’ as everyone thinks, but the real Timing tools. Later, Jean-François Cleeva also participated in the design of the Speedmaster series Skywalker according to the actual needs in space, and obtained a patent. When asked what he thought of his extraordinary experience, he joked that he thought he might not go to space again, but who knows? Astronaut Charlie Duke, who has landed on the moon, will participate in the weightless flight project led by him next month to experience the gravity of the moon landing 47 years ago, so everything is possible in the future. Jean-François Clewa shared the extraordinary experience Armstrong at the ‘Golden Dinner’: ‘This is a small step for me, but a big step for human beings.’ Bai Yingze, watch and clock culture expert The best WeChat account and watch consultant for professional watch media to learn about watch information. Add WeChat: watchtraveler to follow the watch and watch at any time Sina Weibo: @ 钟表 游 WatchTraveler 钟表 游 Today’s headline: Watch and Watch